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Bullish on the future of crypto and blockchain technology. But room for debate in some crypto.

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1 year ago

The recent weeks was not so great for the crypto market, which saw huge sell-off's following various speculations about the future of crypto.

But this doesn't write-off blockchain's future bullishness assured some crypto experts. But a firm warning by many are that, it is unclear that the cryptocurrencies of today in the likes of Bitcoin or Ethereum would still be dominant in the future.

Honestly I doubt the same. If bitcoin wants to become what it wanna become in the future they really have to work on its backend, they really have to do something about the fees. Same goes to Ethereum, the gas fees for these crypto's are ridicules.

Vitalik Buterin founder of Ethereum said recently on an interview that he acknowledge the huge transaction fee on ETH transactions and assured that the fee will be reduced when Ethereum 2-0 roles out. But that's not for another couple year's(expected role out of Ethereum 2.0 is between 2022-2024) maybe even more. If it takes more time than expected the chances are high that ETH might get left behind as investors try and find better alternatives.

And there are actually no information about Bitcoin's plans on reducing the fees. If Bitcoin wants to become what they were supposed to become, they really have to work on there fee's. No one is gonna use bitcoin for transaction if the fees are more than the actual unit.

So if anybody wanna invest in crypto for a long term my advise is to study the project you wanna invest in and don't put all the eggs in the same basket. Spread your portfolio across various potential crypto assets.

My views on blockchain and cryptocurrency stay the same, they are the future. It's just I am worried which crypto's are gonna survive the road.


Thank you for reading.

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