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Organic is a word of French origin.

pertaining to organs, pertaining to the organism, pertaining to the limb

It's a past word. Today, natural, natural,

It has been used instead of nexel words.

Of these, the natural has already been made to replace the natural

one word. Even though they are rosewood in our language, in the end -flood

and -sal suffix are words that were invented in the last century.

is from words. For this reason, traditional is also a traditional word.

It is a word used in place of the name. Of course, to nature

It is a relative word and it is the most correct expression.

The most widely used food today the phrase natural is a cover to mask the bad. Natural

Almost all of the products written on are harmful, industrial are products. In order to write organic on a product, the firm's

Must have organic certification. organic product

It is less evil than the product in the market. Never

Of course, it is not the equivalent of traditional food.

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In traditional, natural food, seeds are never GMO and hybrid is not. In other words, do not be subjected to intervention under any name.

it is food. Organic product does not contain GMO, but GMO's hybrid, which is a derivative, and even in the majority.

While conventional food is not exposed to agrochemicals, conventional, that is, common products, is almost chemically exposed.

It is difficult to find one that has not been exposed. Organic certified chemicals may be used.

Traditional food does not contain industrial processing. Organic and common food, on the other hand, does not reject industrial processes.

It rejects conventional food additives but is free to use organically, with the exception of a few harmful additives.

Organic certified products do not reject any harmful packaging, including petrochemical packaging.

Therefore, it is exposed to all kinds of chemical threats.

They justify a lie Organic food does not mean natural food under any circumstances.

Organic itself is now a tool for controlling industry's shifting demand. I eat and drink organic food, therefore I am eating healthy, which means absolutely.

It's not the right approach. It should never be ignored that many of today's objectionable products carry organic and halal certificates. When industry is needed -this

The genre does not hesitate to use initially well-intentioned outlets as a tool for its malicious purpose.

Islam rejects human intervention that reduces and/or eliminates the healing value of food. The meaning of the word tayyiben used for food in the Qur'an is that the nature of the food has not been interfered with. Every human intervention on food harms any living thing that makes use of it. Islam does not allow acts that cause harm, because that is oppression.

Today, if there were no modern agriculture, no industrial processes, no additives, no intervention in the seeds, it would be as if all people would die of hunger.

Such a lie is spread by various tricks.

There is a perception that food production was low in the past, but increased today.

In the past, people were few and production was also less. In the past, he used human, animal and human power and did agricultural activities as much as he could. With engine power engaged, a farmer was able to plant more fields, it turned out.

The resulting multitude was imposed as a result of modern interventions and chemicals.

There is no peace for us until we are at peace with the land.

Studies show that industrial production is much more expensive and polluting. Above all, companies in seed, brokers in sales. made dependent. The middlemen, not the producers, win.

Another aim of the modern world is to reduce the healing aspect of food and make it dependent on the medical industry. By spoiling the health of people,to reduce the preoccupation with culture, art, economy, religion and politics, and to destroy the fertility of the generation.

The security of life, mind, religion, property and generation, which Islam has taken as a fundamental duty to protect, is wanted to be destroyed through food. It is desired to be dependent on the West and on a few companies in the West. Food is a weapon and it's organic

systems like these are one of the modern tools that prevent access to the truth. As stones are bound and kelps are released, goodness is bound and evil is unleashed. Whatever Islam commands, they impose the opposite.

The way to close the channels of foresight and foresight, to make work and generation unproductive, and to prevent prayers from reaching Allah is through the food that enters the stomach.

The stomach must always remain unclean so that we do not notice the traps set. The only purpose of kuffar is money.

not; dirty stomach, dirty heart, dirty soil, dirty generation. With this awareness, every Muslim is obliged to research and know the corruption of the modern age and to be protected from them. Solution

not buying organic, halal certified products, but making peace with the soil..

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Now we have the eco-marketing, many labels tell us how good and healthy is the product, with many new terms like "organic" and others... according to it we must believe those products are grown better and with less chemicals, but is all that true? Big companies think always in profits and they are destroying the nutrients of the earth with some techniques to produce more. Always better traditional where you can trust on an old man who sell the oranges of his field, or little companies or preparing things in a homemade style.

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Evet haklısın. Ama neticede işin içinde para kazanmak var . bu konuda çok güvenemeyiz. Ve dediğin gibi kehdi yetiştirdiği ürünleri satanlara güvenebiliriz

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