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Relatable Cryptocurrency Moments We Commonly Experienced

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2 months ago

It is normal to us to commit mistakes everytime we encounter many things and happenings especially if that thing is new to us. Of course entering in crypto world gives us many mistakes yet funny. Since cryptocurrencies are mysterious and maybe complicated for starter, it really gives us a lot of things that makes us to question.

Every cryptocurrency beginners will be experiencing different funny or confusing moments. I know a lot of you had experienced all of these. I know some of my top listed below were experienced by many of you. I know you can relate to these.

Confused About The Cryptocurrency Itself

I remembered my first experience when I started to collect Bitcoincash. I have many questions to myself on what would I committed. I'm too confused about what cryptocurrency is. I'm so curious about it's numerical form like basically cryptoccurrency is consist of 9 numericals with point. And I'm so confused why it consists of 9 and the fiat has no point involved Haha.

The other thing is its price. This will give puzzlement to beginners. In my first encounter in Bitcoincash, I just cant believed that its 1 numerical has bigger value compared to fiat lol.

Confusion In Transferring My Fund

I know a lot of you can relate about this one. That moment when you are going to send or transfer your fund to another wallet. Then, you're checking your wallet receiver address not just one but many times before your clicking the 'send' button. Knowing that even if one letter is mistake, your fund will be forever gone. And here the cry thing I have experienced. I'm totally counting my wallet address to making it sure that it correct and proper before sending it Hahaha..

Confused About The Volatility Of The Value

Since cryptocurrencies are volatile, meaning their values are changing almost every second. So, that things really gave me problems and disappointments at first when I started to earn BitcoinCash here. I really confused my funds are changing. So I feels like there is someone who stealing my funds. And if the BitcoinCash's price pumped up, I feels like oh! there is someone who add BCH on my funds. Who did that?

Confusion In Converting My BitcoinCash

So there it is, we all know that there are time that BitcoinCash price commonly changing its value over the time. Of course BCH hodlers are monitoring its value if its goes up and down.

In my case, of course I imitated the same way knowing that you can earn profits doing it. So , I have tried it too and stick my eyes on it. I don't why ? what did I do these things. I'm just enjoying the number that changing over the time and of course cheering the numbers to go up and become disappointed when the numbers go down. After my eyes were going to be itchy, I'm resting atleast 10 minutes and check the price again. I also experienced not to sleep beacause of this whahahaha..

Been Surprised With The Other Cryptocurrency

Before I started to know cryptocurrencies, I only know Bitcoin only the fact that Bitcoin is very popular. And I'm so surprised that there many of them. I'm surprised that Bitcoin has also son/daughter the BitcoinCash. I mean, yes BitcoinCash is from the Bitcoin forking activity. So another questions came to my mind. Do cryptocurrencies giving birth? XD.

Confused About The Cryptocurrency Words

This one of the thing that gave me puzzlements because words in crypto world makes dictionaries confusions too. And these words are new to me, just like the word 'crypto' , 'cryptocurrecies', 'hodl', 'BitcoinCash'. I'm telling you, these words makes your keyboards confusions too. Instead, they're putting red lines below it. Well I can't blame you keyboard I'm confused to HAHA.

The last is, Hodling and Converting Moment

Just like what happened to me before February 14 when the BCH price pumped up. Before, I was really want to convert my BCH funds to PHP(Philippine Money) but there are a lot of questions in my mind. What if the price will increase even more after I converted it? or the price suddenly goes down? So, I converted it to PHP but God! the price reached $700 after I converted it . Haha grrrr

Final Thought

There are a lot more aside from what I listed above. Well dont be afraid of mistakes as long as we can fix it. Anyways, experienced is the best teacher for us to do the right one nextime.

How about you? what's your funny experience and moments knowing cryptocurrency? share it to our comment section💚💚

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Written by   114
2 months ago
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I remember that I already sell all my DOGE when the price of it were pump at 0.01$. I also sell my REN even the value of it still pumps. I also buy BAND and BLZ and I don't know if I will get profit or not.

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1 month ago

Very reflective article, it brings memories to me. I remember when I performed my first transaction with bitcoin went through, it was such an exciting time. Since I came across my non-custodial wallet from, it's been super convenient to make transactions.

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1 month ago