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Earn free ALEPH on Coinbase

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2 days ago

I don't use Coinbase a ton but it is nice to earn some free tokens on there every once in awhile. They have just added the lesson to earn more free crypto so why not. This will just be a short little article to let you know about Aleph and earn some yourself.

There are three lessons in total, each taking about a minute to complete. 

  • What is (hint - a decentralized cloud computing network)

  • What problem is solving? (hint - power decentralized applications)

  • What is the ALEPH token? (hint - helps access computing and storage solutions)

The ALEPH token has been around a few years and is the 435th ranked coin in terms of market capitalization according to CoinGecko.  It has a circulating supply of 190 Million ALEPH coins and a total supply of 500 Million with MEXC Global the most active current exchange in which to purchase it. You can trade it on FTX or KuCoin. is a decentralized cloud computing network that uses its native coin ALEPH. I just earned $3 worth by spending three minutes learning about. The real key for Aleph is that it allows a company or platform to store its data and run its business on a decentralized network versus a centralized service offered by companies such as Amazon (AWS) or Google (Google Cloud). This is important in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and basically their goal is to be the infrastructure layer of the DeFI (decentralized finance) ecosystem.

What are the use cases of

Aleph helps business in a variety of ways.

  • Document Certification

  • Real-Time DApps

  • Social

  • KYC Metadata

  • Website Hosting

  • DEX Order Book

  • NFT Metadata

  • Document Management System

What other free crypto can be earned on Coinbase?

I've done every lesson available since I joined Coinbase late last year and earned a variety of tokens including:

  • Stellar (XLM)

  • The Graph (GRT)

  • Amp (AMP)

  • (FET)

  • IoTex (IOTX)

  • JasmyCoin (JASMY)

  • Ethernity Chain (ERN)

  • Skale (SKALE)

So if you already have a Coinbase account just log in and earn your free ALEPH.

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Written by   26
2 days ago
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I love to collect these free coins from the Learning lessons. Although, I instantly convert the dust into ETH or BTC !

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