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He is "Just" a Friend

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1 year ago

20 years

I have a friend who is married. Ive seen her married to another friend of mine named Marcus for 8 1/2 years... they have 3 kids together. She would always complain bout his jealousy. Marcus would constantly nitpick at close male friends to his wife. She on the other hand is very social, and adored her friends and made it very clear, that if I am married to you.. you have nothing to worry about. Sounds like a pretty solid pitch right?

Leave my friends alone

So basically when it came to her friends, it was crystal clear her friends will not be deleted, insulted, questioned, or distanced. They are without a doubt OFF-LIMITS using the excuse that they were there through her toughest times in life. Thus, the value of those friendships will never be deleted or removed because of one man's insecurity... Marcus, did his best to understand that. He still had his doubts, and hated what he felt about these "friends" but when you're dealing with a spouse who's friends can't be talked about... it sounds like it's just something you have to tolerate.

The Break Up

Marcus and Reina have been fighting so much, she's grown tired of his "insecurities" all because he works a lot, provides while she stays at home with the kids.. which I agree is a job all in itself. But financially, its all Marcus. They just recently bought a house together, and she refuses to leave claiming she have no where else to go. She calls me the other day, and vents like crazy about the issues between her and Marcus. I jokingly said, "Girl with all your frustrations you're going to call up Sancho, and ride his ass to sleep haha" she goes... yeaa.. about that.. haha...I asked, unless you already have? She says yes.

The Shocker

When I asked her who was it she's been sleeping with, she said her good friend Johnny. That he's been such an incredible friend for 20 years!!! And how him and Marcus became really close, however... that was all in a plan for him to come to the kids birthdays, come over for football, dinners etc... I couldn't believe my ears because I can't imagine my girl.. introducing me to her guy friend.. seems like a cool ass dude... we get close.. he comes to my kids birthdays, comes over to hangout drink etc... and now that me and my girl are on the verge of break up or a big fight... now my girl get swooped by the closest dude who's been around and now he's fucking my girl?? Thats fucking mindblowing!!

Can Single Men Be Friends With a Married Woman

That leaves my biggest question.. can single men be friends with a married woman? Or a woman with a man... I believe.. its always 1 or the other... its always the man who wants her... or if thats not the case.. its the woman who wants him... or!! Sometimes its both.. but both were afraid to admit it. I personally believe women cheat more than men do... and because these are scenarios I've seen all too well.. are the exact reason why its so hard to trust women. Do you allow your wife or girlfriend to have single-male friends? Why or why not?

Until the next post. Have a great day/evening. God bless

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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