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A Cryptocurreny Backed By BILLIONS In Fine Art!?

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10 months ago

Crypto can be a wild ride - and when it comes to cryptocurrencies, we tend to look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins and ask the obvious question: “IF Coins or Utility Tokens are only backed by the will and acceptance of people who own and trade it - what would happen with one backed with assets valued at over $1 Billion PLUS?"

There is no question crypto fans and investors are looking ahead with curiosity to the new wave of Tokens getting ready to make history in the world of digital finance. 

However, which tokens are going to offer an exponential possibility of growth? Higher R.O.I.? Or a more well-thought and good-hearted project?

The Value Of Art Rises Continually...


The Sotheby’s Mei Moses Index tracks the value of art and it’s sales around the world and compiles a yearly report.  

That reporting shows a compound growth of 8.8% with 60+ years of data behind it!  

In addition to this, the data also shows recessions do not impact the fine art world like other industries.

A token backed by correctly executed art investments would become the most stable coin on the market... except for its movement upwards in value.


Artisia is a project born in 2019. Behind the company are businessmen who share a passion for art and philanthropy. They present us today with a token they consider “The Beautiful Caterpillar of the Crypto World.” ArtisiaToken is a payment token created with the goal of acquiring a valuable art collection, with the pure intention to give it back to society.

As is known, the art industry has been an arena for the Rich and Famous. ArtisiaToken is modifying the model the way we know it by the use of the blockchain. ArtisiaToken is giving access to EVERYONE who wants to be part of this intercultural exchange experience of art and cryptocurrencies to join the Largest Decentralized Group of Owners, participating with ZERO financial restrictions as anyone can acquire as little as 1 token that today can be traded for $35 USD.

Artisia is also building a digital and interactive art museum where the collection will be exhibited. There will be also included a tradable marketplace for artists and art collectors who will have the opportunity to sell and buy artworks using ARTZ and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Their platform will also feature an online members-only auction house, a strong C.S.R. program, and much more, in a way linking art and cryptocurrency together.


The basic idea behind Artisia is to combine art and cryptocurrency in a way that allows one to strengthen the value of the other.

This concept makes it easier for art lovers to invest in art via cryptocurrency and help artists and related affiliates to focus on their work without being anxious about their monetary issues as they can directly invest with their art and make money as cryptocurrency.


The token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the ticker ARTZ. ARTZ fuels the entire operation of the ArtisiaToken system ranging from the purchase and sale of art products as well as the donation to social projects.


Everyone looking to diversify their portfolio into arts and the cryptocurrency industry now has the opportunity to do so with ease. For the first time, any art and crypto lover can be part of the global artistic and charitable movement with zero financial restrictions or commitments.

For those people looking for that diversification and opportunity in the crypto industry ArtisiaToken is certainly an option, therefore acquiring ARTZ shall be without a question a must in 2021!

Artisia YouTube 

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10 months ago
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