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How Do YOU Drive Traffic To Hive?

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1 year ago

This is obviously amazing and incredible information for anyone who fully understands it. Whenever you talk about Hive though, is that your pitch to get more people on board?

We have seen people promoting Hive (Steemit) for years on Twitter. An awesome Hive-Twitter-movement with lots of people working hard to "put Hive on the map" and to get more exposure. Some have different ideas in mind, so they are trying to reach that one investor who can change everything.

  • In the end, it's all about marketing and exposure.

I have talked about this in the past as well, and I continue to say that I do not believe that we will magically score a billionaire investor. Especially not with the Twitter marketing we see, and have seen for years.

Most people are tweeting various things and use Hive, crypto and blockchain hashtags to get exposure and they somehow seem to believe that it will bring billionaires on board. While I personally don't believe in that approach or outcome, I am still glad that people are doing what they believe is best. Personally, I think doing things like that is best to bring the Average Joe's on board, if people did some minor changes.

Hive is awesome. Hive has incredible potential. Hive is undervalued. Whatever. These are things we say, believe and think for ourselves while most of the outsiders doesn't even know that Hive exists.

  • Why are we trying to push people towards HIVE though?

Whenever I hear "Hive", I think of the blockchain. I think of the foundation where dApps are being built. I don't think of rewards, content or social media in any way. I think of the base so to speak. The place that is needed to have great dApps such as LeoFinanceProofofbrainSplinterlands etc.

  • The dApps are what people should be promoting to the outsiders.

I believe in organic traffic and optimized content, but I don't want to point traffic towards I drive traffic to and indirectly towards Hive because of that.

What's stated in the cover image is all true and awesome, but's it's not for the Average Joe's. I have said this for years already. The Average Joe's from Facebook doesn't care about decentralization, blockchain or that transfers are lightning fast.

  • They are used to Facebook. They know Facebook.

I admit that you can get people on board by pushing the whole decentralization-thing on them, but most of the Average Joe's are more likely to join for other reasons.

  • Such as: blog and earn crypto.

While I personally think that those words are what has brought most people towards Steemit/Hive since the beginning of it all, I also think it's one of the worst things you can say, as it leads to extreme retention issues. We've had retention issues from the early days and even though people have different reasons for leaving, my best guess is that the majority of the people gave up because they did not earn (enough).

However, now when I have been talking about Hive, I have talked about, (or other interfaces). I am not talking about, and I think that is what most people do whenever they talk about Hive. They want to drive traffic towards, peakd etc. They want people to join.

That is why I am doing things like this:

As you can see, instead of just making a simple tweet with the url to the article on LeoFinance, I used relevant hashtags and tagged the official account as well. This leads to more social signals (likes/retweets) over time that helps with bursts of traffic and organic traffic as well.

I do this because I want to drive traffic directly to and not to "Hive", which can simply be both or I do this because I want the Average Joe's to find LeoFinance.

In my book, the Average Joe's are what will take Hive to new heights over time. Developers and new awesome dApps is amazing and cool, but I personally don't want Hive to be a large group of talented developers. I want Hive (and all the tribes) to be filled with "Average Joe's" from all over the world. I would rather have thousands of "Facebook users" than thousands of Developers, even though I obviously want developers too.

  • What's your pitch?

Talk about elevator pitch or whatever. Do you talk about decentralization and to "own your account" like so many others are doing? Are you trying to drive traffic to "Hive" (as in the blockchain) or to "Hive" as in the interface where people can blog and earn?

Even if you can see the difference between the two whenever you talk about it.. Are you sure that others are able to see the difference as well? Are you sure they understand what you actually are talking about whenever you are trying to convince someone to join?

While the whole "blog and earn"-thing might not be the best approach in terms of retention, it sure is the best in terms of driving traffic and getting more people on board. How we get those people to stay and become active is a completely different chapter.

That being said, if you target people with a bit more "direct" marketing such as the tweet I showed you above, you are likely to get traffic and ultimately people signing up because they start to browse the site they land on..

  • You got them interested and that's the first step.

Remember That They Have ZERO Experience...
Most Of Them Have NEVER Heard Of Hive Before.

Do you believe that Jennifer, your neighbor, will join because she heard the word "decentralization"? Or that Bob, the guy in the grocery shop, will hurry to invest because he heard that he can actually "own his account or content"?

Listen, they don't care. They don't care because they have never had any issues with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Most of them won't care even if you show them how the splinterlands Twitter account was banned or how Facebook have banned "internet celebrities" either. They don't care, and they will not care because it doesn't affect them on an individual level.

Most of them will care about a superb "How-To" guide about making extra money though. Or about how a random guy from wherever made $500 in a month with zero investment..

  • Our job is (or should be) to point them directly towards that information.

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1 year ago
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