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Magic is Real! (My FAVORITE STORY) -- WORTH the Read!

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1 year ago
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So there's a magician who performs every Thursday night at this little old bar. After his performance he likes to do (after) performances privately to the dinner table couples to enlighten their night. So trick after trick after trick...
He comes up to a couple and says, "Hello! I hoped you guys enjoyed the show, can I interest you in a magic trick this evening?"

The guy says in front of his wife.. haha... lord, I would love to see a magic gift... But, its unfortunate sir.. I can't see. I'm Blind... Do you have any tricks for blind people?

The magician gets kind of stumbled, because most magic tricks are by deception with SITE... and He unfortunately says Sir, I don't. However!! I'm up for the challenge! The next time you lovely folks come here, I will have something for you...

The Blind man shakes his hand and says, "Haha, I'm going to hold you to it!" Magician says, "You bet!" He goes about his evening entertaining people and that was that. The magician forgets all about the elderly couple and goes about his life, and comes the following Thursday. He performs his tricks, finishes his show.. and starts to entertain the dinner tables again.

He quickly realizes this elderly couple wanted to really see if he would have a trick for him, and he was shocked like... oh shit. I forgot!! He excuses him self to the back-stage and looks through a few stashed books he had and is thinking of everything and unfortunately he had nothing. But then, he had a beautiful idea....
Instead of SHOWING a blind man magic, I'm going to make him FEEL magical. I'm going to give him the GIFT OF SITE!

So the magician comes back and says mam. If you may... May I sit next to you please? Yes you may. Great! he sits next to the elderly man's wife and says.. mam, how's your husbands vision? She goes he doesn't see anything. Okay, he says.. Sir, was your blindness happened by an accident? Or were you born with it? He says I was born this way. He goes okay!

Well sir, I have here a deck of cards... EACH Card is 1 of 2 colors... THIS ONE.... -- is RED...... THIS ONE.... IS BLACK......
The elderly man smiles.... (Do we understand each other)......
Elderly man says, yes. Perfectly.

EXCELLENT! -- Now mam. As you can see, Im going to give your husband the GIFT OF SITE to call out... EVERY COLOR perfectly for all 52 cards in this deck... She goes ohh I don't think so there's no way...

You ready??? A Crowd is kind of surrounding and watching this blind man receive this GIFT of site, and out comes the cards 1 by one and the elderly man is saying, "Red, Red, Red, Black, Black, Red!"

And the crowd is getting bigger and bigger and 10-15 cards in.... the wife starts crying OMG BABY HOW ARE U DOING THIS??? And the crowd starts chanting GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

2 cards left... BLACK, RED!! and the crowd cheers WOW..... Some people are wiping their tears, some people are amazed HOW DID HE ACCURATELY call out...... EVERY 52 CARDS PERFECTLY.... with each color!?

The crowd slowly goes away and the wife wipes her tears and she goes, you have to tell me.... how was that possible?
He goes, I wanted your husband to feel magical. Im so used to DECEIVING people with slight of hand and visible tricks....
But I also know how important it is to CONNECT TO PEOPLE....
Your husband, has been blind his whole life....
So when I had said the first 2 cards, this one is RED... I tapped on his foot one time... and this one is Black... I tapped on his foot 2 times...

He immediately knew what I meant. This is a trick I would like for you to take home to your family, show the kids.. have fun with it... and the Elderly man was in absolute awe...

He says, I may have not been able to see your tricks, but feeling magical and hearing the crowd cheer for me... almost made me cry.. and I was so happy that I for once.. had a whole group cheering for me. You my man, are amazing!

-The moral of this story is.. connecting with individuals is so important... and so long as you try to connect with individuals that enter your life... as long as you try, you can make someone feel magical.


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Written by   6
1 year ago
Topics: Story
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