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How Do I Earn and Store My Bitcoincash?: My Beginner Steps

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2 years ago
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Earning and storing Bitcoincash is a big opportunity for the future use.The fact that Bitcoincash is still climbing the top prices as of the moment. Bitcoincash is continously skyrocketing along with the other top cryptocurrencies in every markets. This is a big opportunity to earn and store Bitcoincash.So, how can you earn it? Where to earn it? How Do I store my Bitcoincash earnings?.Here are some of my techniques and ways as beginner. This can be guide to beginner like me.

These can't be happen if we don't prepare all the necessary things we are going to use for these steps. First,

1.) Earn It

Youc can't store Bitcoincash if you don't have it. Sounds crazy right?.So, the better and right thing to do is to earn it. But where? How?

Buy Some

This will be confusing part.The point here is if you don't have source yet to earn Bitcoincash, why not use your pocket money to buy some?. This will helps you to keep your money in other form of currency with great value and high potential to have high price in the future.Interesting right?

Where to Buy?

There are a lot of sources and markets online to buy Bitcoincash. Kraken, Binance ,Coinbase and are recommended to buy your first Bitcoincash. These markets accepting different mode of payments base on your comfortability.

2.) Earn It Free

There are so many ways to earn Bitcoincash for free. Bunch of websites nowadays are offering Bitcoincash as payment for your efforts.The best example are and These legit and amazing websites really helps you to earn Bitcoincash in a way of publishing good quality contents. Aside from that, Google Play Store also has legit and paying application for Bitcoincash.

3.) Work For It

If you are skilled kind of person. You can use that things to earn Bitcoincash by using it. Painting, Illustrating ,Graphic Designing or Web Developing can be better way to earn Bitcoincash. Accept Bitcoincash as payment instead of USD since Bitcoincash is well-known in every freelancing websites.

4.) Pray for it

No strong weapon is powerful than Prayer.Prayer can be the best way to help you earn more and found great sources to earn Bitcoincash. God is good all the time anyways.

So Do I Store my Bitcoincash?

I have different important applications that I need to install first before I transfer all my Bitcoincash into my E-wallet since I only using mobile phone. First we have, Wallet: What with wallet? wallet comes with different great features like allowing you to create not one but multiple wallet address for your transactions purposes.It also displayed the current Bitcoincash price for you to track every changes. What I love about this wallet is , transferring your funds from to wallet is truly instant less than a second.( Check the photos below).

My 3 different wallets
Transferring my funds from to
Ssuccessfully transfered in less than second(Check the time) Wallet: What's with this wallet?

The best and recommended E-wallet to store Bitcoincash. It has great features for every users need. Since has no BCH/Php exchange, I should transfer them to wallet to able to use my funds. complete with cryptocurrencies you can choose from.It has Bitcoin(BTC), Ripple(XRP),Ethereum(Eth), and Bitcoincash(BCH) that you can exchange with your local currencies.

It has different services you can use using your currency and cryptocurrencies. Converting, Recharging, Paying Bills, Buying Gifts Cards, Travel Tickets are few of them. also comes with strong security features such as fingerprint and pass code features.

These are all my basic process to earn and store my Bitcoincash. I'm too beginner in world of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoincash to be specific.Hoping that I can discover more on how to use my Bitcoincash wisely in the near future.

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   247
2 years ago
Topics: Bitcoincash, Tips, BCH, Advice
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I can add a great wallet to your list: Exodus. Use it for storing not only BCH, it has many other different assets here as well. But not the whole list I'm interested in, so used to use another one for unpopular coins

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2 years ago

Great. Gonna make some research about that and will be add soon. Thank you😊

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2 years ago