U.S. Congressmen introduced a new bill

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The US Congressmen proposed a new bill, hoping to create a working group composed of experts, the CFTC and SEC. The significance of this working group is mainly to clarify the regulatory responsibilities of all parties. It seems that there is not much suspense in the future of cryptocurrency being regulated. The Korean Financial Services Commission also stated in the afternoon that various violations of exchanges and traders will be Impose fines, including large transactions, cash transactions, identity verification, etc. In the future, the currency circle will definitely enter the regulatory scope of various countries, and will gradually be licensed, and there will be various entry barriers for practitioners. Following this line of thinking, it can be expected that English is very important. You may go to the United States for research, especially the vocabulary related to the blockchain industry. You see, the blockchain industry is full of business opportunities. For publishing organizations, you can Grasp a book of professional English for blockchain. For educational institutions, they can keep up with the supervision of the SEC and formulate a plan for future pre-examination education. This is what a madman thinks of casually. In short, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. If you accumulate enough, when the time comes, you can make money through office work. The most feared thing is to blame others. There are so many opportunities in this world. Are you afraid of not making money?

Let me talk about a few data:

Bitcoin holdings on the exchange reached a low point in nearly two years. Yesterday, 11,554 Bitcoins flowed out of coinbase again. This data shows that the institution is continuing to buy and withdraw coins, and it is optimistic about the market in the next 1-2 years.

Last week, the inflow of funds into cryptocurrency investment products fell to the lowest level this year. This data shows that the number of institutional buyers of Bitcoin is continuing to decrease. This wave is more like a “bargain hunting trend” with the continuous influx of retail investors. The continuity (especially the continuity after the new high) is worrying.

Asset management company Gerber Kawasaki will buy Bitcoin and Ethereum for customers on March 28. This company chooses this date and the madman thinks it is reasonable. On March 26, there will be the largest option delivery in history, with a maximum pain point of 36,000. The overall control of less than 50,000 institutions can be considered acceptable. Judging from the past few times, this data is quite worthy of reference, so the overall month of March is still not too optimistic, and the supply does not know when it will arrive.

To sum up: In the short term, it may still be based on the long-term thinking before the middle of the month, but in the second half of the month, it is necessary to consider changing the thinking. After all, the purchasing power of institutions is continuing to decline, which is not conducive to the continuous increase in March.

Goldman Sachs executives said that institutional investors’ interest in digital assets is accelerating. Among surveyed users, 30% said they already hold digital assets, and more than 50% plan to expand their digital asset portfolio in the next few months. The executive also added that loose monetary policy is the main reason for institutions to buy digital assets. It seems that institutions will pay more attention to the Fed's monetary policy. As long as there is a tightening of expectations, whether it can continue to buy bitcoin will become a question mark.

JPMorgan Chase is providing investors with a way to indirectly invest in cryptocurrencies, that is, by arranging those listed companies that have purchased Bitcoin to gain crypto exposure. Once Bitcoin rises, the stock prices of these companies will benefit, and vice versa. In fact, Morgan Stanley has made such a demonstration before, they bought 10.9% of MicroStrategy shares in order to seek the dividend of Bitcoin. This should not be regarded as good news. It is all indirectly to absorb the energy of Bitcoin. After all, you should buy Bitcoin funds and buy stocks to make an indirect profit. It is a bit like an inverted version of grayscale.

Grayscale has released a lot of ETF-related job recruitment, knowing that the trust can't play, and is ready to change to ETF, he can consider issuing various cryptocurrency ETFs, depending on whether the SEC approves or not. At present, it is still more promising than trust Many. Recently, cryptocurrency trusts have basically not increased their holdings, and investors are very indifferent to him. There will be a wave of unlocking in March, and the sharp discount of GBTC will appear, which is not a good trend.

The American Home Warranty Company supports cryptocurrency payments and intends to include BTC on its balance sheet. This is good news. A company in a traditional industry has switched to buying Bitcoin and has a large amount of capital, which has a certain influence. It is expected that more companies will join the wave of buying Bitcoin.

A number of well-known cryptocurrency-related Twitter accounts have been shut down, black hands are everywhere, and houses are gone~ The decentralized world will accelerate.

The greed index is 68, which is in a reasonable position.

Coinbase will launch MATIC, SKL, SUSHI on March 12. It’s finished, just look at it, and I’ll talk about it later.

Market analysis


Stepping back on the whole is still focused on upwards, only 6% from the new high, just wait, and gradually lighten up after going up, not optimistic about the market in the second half of the month.


Mainly linkage, relatively weaker than Bitcoin.


Wait for a new high and gradually lighten up. The test network KSM has reached a record high, leading the rise of the Polkadot series.


Ripple was targeted by the SEC and asked the court to dismiss his defense lawsuit. He is fighting with American regulation. It is very difficult for American investors to buy him. It is quite difficult for him to go up without a currency that Americans participate in. In addition, he also has a partner who only pulls and doesn't eat. He takes out 100 million coins from his crotch and smashes it into the market almost every week. It is quite difficult for this coin to rise. The partners throw it away. Why do we have faith?


Shake throughout the day, you can hold it first.


You can hold it first.


Still weak, waiting for a wave of callback to consider getting on the train.


When the pressure level meets resistance and shock, take it first.


Yesterday, it rushed higher and lowered, but today it oscillates throughout the day.

The overall market differentiation is quite serious. There is a certain degree of lack of funds, and there is a possibility of pie sucking blood. It is recommended that the risk is the first, and the wait and see is the main thing.

That's it for today, see you tomorrow....

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