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After a short break, I decided to write a new article.

This time, I didn't think about what to write. Because today is a special day and I decided to write an article about it. Yes, today is a special day. World Cat Day.

Cats are indispensable in almost every person's life.

Cats are social animals unlike other animals.

I read somewhere that cats were an animal that was worshiped in Ancient Egypt. And it is said that cats were domesticated at that time.

I have four cats too. I have a very special relationship with two of them. These two are the children of my 12 year old Tuti cat. Yes, I had a 12 year old cat. And her name was Tuti. One day he suddenly disappeared and I never heard from him again. And I was very sad about his passing.

Tuti I will never forget you. And I will take good care of the two kittens you left me as a gift for many years, just as I took care of you.

Yes, I gave names to Tuti's children. One is called the State. The other is called Legend.

Although they spend most of the day asleep, they are very active these days. This is their mating season. And they take great pleasure in having sex. They are so happy. But they make a lot of noise. Sometimes they wake us up in the middle of the night from our sweet sleep. And although I love them very much, it bothers me sometimes. Because they interrupt my sleep in the middle of the night. I wake up from my sleep and go to the place where the voices came from. What should I see while I'm worried if something happened to them? State and Legend are having fun (ie mating) with the neighbors' kittens.

I continue my sleep from where it left off without disturbing them.

Lies about cats

There are a lot of sayings about cats circulating among all people and I think these words are the biggest injustice done to cats.

What are cats?

There is a famous saying that cats are ungrateful. And I once believed that too. Of course, I didn't have cats back then and I had no idea about them. But after owning a cat, I realized that this statement was a lie. Cats are never ungrateful. On the contrary, cats are very loyal friends. And they do not betray their masters.

Rather than cats, humans are ungrateful.

The Cats

  • Cats are sleepy. They can sleep 16 hours a day.

  • Cats are very good friends, they are friends.

  • Cats, as I said before, are lazy.

  • Cats are never ungrateful.

  • Cats, I think, are a little jealous.

  • Cats are very curious. They try to get inside or climb into everything they see.

  • Cats purr when you make them happy.

  • Those who are cat owners know. They lick themselves a lot. They are cleaned by licking themselves. As you can see, they are very meticulous.


My advice to you is that

Adopt a cat now and your world will change completely.

You didn't misread. Your world changes.

Cats to you;



to love


teaches to embrace life with four hands.

Yes, you will rediscover all the features I listed above with cats.

Advice 2

Another piece of advice to you

Even if you don't own a cat, don't forget about them. Give them a bowl of water and a bowl of food. They are our innocent lovely friends.

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