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The MarBCH Challenge: BCH Saving For Month Of March

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1 month ago

Month of the heart was officially ended. We have finished another month of 2021 with a good health and blessed despite of the hard situation due to Covid-19. Another month has come! expecting new challenges or/and trials, more blessings, another life to live with together with our loved once.

March 1,2021 is another opportunity to as to make new memories, make success, make solutions for our problems and make new things and ideas and of course another month to cherish with and Bitcoin Cash.Every first day of the month is a better way for us to start our plans or your supposed to be plan for the previous month. If you can do it due to many reasons, well this is the better day to begin with.

So speaking of plan, I have now the privilege to make my own plan that was supposed to be started last month but for the important reasons, that plan was suddenly aborted. But now, the day has come and its my chance to make it possible. And yes! this beginning of the month is a great opportunity to start with.

If you are familiar about the Club1BCH, a club consists of many Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts. This clubs is built to make members that has goal of reaching 1BCH and the fact that some of them were already reached 1BCH. What a great club indeed. Salute to them!

Knowing about the club's goal makes me motivated to work hard to reach 1BCH too. But I think this is impossible for me that relying just in one field of passion as source of my little income compared to enthusiastic Bitcoincashers with multiple fields and mastery of cryptocurrency specifically in BCH.

The MarBCH Challenge: BCH Saving For Month Of March

Since Club1BCH gave me hope, motivation and determination to make impossible to possible, I have formulated alternative idea for individual and I think I should start it by myself the The MarBCH Challenge: BCH Saving For Month Of March

What is The MarBCH Challenge: BCH Saving For Month Of March?

MarBCH Challenge , is a self challenge and Bitcoin Cash saving intended for a month of March. MarBCH is a combination of a word March and BCH. That means ,you have to monitor and count all your possible BCH Earnings for the month of March.

MarBCH Table

The mechanics is quite simple.As you can see in the table above, we listed Date, Title of Your Articles and the possibility earnings. You can create your own table using WPS for mobile, MS Word Or Excel as long as you can monitor it. I started to write my first article for the month of March the Cryptocurrencies Can Be The Best Treasure To Keep For The Long Time? and got tipped for $5.45 in BCH(Thank you to Therandomrewarder for always visiting my articles. Loveyou!).

The Goal Of MarBCH Challenge

The goal is pretty simple. You have to write at least 1-2 articles a day or just focused on one. By just simple writing your articles everyday and write all your earnings that will be counted on the last day of the month. In this way, you can monitor all your earnings for 1 month that you can use to join the Club1BCH. Too Simple isnt it?. Another thing, not all our written articles can receive tip but just continue the process. Write the date, title of your article and if rusty visits you, you can write your earnings even if it is not in your target date. Maintaining to write everyday is the most crucial steps of all.

Some Additional and Optional Tools For MarBCH Challenge

In , we are allowed to make multiple wallets and can rename it with your desired names.Check the photo below.

This is good if you both using and You can merge all your earnings in this challenge but this is just optional as long as you know what your actual earnings. Our objective is to earn bch in one month. This challenge don't need minimum amount to serve as goal.


This is just my personal challenge and hopefully that it will become successful to finish my challenge for this month. This is just my alternative way to start Club1BCH from the bottom. If you can see this challenge hooks you, you have an option to join. Let's share our final earnings at the end of March. Goodluck!

#MarchBCHChallenge๐Ÿ’š #Club1BCHSoon๐Ÿ‘†

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Written by ย ย 117
1 month ago
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Goodluck dear, and fighting yaka yan. Ikaw paba ๐Ÿ™„ chorrr ahaha. More goals pa pag tapos ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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