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1 year ago

Yes we love bitcoin cash and other crypto coins. But guys, it can't just be us. We need to share crypto by giving it away 1 dollar or 50 cents or something at a time. Show someone how it works. Give a new friend/person 5 minutes just by saying hey go to and download their wallet I want to show you something.

We need adoption across the board no matter what in order for bitcoin or any currency to succeed. Yes we see adoptions happening with big hedge funds and corporations, but we need the people to adopt it as well and fall in love with it like we have. It gives people not only freedom, but the opportunity to get in before the prices are just so high it almost seems pointless anymore having hopes to make anything.

My goal is to help 5 people minimum, get on bitcoin cash platform. Im just 1 guy doing my part... but us as a community? Man we can do damage and adoption would come more quickly than ever before. I'm recruiting for something I dont even get paid to do because I love it that much. Does it benefit me? No. Not yet. But one day it will. With hopes I can walk into McDonald's or a food chain or one of my favorite restaurants and see they accept BCH id be happy as hell!

Till then? I will be a deciple of BCH and spread the word, share, and teach.... in BCH we pray... lol. Have a great beautiful day my fellow bitcoiners!

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