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A Brothel Story

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1 month ago
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The whole thing started when my father told my mother at dinner that I saw Erdinç in an ugly place.

Mom, where did you see it? he asked curiously.

- On entering the brothel.

Silence enveloped the house. They looked at me while I was drinking my coke. I didn't understand why they were looking at me. My parents thought that I did not understand the situation and continued to talk.

God damn it! said my mother, What was she doing there?

He went to ask if there were any peaches?

What? what?

What will it do? Why do people go there? It's a brothel, of course, don't make me talk about making love, uh, next to the child. Understand what business you went for.

- Did he really go for that?

- He's still asking as if he didn't understand. Understand, my wife, she's gone for business.

At that time my father told me:

- Baby, why did you go to the park?

I don't understand why you're asking, but to swing on a swing. I said to slip.

My father looked at my mother as if to say, do you understand now? My mother's eyes filled with anger.

- What are we gonna do?

-It would be a shame if I spoke. I think call your brother and let him talk to him.

Will they listen to him?

Religions listen. He's his brother after all. I go to the coffee shop after dinner, I'll pick up your brother. Call us when you come Erdinç.

My uncle's brother will talk to my uncle. I don't know what to talk about ahhaha lol.

"Don't talk in front of the child," said my mother.

In this case, my curiosity has increased completely.


After dinner, I hid outside for a while, telling my mother I was going to the neighbor's. As soon as my mother went to the toilet, I entered the living room and hid in the closet. Because I was very curious about what they were going to talk about.

I don't remember how long I was in the closet. But they had already started talking.

My great uncle, my little uncle:

How do you do this? Aren't you ashamed? What if a familiar person saw you, what would we say?

My little uncle was shouting, "No way, who is making up such a thing?"

- It's not fabrication. They have seen you. You knew you were making love. Do not deny it.

There was silence in the hall.

Both your sister and aunt know, my great uncle got angry because he didn't look in vain.

My Great Uncle, I understand from the closet, had also brought his wife.

my great uncle:

-My son, my stupid son, my crazy son, you are past the age to go to a brothel. Make up your mind.

Ya brother, banana from someone else, I'm a divorced man. I'll be with whoever I want. Who said what, my uncle said.

My great uncle was very angry at these words.

He and his wife sent my mother to the kitchen.

then great uncle

-Ulen Eşşekoğlu said the donkey. You're making me talk nonsense next to your sister and aunt.

We are men too, son. We understand..

But what did they say?

Wherever you ate garlic, smell it in your mouth. Since you have done such a job, you will not let anyone know. Okay?

Crazy uncle, in a trembling voice:

He said ok bro.

Well done, listen to words like this.

I'm only mad at you, groom.

The groom was my father.

You didn't eat or drink, you told your wife what you saw. If only you could understand. No, come and tell me. there was a sudden silence as he warned my father.

Then my uncle:

Wait a minute, how did you see it? What were you doing there?

This time deathly silence filled the hall.

What I understand is that my father ate garlic ahaha lol.


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Written by   44
1 month ago
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