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I am new to the Cryptoverse and I need a reliable source of crypto investment advice or whatsoever, where do I get the help I need? Similar questions came up to me when I was newly introduced to the diversified world of Cryptoverse/blockchain 1 years back. Considering the history of Bitcoin and other crypto dating back to as old as 2013, still I was a late commer. I needed advice from reliable sources for deeper insights on what crypto is, where to invest, when to invest or which project will potentially change your crypto portfolio for the good. As I was researching on the web, I came across various domains and content creators/writers of whom I find the following 5 as being reliable and worth my time. The following considerations are based on my experience and I would recommend you to do your own research before putting in 100% in any of these resource providers:

  • BitBoy Crypto: This obviously should be in top of the list. The BitBoy Crypto channel is a conglomerate of highly experienced crypto investors and/or traders who stream 2+ videos everyday on Cryptocurrency (what,why,when or where are all answered). The team is is working hard on collaborating with other content creators as well to create a highly interactive and resourceful session each time they came online. I have learnt a lot about the Cryptoverse and investment related strategies which is shaping my cryptographic knowledge base and raising my potential interest into the Cryptoverse. TJ, Ben Armstrong are two of the host I admire in the channel. To be precise, it is the largest crypto content provider in the whole of the internet with over 1million+ subscribers.

    Check it out hereπŸ‘‰

  • ETHGlobal: ETH Global comes second based on genuineness of information/resources provided. Here, we may find various developers, content creators, traders conducting live webinars, streams on different crypto projects whether ongoing or upcoming. Also there are various opportunities provided on the channel as you are interacting directly with the developer community, content creators where by you will get the latest developments in the Cryptoverse before anywhere else. Also there are airdrop, investment opportunities up there as soon as they come live. Most importantly, detailed insights of a particular crypto/blockchain based projects are discussed elaborately through the webinars.

    Check it out here πŸ‘‰

  • NFT Times: If you are an artist(painter, graphic designer, musician,writer), essentially upgrading your content at par with the current NFT structure will ensure Sustainability in the long run of your profession/passion. When it comes to NFT or Non-Fungible Token, the NFT Times is one of my most refered channel for insights on what, why, how or when to NFTs. Most NFT marketplacse are have complicated user interface and a long process of transactions and minting process, which a newbie might need to learn and have deeper insights before setting foot into the mainstream market. It is where this channel comes handy. Check it out here πŸ‘‰

  • Solar Miner India: My fouth preference goes to the channel Solar Miner India. This channel is also about Cryptoverse but more specifically about mining. Most of the content in the channel are on cost effective mining of crypto currencies, be it Bitcoin, Ethereum or whatsoever. They will provide you the cheapest mining rig hacks to the advanced mining methods. The concerns about energy consumption in crypto mining is being addressed and the potential solutions for Sustainable Mining options in a cost effective and profit driven way. If you do not want to invest into crypto through direct buying/trading, but still wants to hold a decent amount of crypto in your portfolio, this is the right channel for you. Check it out here πŸ‘‰

  • Dapp University: My last and most viewed channel recently is the Dapp University. Assume that after living for some time in the Cryptoverse, you started getting intrigued by the way crypto/blockchain work and you yourself want to become a blockchain developer be it DAPPs like gaming, publishing, trading platforms etc or you want to learn the programming language powering the blockchain technology, this is the perfect place for you to learn free of cost. Dapp University has diverse topics around blockchain based technologies which you can learn at the comfort of your home, anywhere anytime. Check it out here πŸ‘‰

I am not sponsered in any way by any of the channels listed above. I have listed it based on my recent use and resourcefulness of the channel which I want you guys to explore and help strengthen your Crypto/blockchain insights/career/passion. Thanks for reading my article, I hope they are worth your time. Do support me if you find my contents resourceful.

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