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Crypto Currency most widely asked question, "How do I Pull it out?"

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1 year ago

I find that the biggest question people have when it comes to crypto is, "Well, how do you pull it out?" They do not think to "use" crypto as its own form of money. They do not think of it as they would with a 20 dollars in their hand, even if I showed them the wallet, and said here look I'm going to send you 20.00, and they receive it.... Even still at that very moment they have that mindset of, "Well, how do I pull it out still?"

Same goes for business owners, same goes for anybody I talk to about it. So in my opinion, people need to not just be told what crypto is, because fuck... There are just really smart people out there so deep into crypto you can't even understand if English is what they're speaking. "Oh you gotta readjust the mining pool conversion hash rates to negative 35 degrees algorithmic methodology of contributions for proper mining of Ethereum's butt crack" like...

Honestly, that's what I hear sometimes from people... and its like bruuuhhh Stfu..

Education needs to be spoken about, when it comes to dealing with exchanges. Because that's really going to be the kick-start of adoption. Education on how to properly exchange 1 coin to another... Education on the do's and don'ts and what to look out for when copying addresses... how to verify the address you're sending to. They also need to be educated about their private keys on how to protect them. This honestly cannot be done just by simply posting videos... because If I told my mom about it who's 60 years old... she will immediately LOSE patience...

Oh you gotta screen shot this mom, and hide these keys in an email or write it down and put it in the safe or what have you..

So the complexity of crypto has yet to be simplified for the person who still to this day says, "What's bitcoin?" Or "What's crypto"....

Nobody likes to be confused. Think of it this way. Hey, this is money... I give you this. Now, you can go buy something. Who accepts that 20 dollar bill? Everybody!! ((EASY))

So the start of adoption Doesn't necessarily start with individuals who don't know what crypto is. We already have plenty in the industry.... who need to get these businesses on board with having a sticker of "We accept crypto" But then what's difficult about it...
Business owners then at the same point who have little understanding about it ask the very question, "How do I pull it out?"

I've encountered countless business owners and got some people on board... and some that don't. I work for Bitcoin Cash as if I'm an actual employee. Lmao... Why? because I love it and I definitely hope one day to see in every store, fast food place, and all else accept crypto currency... We all do.

So I get asked a lot, why bitcoin cash? Why not bitcoin? The answer to that is simple. Bitcoin Cash out performs BTC in every aspect you can think of with fees, the sending receiving options through simple emails/texts/ and all else, games and gambling services you can do with it is just... FASTER/Better. I believe when the congestion comes into BITCOIN when its 50,000 100,000 300,000 or higher... People will be overwhelmed by the slowness of transactions... HIGH FEES, they're going to "Try" bitcoin cash and feel a massive sense of relief, thus the wealth will then merge into BCH and idk... i could be wrong... But its just my thoughts of it.

I see roger ver, talk all the time how babies are dying, and how crypto currencies in the world is truly saving lives and I believe it 100%, reason being..... It saved mine. Now this is the moment some readers will roll their eyes, this is the part people will instantly DOUBT what crypto currencies have done for me. Truth is, and I hate admitting this. I made a horrible mistake when I lost my job in the oilfields by IGNORING my child support.

I was so used to it coming out of my checks, that when I got laid off and was laid off for over 2 years I realized wow... Im never going back to work it seems like... Then I became an entrepreneur. My child support in the past 6 to 7 years has gone up to $100,000!!!!
I cannot travel out of the country.... I Cannot keep anything over $500.00 in the bank or child support will yank it. I cannot have a drivers license and the list goes on forever. Anytime I talk with them they talk with me as some piece of shit when at the end of the day after it hit 20,000 I truly gave up because I said to my self, i would HAVE TO WIN THE LOTTERY for me to ever forfill these debts....

Now as far as what kind of father I am, I am 100% involved, invested, and take damn good care of my kids and my kids are crazy about me and I am crazy about them... It's just a dark ass cloud I can never get out of my life unfortunately. So I would always carry anything over 1000 bucks in cash and when I found out about crypto currency THIS YEAR In February.... I was so excited about it I had to tell all my friends....

Now my friends are much more wealthier than Ill ever be so they have a lot more crypto than me already but!! I still believe crypto is the future. Because my money cannot be YANKED from me by Child Support. I cannot have child support look into my crypto accounts and say oh he has 600 lets yank it! Basically, I am 100% FREE.... Bitcoin Cash and crypto currency has honestly given me a form of financial freedom and RELIEF....

Thus why I am a true advocate to BCH mostly, and crypto currencies. Adoption has to start with simplifying BUSINESSES To accept/exchange/Buy/Sell etc... And that will trickle down to the people... I give away MY OWN MONEY of what little I have to people as a giveaway, just for one primarily reason. Educating them how it works, how cool it is, with hopes if maybe I can find a person like me who CAN'T keep large amounts of money in a bank and give them that sense of freedom as well, educating them.. with hopes other people see not only the benefits to us... but the benefits on a large scale WORLD WIDE.....

Bitcoin Cash. Is the future. It has to be. Because if it isn't, I won't have a future. Which I am undoubtedly sure crypto currency will truthfully be the future currency :)

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Written by   6
1 year ago
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Don't represent it to them in fiat terms.

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