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Yesterday night was ImmutableX IMX Airdrop Snapshot !

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1 month ago

Hello HODLers and Gods Unchained players,

Yesterday night at 11.59 pm UTC, the snapshot was taken for the last batch of the $IMX upcoming airdrop.

I have been connecting my account to ImmutableX and buying some more cards in order to get a bigger chunk of the airdrop.

As I think this will kick-off the Gods Unchained Play to Earn (P2E) phase, I also bought a bunch of common cards of previous extensions, anticipating a new inflow of players once you might actually earn by playing Gods Unchained.

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I'm glad you are trying to introduce us to another new way to earn but I'd have loved it more if you had provided a link with which we all can join with thank you

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1 month ago