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Business owners in California for BCH

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1 year ago

I've sort of taken it upon my self to speak to business owners about BCH. I show them the wallet I show them exodus and Walk them through coinbase and other purchasing methods...

And in the last year I've managed to get 8 businesses accepting crypto. They love it, and I love it. If only I can get paid as a full time job to be a professional marketer for BCH would be a dream of mine. But nevertheless I've gotten friends and family to accept it. I feel like a MLM recruiter because of how much I love it yet theres no real benefit for me haha.

Adoption to regulars and business owners to understand the concept of what it is and how to use it is key. If I had the money to make videos and take the time to do presentations and work full time for bch man that would be a dream of mine. Bch is hands down without a doubt the future of p2p payment solutions. And if there was enough people like me willing to speak to business owners and get them involved it would do a lot to see that BCH sticker in more and more places. Im currently dealing with a 3800 car issue which Is setting me back... but once I can group up the funds to take care of that I will definitely be back on the grind.

Helping the adoption even if im just one guy tackling small businesses to help whatever I can do! 😁

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