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Proof That Bitcoin Cash Is The Real Bitcoin-Explained Using This Visualizer

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1 month ago

Reading and trying to understand blogs, or compiled information about how Bitcoin(BTC) and Bitcoin Cash works gives us puzzlements and sometimes questions that really triggers our curiosities like how our transactions processed inside Bitcoin's blockchain?Is our transactions has appearances? Is our transfered funds mingling with other transactions? well that's curiosities that needs answers.

Yesterday, I have posted my article Another Strong Evidence Showing That Bitcoin Cash Is Greater Than Bitcoin(BTC)- Explained. Recently, I have found answers for us to really understand how our transactions looks like when sending or receiving Bitcoin(BTC) and Bitcoin Cash using visualizer. This visualizer tells us all the different appearances of our transactions, sizes and colors and I'm too surprised too that they have appearances accurate to what we have transactions made. You can check it here here Tx Watch Visualizer and read my article how it works.

Apart from showing what's happening in Bitcoin's Blockchain, these visualizer tells us the advantages of Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin(BTC). Using them, we can understand their differences by just only looking at it. Believe me, you will be enlightened after you reading this. Anyways this is just for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash lovers who wants to discover about the two cryptocurrencies. Our Bitcoin enthusiasts already know about it. Today, we gonna explain again the advantage of Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin(BTC) using The Txstreet.Com- Visualizer.

What Is The

According to the site itself, is a live cryptocurrency transaction visualizer featuring Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

How It Works?

When a new transaction is broadcasted to a cryptocurrency, a person appears and attempts to board a bus. If the transaction has a high enough fee, they will board the first bus and be ready to be included in the next mined block. If there are too many transactions to be included in the next block, and the transaction didn't pay a high enough fee, the person will either wait in line or board a different bus. Consecutive buses will appear when there are enough transactions to fill them.

Compare to Tx Watch Visualizer, Txstreet is more easy to understand due to the fact that they've uses other objects that represents how our transactions works. In Tx Watch, they've used bullet-like objects with different colors, sizes and interpretation based on the amount we've send. Txstreet makes it more easy to understand using chibis/person and buses that represent the blocks of the transactions.

Our Transactions Looks Like Interpreted By Txstreet Visualizer-Bitcoin Cash

That cute persons there represents the amount of transactions we've made and if you noticed, they're going to ride that Green Bus. That bus represents the block.Now if you are request has been broadcasted , your transactions appears there as a person that going to board a bus. That bus there is the vehicle of our transactions from your wallet going to other wallets( wallet to wallet for example). See them in action here.

If you noticed too there is no queues and not congested. That means, Bitcoin Cash transactions is fast and no traffic. Due to the fact that in Bitcoin Cash , is it allowed to make micro transactions that Bitcoin(BTC) can't do.

Our Transactions Looks Like Interpreted By Txstreet Visualizer-Bitcoin(BTC)

This is what Bitcoin(BTC) transactions looks like.As you've noticed, its too crowded. They have different sizes and speeds depending on what amount you have sent. That orange buses in right represents that blocks that need to be filled in order to be processed by miners. See them in action here.

Now the worst fact here is that you're transaction can't board in the bus if you don't pay higher fees. In Bitcoin(BTC), you can compete to other use by paying higher fees for faster transactions. How about the other who paid lower fees? well they can ride in other bus for them to be processed. Equality is useless here.

Now let's compare them in able for us to give another clear explanation about the advanatages of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin(BTC) to each other. Check this screenshot.

I know, seeing this photo already gave you a clearer explanation by just looking at it. This is the reason why Bitcoin Cash is the way better than Bitcoin(BTC). Not yet convinced? well I will explain it to you. Here are some simple comparison between them based on my screenshot.

These person marked by pink arrows are our transactions amount that need to board in that buses. In Bitcoin(BTC) at left , those transactions are congested and that is the reason why transaction in Bitcoin(BTC) is slow and it needs high amount and fees in able to be processed. In the right side, that's the Bitcoin Cash transactions we've made. It is so free, fast, not crowded , less queus and consistent.Next,

These buses represents the blocks. Maybe you might asked why they are not the same.? Why Bitcoin Cash's bus is longer than BTC's bus. The answer is too simple. Bitcoin Cash block size is 32mb with a capacity of 64,000 transactions per block. That's why Bitcoin Cash's bus is longer.

Bitcoin(BTC) buses are short right? its is because Bitcoin has only 1mb block size with a capacity of 2000 transactions per block only.


I think this will give you some clarifications. This is a simple way to us that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash defined Bitcoin(BTC) and thats the fact.


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Written by   119
1 month ago
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I clearly remember the plan was to increase block size to keep Bitcoin scaling. It was always about scaling as anything else makes the network congested and fees rise at levels that make Bitcoin unable to be used for anything. Now fees may drop at times, but on average they keep rising. What has been proven by Bitcoin Cash was that a currency for the internet needs to scale. The current adoption for Bitcoin is clearly only price speculation as the uses for Bitcoin as a currency have been reduced so much that soon Tesla will have to abandon the thought of adding Bitcoin as a payment method, and perhaps should consider other viable cryptocurrency solutions. Bitcoin Cash is a better alternative.

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You got it! I loved that💚

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True words

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