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Yes, HIVE is trading at >$1.14 but still #172 !

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1 month ago

Hello HODLers,

What a time to be alive right?

CryptoMarkets have been up for the past few days after some positive signals from the FED as Powell said he has no intention of banning crypto.

Also, Facebook being down with its entire ecosystem (Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram) made a lot of people realize how fragile and centralized most of our social networks are?

Brazilian lawmakers aim to make bitcoin a legal payment currency. Another El Salvador coming? Maybe not yet, but this would be the first step.

#172 ? Don't we deserve better?

Most of you were not on this platform when Steem was in the Top 20 ! Yes, Top 20 and even 10 at some point. along the Litecoin, DASH, XRP, EOS, etc...

Today and even after this +67% in the past 24 hours, HIVE is surrounded by average projects.

When you look at other coins around us, they lack almost everything we have:

  • a working blockchain capable of processing thousands of txs

  • a strong community (#1 social media blockchain by users and txs)

  • hundreds of dapps

  • an history (even if it was scary to go through the Steem community fork)

Even when I look into the Top 50, I have trouble to find projects as polished as Hive.

We , as Hiveans and users have been suffering from the fact that we have been around a while and we were able to get HIVE under 0.2-0.3$ but that is not different than when Ethereum users getting their coins under 30$ and feeling reluctant to buy at 200$ as they thought it was expensive.

Do you think Ethereum is expensive at $200? I guess 99% of people would say it was a good opportunity to Buy the TOP (because it was the TOP)...

My strategy

For the past month and a half, I have continuously staked my HIVE and did not power down (still not !).

Even if HIVE goes up to $3-4, I do not plan to power down as I will be earning more and more $HBD to finance other investment opportunities I might see.

My HIVE price target

I think it is not too optimistic to think $HIVE will make it in the Top 100 most valued cryptocurrencies.

That would mean HIVE would to do 2.3x-2.5x and therefore reaching a price per token around $2.5-$3.

What are your plans? What are your thoughts?

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Written by   210
1 month ago
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I guess this article would have been more beneficial for those that have some hives. I don't have any but I still believe I will some day have. At least you can only stake what you have isn't it? You may as well direct me on how to get some thank you

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1 month ago