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Today's happenings in the crypto world; Edition #12

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1 year ago

CryptoExplorers says

Now is an era of information explosion. Every day I wake up with all kinds of news, "choice" has become the standard of life, people are constantly "choosing" life every day, and some people can seem The effortless life is precisely because they have chosen the right track of life time and time again, chosen the right track of the industry, and walked at the forefront of society. The foundation of all this is continuous learning. These seemingly effortless, in fact, are just the superficial results you see. Most of the people who can make money are because of continuous accumulation, and then wait for the wind to complete the wealth that is difficult for others to obtain in one breath. Believe that no one can earn wealth beyond recognition, so don’t blame others, let alone envy or jealous of others’ lives. Everything is from your own internal reasons, continuous reflection and progress, to make yourself a stronger person , Is the best way to continue to advance in life.

Tesla made $101 million in bitcoin trading in the first quarter, and Musk said that they smashed a total of 10% of the position, which made Tesla's profit increase. As soon as the news came out, the industry was directly fried. "Isn't the richest man playing with us? I bought the order and sold it." Then Musk said that he did not sell any bitcoins. Tesla sold bitcoins to prove the liquidity of bitcoins as a cash substitute. At the same time, Tesla's CFO said that the company is optimistic about the long-term value of Bitcoin and will continue to invest in Bitcoin. The two major US institutions, one Coinbase and one Tesla, have not seen much belief so far. Coinbase began to sell some of the unlocked stocks as soon as it went public, and Tesla saw the price of the currency rise and profited. . Although the shipments of these two companies are not very large, this speculative nature shows the institutions' views on Bitcoin. U.S. institutions are not buying bitcoins for the benefit of the world. They will definitely choose to ship them when they reach a certain location, so there is no need to listen to those people shouting loudly every day. No one can escape humanity in the face of reality. For us, the expectation is not so high, just make the money we think is appropriate, the bull market will not last forever, cherish the good days before us.

South Korea's continued regulatory pressure has caused the kimchi premium to rise again to 5%; since the Nigerian Central Bank ban, bitcoin peer-to-peer transactions have increased by 27%; after Turkey banned cryptocurrency payments, the number of bitcoin searches hit a new high. In fact, we tried this as early as 17 years. At that time, all exchanges were cleared and the people who remained in the market were still there, and investors were gradually increasing. Cryptocurrency is like the proliferation of cancer cells. It cannot be cut or cleansed. So in the end, you can only choose to embrace it. This also means that Bitcoin will lead the industry to have a higher market value in the future.

Taxes on the crypto industry are all on the way in various countries. For example, the United States wants to implement a wealth tax, South Korea will impose a capital gains tax on cryptocurrency next year, and the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Authority intends to impose a tax on cryptocurrency transactions. These are long-term benefits. As long as taxation means compliance, the subsequent influx of capital is the most important thing.

JPMorgan Chase will issue an actively managed Bitcoin fund. The entry of this large institution should once again lower the Bitcoin investment threshold for global investors. However, this fund is not to buy positions, but to sell high and buy low. This entry means that the money on the market will become harder and harder to make. In the future, it will not be with a group of Xiaobai who will fight with the bayonet in the market, but with a group of super institutions with a hundred years of trading experience. Are you afraid?

Camping World, an RV dealer, cooperates with Bitpay to accept encrypted payments. The Nigerian hotel George Residence invested 50% of its cash reserves in Bitcoin. All this shows that the vigorous development of the encryption industry is still going on, and we don't have to panic ourselves.

The profit of the Coincheck exchange has increased by 20 times in the last fiscal year. These crypto exchanges are all pigs on the market, making crazy money in the bull market and eating industry dividends. But in the future, they will be in a cyclical industry just like the brokers, and they won't make money like this at any time.

Market analysis


Bitcoin’s rebound today has begun to weaken, and the USDT premium rate has fallen sharply. Therefore, we can regard today’s rebound as a stock game. There is no external new capital in the market, so the continuation of this rebound will not be very strong. The CryptoExplorers expects to oscillate repeatedly between 53000-55500 today and tomorrow, and it is difficult to see a sharp rise or pullback in the market. Just sell high and buy low.


It fluctuates near the previous high, and the amount is not large. Basically, there is no selling pressure. The probability of continuing to reach new highs in the future is still relatively high.


Rebound to the pressure level, mainly due to linkage and shock.


Today's sharp rise is a bit caught off guard. 1.5 is a strong pressure. If you can stand up easily, you can consider chasing it.


Mainly rebounded slightly.


Linkage shocks.


The rebound is still going on, holding mainly.


When there is a decline, someone will protect the market, so when it rebounds, the funds will naturally go up and take it first.


Near the new high, the trend is strong, mainly holding.


Concussion is the mainstay.


The daily line has formed a small double bottom, and investors’ unlock voting results are delayed unlocking. Therefore, there should not be too much selling pressure in the past few months. The rebound strength is okay. Need to shake again.


At a new historical high, Defi is still the most deterministic investment opportunity at present. Recently, it has risen in a large area. If it is in stock, take it first.

It is normal for a shock on the road to rebound. As long as there is no continuous supply, the continued rebound after the shock is still a high probability event, and it is still the main thing to get the car during the callback.

That's it for today, see you tomorrow.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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