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I Guess, I Found the Real Purpose of BitcoinCash.

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2 months ago

This time, let's talk about how BitcoinCash be more than just a cryptocurrency but a coin for doing such a valuable things. BitcoinCash can bring possibilities that can make different nationalities, colors, languages and races become united. Not really convincing?

Have you watched BitcoinCash2022 conference? Probably the biggest event of BitcoinCash this year. An event consists of BitcoinCash enthusiasts from different nationalities , different colors, different hobies , their status in life, as well as native languages and guess what? they're united in one place, enjoying the day, they wrecked the border and focus with main goals, use BitcoinCash and make it more recognizable to the world. BitcoinCash literally ended discrimination.

What's More?

BitcoinCash2022 conference made a lot good news for the BCH community. This is due to the endless support and push of the people to make BitcoinCash achieve its main purpose. To be the Digital Cash for the people.

Huge project owners on BitcoinCash ecosystem has gathered in one unforgettable place where they can freely use BitcoinCash to buy their coffee in the morning, accomodations, wines and many more. It's just like a rehearsal on what how BitcoinCash works in the future.

What Makes it Interesting?

There are highlighted announcement in the conference that shaked people in cryptoverse. Firstly, Zapit a one of the Non-Custodial wallet for BitcoinCash launched their Unified Payment Interface(UPI) where our indians friends can spend their BitcoinCash in every merchant across india. There's no need to convert the BCH to INR currency since it directly converted to their local currency using the Zapit wallet.

Another important thing, due to the hardwork of the very popular personality in BitcoinCash Community and CEO of Wallet Mr. RogerVer, St. Kitts is possibly going to make BitcoinCash as legal tender by March 2023.

In other part of the world, even though Mr Jeomar Taganna did not make it to the #BitcoinCash2022 conference, he still making progress on how to introduce BitcoinCash in some part of the Philippines. In fact, the CEO of the Paytaca Wallet, a one of the Non-Custodial wallets for BCH is always making his moves by talking to the local businesses owners about the essence of cryptocurrency to the business, the Paytaca Wallet, and especially BitcoinCash.

In Twitter Verse, hardworking BCH Army is still making noises and continuosly pushing and dropping hard kind of facts and realizations to those who always againts the rising of BitcoinCash. Special mention to Mr.Pantera, ChaosElephant, Mr.Vlad, Bitcoinmap, Minisatoshi and many more. These are some of the people that are powerful assets for the good progress of BitcoinCash. Let's do not forget the group of individuals and developers who have made huge contributions for the community.

Another special mention for the developer of readdotcash, and ,Mr.Simon. The man who is still making new platforms to introduce BitcoinCash for the huge number of people. His works has definitely made a huge contribution to the BitcoinCash community. Let's don't forget the Man of Generosity, Mr. Marc De Mesel who also has huge contribution,no doubt for the BCH Community.

Here some more,

Something powerful is coming. A platform made by the most influential person on BitcoinCash community and Twitter space, Mr. Kimdotcom. The platform is called "Cashrain". This where users can create their own community and rain them BitcoinCash for their good doings. This is definitely another game changer BitcoinCash powered platform.

If we are going to mention every people who are supporting and pushing BitcoinCash, I can generate a 2hrs reading time kind of write ups. But atleast, they know to themselves that they lend a support for BitcoinCash and BitcoinCash success is what makes them happy.

Bottom Line

The main point is, you can probably noticed that all people I have mentioned has different nationalities, from different countries that has culture differences, they have different races and language, different talents and skills but still, BitcoinCash made them into one powerful group that helping each other. They are all united with only one goal, To Make BitcoinCash Known to the world and introduce how freedom works through BitcoinCash. ! Regardless of where you can from, We are one!

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Written by   247
2 months ago
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