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The World And Crypto News Alert #1

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1 year ago

The world is full of bad news. Bitcoin is dead in the eyes of many new leeks. Many people will ask, "How can I withdraw money in the future?" "What should I do if Bitcoin is not allowed to be fired?" What should I do if the coin is closed? "Many of these problems were experienced by people in 2017. The fear back then was far greater than now, because the fear of 94 comes from the fear of unknown uncertainty. At that time, the cryptocurrency was not so global. If Huobi and OK are delisted, most of the tokens will be directly reduced to zero coins. Do we have this anxiety now? No! Because any exchange in the world can sell yours smoothly Currency, this includes the process of stable currency exchange for legal currency, so I don’t know where these people’s anxiety comes from. Few people don't feel at all about this. Seeing everyone panic withdrawing money and panic hitting the market, they just smiled in their hearts. Because this people know that in the second half of this year, the market will give everyone rice and meat again.

But after all, the policy is tightened again, and we have to guard against the introduction of more regulatory documents. In the state of market panic, any negative will lead to a wave of smashing, so now everyone must manage their positions, especially not to increase leverage to participate. The market, a friend of time, waits for this wave of storms to pass, and the sky will still be filled with rainbows.

Several super negatives in the world within 24h:

Hong Kong plans to restrict cryptocurrency exchanges to professional investors, which means that most ordinary investors will be driven out of Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Financial Bureau, which is equivalent to the Hong Kong version 94.

Greenpeace said it would stop accepting Bitcoin donations because of public concerns about Bitcoin's energy consumption. It shows that the market will reach a certain consensus on Bitcoin's carbon emissions in the future. Although few people think this worry is very absurd, after all, these erroneous views need time and data to correct.

The size of the Biden Infrastructure Act was reduced from 300 million US dollars to 1.7 trillion US dollars, easing expectations weakened, and the market was under selling pressure.

Two Canadian Bitcoin ETFs issued a "market disruption" alert because futures prices may remain below their lower limit at the end of trading. This is an alarm of Bitcoin ETF. It takes time to witness whether the financial market can bear the fluctuation of Bitcoin.

The market plummeting has continued to be negative, but the cryptoexplorers has also seen a lot of positives:

MicroStrategy CEO said that he bought some more bitcoins on Square Cash, and he felt very satisfied. This buddy took advantage of the decline to buy and buy, and he already has 110,000+ bitcoins.

The SEC Commissioner "Crypto Mom" ​​believes that the United States should have approved the Bitcoin ETF long ago. Once the US Bitcoin ETF is passed, it will quickly reverse the current panic.

China's crackdown on mining will fundamentally reduce the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining, allowing other Bitcoin miners to obtain higher profits and be more environmentally friendly. From the perspective of the global situation, it is indeed very good news.

The founder of Gemini said that ignoring all panic, in fact mainstream institutions are turning to cryptocurrencies. Most people agree with this point of view very much, the things that exist objectively are the real big trends. Don't be changed by market fluctuations to change your original trading plan.

The Federal Reserve Daley said that inflation is expected to continue to rise in 2021, which is similar to what the madman predicted yesterday, so the overall environment this year is still okay.

The Fed Hack said that cryptocurrencies are not enough to cause financial stability risks. This is the response given by the Fed after our negative documents came out last night, which is obviously a positive for mood stabilization.

The founder of Glassnode said that Bitcoin and over-the-counter transaction-related wallets flowed out of 10,292 bitcoins on Wednesday, and rose to 11,056 on Thursday, the highest level in nearly half a year. This means that there is strong demand from institutions again, this low point will not last long, and prices will rise again. This is the result of data support and is very trustworthy!

American Domino’s pizza employees can choose Bitcoin to pay their salaries.

Things are always two-sided, and there will be advantages if there are advantages. Therefore, a saying that madmen often say is that all benefits are good! When all the big moves are used, if the enemy is not knocked down, you will face a crazy counterattack.

The panic index is 12, which is still extremely panic and belongs to the area where opportunities are greater than risks.

Barry Diller, a tycoon in the American entertainment industry, believes that digital assets are a scam, and finally no longer a beaming. When more people are desperate, it is the time of rise.

Market analysis


Under the negative blessing of Bitcoin, it has completed the second bottoming ahead of schedule. Then the market outlook will be dominated by a rebound in the market. However, the recent market volatility is extremely large. If you are not sure to participate in the market, you can take it steadily. In the spotlight, even if there are any black swan incidents, what we need is to wait patiently. What is lost will always come back. At this time, if you panic with the market sentiment, your thighs will be broken in a few months. Remind everyone of risks. When even fools make money, the risks can be imagined. In the trading market, you should always be a retrograde, not a follower, in order to outperform the market in the end.


Linkage big pie, short-term rebound demand.


The volume can continue to enlarge, the bottom-hunting funds are abundant, and it is expected to take the lead in the future.


It is still weak in the short term, with weak linkages dominating.


The current position has certain support, mainly rebound.


Compared with other mainstreams, it is still quite strong and is expected to rebound first.


The trend is relatively weak, and a wave of upwards was ruthlessly smashed back by the bears. It is more difficult to go up in the short term.


It is difficult to have independent market in the short-term, and linkage is the mainstay.


In recent days, the decline has been relatively miserable, and the rebound is mainly to reduce positions.


Same as above, but the long-term madman is still optimistic.

My Final Thoughts

Nothing, the market is still unable to lift emotions in the short term. It is quite weak. It is not a misfortune. Take the core assets in your hand and give the rest to time. Few aggressive people firmly believe that when people panic, pick up bloody Bargaining chips can't be a wrong thing. Don't care about the short-term gains and losses, the transaction itself is a marathon!

That's it for today, I wish you all a happy weekend. See you tomorrow.

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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