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Today's happenings in the crypto world; Edition #27

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1 year ago

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The town of Miami Lakes in the United States accepts cryptocurrency to pay for municipal expenses, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Consumers can use cryptocurrency to pay for licenses and business licenses. Cryptocurrency can already be used as cash in this city. Zf's continuous in-depth support and experimentation will make cryptocurrency a global currency.

Newsweek survey shows that 46 million Americans currently hold Bitcoin, which is equivalent to 17% of the US adult population. Gemini’s report shows that approximately 14% of the US population holds cryptocurrency. The difference between the two data is quite large. In any case, more than 10% of Americans have already participated in cryptocurrency investment. It is difficult for future takers to come from the United States. It can only be seen how populous countries such as China, India and Brazil continue to flood the market.

Coinbase surpassed TikTok and ranked first in the Apple App Store. It used to be the nation’s use of TikTok entertainment. Now it is the nation’s home to make money. The currency circle is not cool, and the employment rate in the United States is estimated to get worse and worse. In the end, everyone is playing virtual , The economy collapsed, so the US regulation should not be too far away.

The SEC warned of the volatility and lack of regulation in the Bitcoin market, indicating that Bitcoin is a "highly speculative investment." This kind of warning is meaningless to New Leek. No money has been lost. The warning is useless. Only those who have paid tuition can understand the importance of controlling risks.

With Coinbase taking the lead, Anchorage, Kraken, and Circle jointly formed an encryption rating committee to introduce a regulatory framework for the properties of cryptocurrency securities. Lao Mei is still more rigorous in doing things. The above supervision has not come down, and she has managed herself first. Doing things is not just to collect money. The culture of each country is indeed different, so the final ownership of the project will also be different.

The e-commerce giant eBay will allow the sale of NFTs on its platform. The process in the United States is too fast. After the barbaric growth of the currency circle, the bigwigs of traditional finance and traditional Internet industries have come in, leaving us with more and more cracks. Small.

Google Pay users can send money to more than 200 regions through Bitcoin, and the blockchain grafted on the Internet will soon pave the way for value transmission in the world.

Bloomberg’s top analysts believe that the US Bitcoin ETF will appear in 2021. Canada has already approved 4 Bitcoin ETFs. Therefore, the expectation of this matter is not as explosive as before. If it is approved one day, it will be worth 5-10. % Increase.

The Dogecoin vote held by Musk is over. Over 3 million people want Tesla to accept Dogecoin as payment, and 900,000 people oppose it. So Tesla's acceptance of Dogecoin payments is estimated to be a recent thing. Once it comes out, it will attract a wave of mainstream.

The average inflow of stablecoins on exchanges hit a two-year high. The more stablecoins, the greater the probability of rising, and the exchange’s Bitcoin and ETH are still declining. This change between supply and demand makes it easy to see the recent rise. The real reason.

The discount rates of GBTC and ETHE are -14.46% and -0.62%, respectively. The discount of Ethereum came back too fast, indicating that there are still institutions buying, and the trend remains unchanged.

Market analysis


Bitcoin today is obviously weaker than all, and the rebound is weak. It is expected that it will look for support downward and be patient and wait for opportunities.


Pulling up strongly, the 4-hour chart is currently deviating, and it is expected that the continuity will be weakened. As long as the closing does not break the 5-day line, take it first. We still don't want to guess the top of this strong currency.


The package is back, continue to hold the main.


The rebound is weak. The most important thing is that the former CTO dumped goods. In the past two weeks, he dumped 372 million US dollars. This buddy sells 100 million US dollars a week. I don’t know what to do with so much money. At this rate, I have to sell for more than 20 years. Ripple is too difficult, and the short-term weak rebound should be reduced by one.


The rebound is not strong, and the high shocks are the main ones.


Shrinking volume to new highs, rushing to higher and falling back, continuity weakened, and lightening of positions is the main focus.


The rebound is weak, and the main focus is to lighten up.


Obviously weaker than other mainstream, the main reason is that the top is too tight. If the funds can't break through, the callback will be the main reason.


Yesterday's sharp decline in the market took the lead in turning green, and the market outlook is expected to continue to new highs.

EOS: will launch the Bullish exchange this year. Because of this news, EOS was directly unpacked yesterday. The speculation of EOS can only be speculation. If you believe this team, it is better to believe in ghosts. I have no feeling for him. I suggest that the price rises gradually.


High shocks dominate.


The chance is not big, wait and see.


Today’s turnaround is a bit unexpected. Since the funds are deliberately on the rise, there is a chance to reach new heights.


Machete, cut! It's better to stay away from this kind of project.


After the shock, it fell mainly until Tesla accepted Dogecoin.


The trend hasn't gone bad, but don't speculate. This kind of currency is very troublesome if it gets buried.


The overall trend is to fluctuate higher and continue to rise, and Dex will not be bad.


Today's rise should be related to OK, becoming the first Dex of OKchain. OK has raised this wild Dex as his own son of OKchain, and there are certain expectations.


Today the highest is almost 100,000 US dollars, this kind of value currency can be held.

That's it for today, see you tomorrow.

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