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Basic: Cash-out some of your profits when others are celebrating !

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2 months ago

Hello HODLers,

I am often surprised when people believe each others during moon speeches or crazy expectations. These are clearly sign of a fading bull market but it is almost theatre.

Everyone says they expect Coin X to make a X10 / X50; they might but in 99% of the cases, the individual expecting X10 will have sold after X2.

This post from @acesontop Silence of The Lambs. Was The Dump On Charts, Sir? made me think about it.

He clearly states what I am feeling. Everybody was so confident that we will moon to 100k, with Altcoins doing X10. Today's dip happens and Crypto Twitter is completely silent, all the Mega Bulls do not speak and are waiting, scared.

As @oldtimer commented:

And do not get me wrong, sometimes I do get very bullish about a project which turns out to not be as good as expected. Experience has now taught me to be more conservative in my approach.

I also learned it the hard way during the 2018 Bull Market and now I always cash out some profits to invest in stablecoins and farm at c.10-30% APY, this also allows me to buy back some cryptocurrencies I like once it has corrected enough.

Balancing risks inside your portfolio makes you less succeptible to FOMO either up or down, less stressed, agile to take advantage of any opportunity or irrational market...

The Splinterlands case

If you are following me you know that sometimes I can seem pessimistic. I have called a Top for Splinterlands a few weeks ago when I calculated the fully diluted market cap of the project (Cards, Lands SPS, DEC, SPT...) which was way more than $1-1.5bn.

Don't get me wrong, I love Splinterlands, I still own some cards and play daily BUT in all honesty, the game is not that great (yet) and we play because we get some nice $$$ out of it.

Looking coldly at it I felt if any legacy gaming company or team launches a game, they could shut down all the indie ones we are currently playing.

Also, Indie games could improve and compete with legacy ones as they attract capital and improve their gameplay. TBD.

My guts tell me to invest in Gods Unchained

The best example is Gods Unchained which has the best gameplay BUT did not understand and create tokenomics around its game (old school mentality).




Now that they have set up their tokens (still not live but before year*end) and understood P2E, I bet this will be the next best game and for longer. I know some other hardcore gamers such as @acidyo agree.

Because this game is as good as its non-blockchain peers: Hearthstone or Magic The Gathering. Except, you will earn $ or cards with that one.

And why do I think it will go up? Because I like playing the game. Period. Even without incentives, I would play it !

It reminds me of Steem back in the day or HIVE now. I just spend most of my time here because I LIKE it. You will reduce a lot your bad decisions by just investing where you like to be/spend your time.

Shilling time

If you would like to try it out: Sign up using with my referral code: ReeluBRiUf on the website here

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Written by   210
2 months ago
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