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A Series of Dreams that Lead to an Outer Body Experience

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1 year ago
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So I had a series of dreams leading up to this Outer-Body Experience. I remember I stole something that didn't belong to me, and I immediately started running from the cops.
As I am running, I got caught by a cop hiding behind a bush who talked me.. and went to jail and immediately woke up.

dream 2.. Was the exact same dream Except I knew around this corner there's going to be a cop trying to tackle me, and the moment I came across that corner I lounged a punch knocking the police out and was able to run further past that moment. The difference in this dream I made it to the parking lot of Smart and Final a grocery store, where squad cars unleashed a K-9 to get me...
I was caught. and Immediately woke up..

Dream 3.. Same exact dream, but I was able to escape the K-9.. and go further..

-As you can get the gist of how this is panning out, every night my dream was able to advance because I knew what was coming next...

Till one evening, I'm dead asleep.. and the best way I know how to describe this... is my spirit woke up. And I got up... Looked back at my body sleeping.. and thought wow, what the hell is this? I was able to fly, and go through walls.. it was incredible. It was almost like being a ghost...

I went to go check on my sisters room, so I floated across the wall into my sisters room.. and saw her sleeping.. Floated all across the house.. and saw my parents sleeping too. I asked my self... I wonder how it looks outside? -- So I floated outside the house... and It was Pitch black... I knew if I went out in that blackness... I would never find my way back to my body. It was a true fearing feeling that I just KNEW not to do that... So I got bored, and went back to my room.... on the VERY CORNER roof area.. right by the door.. looking down at my body... Im in a laying down position in which I have zero gravity pulling me to the ground... I Could lay in mid-air without feeling uncomfortable....

I looked straight forward... and noticed something black moving... I immediately was able to focus my eyes, and ZOOM my vision in... like binoculars, and was able to tell what exactly it was... and it was a black widow... As its creating web... using it to drop down... It was going to land directly on my physical body's face....
And its going lower & Lower & Lower.... Finally... about 5 inches above my face I attempt to scream to wake my body up... But I had no ability to make any noise... So I FLEW... like a WHOOSSH straight into my body... and I physically WOKE UP... Flip The Covers off of me panicking... LOOKING for this black widow...

The second I pick up my pillow... There was, in real life.. a black widow.. underneath my pillow.

I question all the time... How REAL was that dream...

Was it a real outer-body experience? If Not... how was the spider there? This dream... and event... has baffled my mind for a long time.. I feel almost forced to believe that it was real.. because of the ACTUAL Black widow being there...

Let me know your thoughts...

I've read about practices too, that you can ATTEMPT and TRY to continue this outer-body experiences...

This happened solely by accident, or idk. I can't explain how or why... But... I would love to give the outer-body experience another try.. and if I can get better at actually "doing it" Often... That'd be great.

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Written by   6
1 year ago
Topics: Truth,
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