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Top 5 Python Projects With Source Code for the New Age: High Potential!

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10 months ago

Discover the Top 5 Python Projects With Source Code for the age of information, Crypto, NFT, Metaverse, AI, and Machine Learning Eras.

We’re living in an Era of change and in an era where profits are easy to make and great riches ready to plunder if you have the right ideas and time.

I’m giving you a couple of both in this post – ideas since I curated cool Python Projects with Source Code that are relevant to today’s macroeconomic changes, and time because since they have Source Code, you have a lot of work already done for you.

Who knows, this post may be the start of a new and promising project or just a means for you to get a little bit of extra cash flow into your wallet.

Maybe you’re just going to use these for your resumé or for a personal hobby… who knows.

Regardless, I think this post will add value, and if it did, then by all means comment down below on a curation you’d like to see next.

5 – Online Employee Recruitment System: Recruiting for Remote Positions

We have been seeing the huge shift towards working from home and remote work in general, and even companies who frowned upon having e-workers are now embracing it like never before.

Having said that, everything is being done remotely nowadays, and hiring is no different.

This takes number five as I wager competition in this niche is fierce, but I can still recommend you to consider this Python Project with source code if you want to give it a twist…

…Perhaps a specific community can be targetted, or a specific channel, like working with crypto (where competition is nearly non-existent and the audience is always ready to contribute with tokens… if you pick the right projects).

This is the reason why I think this project still holds value, as its demand is high, and in some communities or channels its offer is still somewhat low, despite it being difficult to launch since it may need some critical mass before it goes off

Online Employee Recruitment System Project in Python

4 – Flight Ticket Price Predictor: Traveling in the Lockdown World

We all know tourism is passing its proving grounds and tourism-related businesses are falling off.

People are now worried about traveling like never before, and this includes all variables related to it.

This is why I suggest the Flight Ticket Price Predictor using Python with Source Code.

This will allow you to work on a cool project for price prediction, and you can – again – give it a twist by making it your own and directed to something similar to flights if you still aren’t convinced people are now increasingly worried about ticket prices and getting good deals, as offers decreased with the lockdowns.

These lockdowns are asymmetric and reduce the overall supply of tickets, increasing demand and making prices way more volatile than before.

Flight Ticket Price Predictor using Python

3 – Online Transaction Fraud Detection on E-Commerce: The Present and Future Are Digital, Safeguards Are Needed!

We’ve established that online activities are getting an all-time high and everything online is flourishing…

…but that just makes fraudsters’ lives easier.

With more money flowing to the digital ecosystem, more security is needed.

Now you can take that need and apply it to your next big project, based around an Online Transaction Fraud Detection Source Code in Python.

Secure E-Commerce businesses and protect against Fraud, starting with this project’s skeleton and using Python & Backlogging on E-Commerce and you’ll bank by allowing customers to buy in peace.

Cyber-security and Cryptography are the new samurai of the digital world.

Online Transaction Fraud Detection using Python & Backlogging on E-Commerce

2 – Transformer Conversational Chatbot With TensorFlow 2.0: Because Social Needs, Assistants and Chatbots are Needed

Who needs a chatbot?


From virtual assistant bots to regular chatbots, passing through companion chatbots, conversational e-friends, and virtual girlfriends… chatbots are just killing it right now!

Now you can start working on your own with the Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0 with Source Code.

The ways you can use chatbots are endless and these are growing in demand with each passing day.

Even the regular businesses are starting to want to have chatbots under them, and there are not nearly enough on the market to fill all demands.

My advice?

Pick a niche where there is a demand gap, specialize your bot in that niche, get some sick graphics, and spend some time copywriting and you’re set!

There’s a reason programmers are always on demand, it’s brainlessly easy to succeed if you have the right skills… and that is the brainlessly hard part, but hey – I trust you!

Transformer Conversational Chatbot in Python using TensorFlow 2.0

1 – Dice Roll Simulator: Easy, Profitable, Crypto Adaptable

I can hear you arguing against me – how come number one is a Dice Roll Simulator?

Dude, have you been sleeping under a rock?

Dice apps on Crypto Ecosystems make so much money it isn’t even funny.

When are you going to launch your own dice roll app in one of the crypto ecosystems that are just going nuts over the fact there’s no legit one around their chain?

Trust me, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Work on it, publish it, profit!

It’s so easy to make money with these puppies that it should be illegal!

In some cases… it is! Better search around for the law and what it says about this around your corner in the world, but regardless, here’s my token of great power to you – use it with great responsibility.

Dice Roll Simulator

And that’s it!

Now you have no excuses on why you aren’t working on a new project.

At least one of these Top 5 Python Projects with source code may have given you an idea, at least I hope they did.

Now all you need to do is to brainstorm and start working – the rest will follow.

Best of luck!


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Written by   787
10 months ago
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Python projects seems a bit moderate for me both in understanding. thank you for this piece of work mate.

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4 months ago

Now I have learned something new, just little by little I will be persistent on my own little way. Even if I get a little amount. I will be constant in my hardwork.

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6 months ago

Awesome post, This will be helpful, cant wait to put it in good use.

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6 months ago

Python has a greatly help in the online trading platforms, especially in the metaverse, i also love coding. Just seeing this a article, I also the use the python for some coding activities

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8 months ago

Will explore this next week, maybe time to refresh my Python skills :)

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10 months ago

Nice list, I might run the code of Dice Roll.

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10 months ago

If this post is about python code, why then is the image of code that you post not of Python? That makes no sense to me. It leads me to wonder about the accuracy/reliability of your post. For all I know when looking at that image, you don't know the difference between Python and PHP. So already, without even getting into the content proper, I'm put off and skeptical.

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10 months ago

Hi old friend!

I'm going to be the first to admit, though I know what python is because my son is a total coding nerd, the test of the article is sure to be gobbledegook to me.

But I wanted to stop by and say hello. Long time no see. Glad you're alive. And all that jazz.

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10 months ago