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BOTZ - Passive Income Generating NFTs + Free NFT For You!

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2 months ago

I am so excited to announce BOTZ, passive income generating NFTs. This project has been a labor of love for me combining a few of my passions - NFTs with yield farming in one project and NFT's with trading bots in the other project . Both yield farming and crypto trading bots are great ways to generate passive income streams (another passion of mine), but they can be difficult to understand and implement. We have solved this complexity issue using NFTs so holders can generate income by simply holding a NFT in their wallet.

Our NFT collection was built on the Polygon Network using USDC which allows us to perform transactions both inexpensively and fast. By using USDC on Polygon, we can also allow users to buy and sell their NFTs on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace. We started beta testing our trading bot NFTs last week with a small number of users, however, our yield farming NFTs will be available to everyone.

Officially our YieldBotz NFTs go on sale today, November 15, 2022, and users will earn rewards after holding the NFT in their wallet for a full calendar month. Holders who purchase a BOTZ NFT during November will begin receiving rewards on January 1, 2023 and rewards will continue to be paid on the first of every month thereafter. We have released 25% of phaze one, or 250 NFTs, already on OpenSea.

YieldBotz NFT Financial Model

Each YieldBotz Phaze One NFT costs 250 USDC and users will receive 85% of the income generated each month in the yield farms directly into their wallets in the form of USDC. The BOTZ team will use the other 15% to compensate our team, pay expenses and for marketing purposes. With this model, our motivations are perfectly aligned with NFT holders as we make more money when they make more money.

BOTZ does not rely on any ponzinomics to pay back our NFT holders. Both our yield farming NFT and trading bot NFTs work 24-hours a day, seven-days a week generating income in both our projects. Targeted returns are around 50% APY per NFT.

No new capital is required and our model works with just one NFT holder or thousands of holders making it both scalable and sustainable. New capital only makes us stronger as we are able to invest in new yield farms. This diversification in scale and scope will help drive our roadmap plans and bring greater long-term security to the platform.

Our expert yield farmers use our BOTZ selection criteria to hand pick our yield farms. These criteria include:

  • Total Value Locked (TVL)

  • Length of time farm has operated

  • Doxed development team

  • Rate of return

  • Risk level including impermanent loss

  • Size and loyalty of community

  • Diversification in terms of other farms

  • Long-term tokenomics upside

BOTZ Roadmap

Our YieldBotz NFT project will consist of a total of 10,000 unique NFTs to be distributed in four "phazes".

  • Phaze One (1,000) NFT holders will be given BOTZ VIP status and get early access to future phaze releases and other projects plus free digital copy of my book titled Yield Farming

  • Phaze Two (2,000) NFT holders will be given BOTZ preferred status and get early access to future phase releases and other projects after VIP holders access plus free digital copy of my book titled Yield Farming.

  • Phaze Three (3,000) Additional NFT holder benefits TBD.

  • Phaze Four(4,000) Additional NFT holder benefits TBD.

Future project plans include cross chain rewards on different networks based on community feedback. We have many technology updates planned for the future as well to continue to improve the project as we grow including a website redesign, dashboards, and NFT statistics. We also plan to pursue a number of partnerships potentially developing NFTs for various DeFi strategies using projects that meet our high standards.

BOTZ Compounding

Unleash the power of compounding with your NFTs! While a single NFT is a great investment, just imagine how much passive income you can generate with ten or more NFTs. Some of our holders will simply take their USDC rewards in their wallets and move on with a nice profit. Others will use their rewards to purchase more NFTs and grow their passive income stream exponentially.

Each holder can determine what strategy they wish to employ. Take half of the income in profits to invest in other projects and half to compound and grow your BOTZ NFT income stream - it is up to you.

No Fees, 100% Guarantee and Secondary Market

Holding a BOTZ NFT is easy and comes with no fees. There is no buy fee and no monthly fee as you simply receive rewards directly in your wallet. There will be an initial gas fee to purchase an NFT from your wallet, but being on the Polygon Network that fee will be next to nothing. There is also a 5% sell on fee on OpenSea should you decide to sell your NFT in the future and those funds go back to NFT holders as profit.

BOTZ also offers a 100% guarantee in the form of a full 250 USDC refund up until you start receiving your first reward - no questions asked. We understand life happens but don't charge an exorbitant emergency withdrawal fee like many crypto projects if you need your capital back.

In addition, you can always sell your NFTs on OpenSea which serves as BOTZ secondary market and expect nice price appreciation on the open market as others begin to discover the utility in our NFTs.

Publish0X and Launch and Free NFT

The launch of this project is happening on Publish0x and These platforms is where I first got my crypto feet wet reading great articles written by talented writers on a wide variety of subjects. My crypto "degree" was earned on Publish0x and, so what better place to announce my first major crypto project.

Those that have been around have seen some of my previous NFT work, but none had any real utility until now. Those who have read my previous article on NFTs also know that I always offer a free NFT giveaway. Well, I have another free NFT for you but this time will ask for something in return - a follow on Twitter and Discord (also feel free to follow on our other social media channels - YouTubeInstagram and Facebook). 

Simply comment below with your wallet address and Twitter and Discord names after following us and I will send you a free NFT. As usual, I will paste the transaction ID as a reply to your comment so you will know when it is done.


If you ever wanted to generate a passive income stream but found all the methods out there too complicated or risky, BOTZ is the answer I came up with to solve the complexity issues and give everyone easy access to passive income. I want to thank the BOTZ team for getting us to this point and am very excited about the future of this project. Speaking of the team, I purposely selected a team where about half the members have never been involved with crypto in the past. Part of our long-term vision is to bring the projects to non-crypto folks and these team members think outside the crypto "box" which we have found to be invaluable.

I look forward to bringing you updates on the project as we progress. Thank you for reading about BOTZ and I'd love to hear any feedback you have in the comments below in addition to giving out some free NFTs. 

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Written by   31
2 months ago
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