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How Do I Discovered Bitcoincash?

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3 months ago

Discovering this kind of currency is great gift. To know how Bitcoincash works is kind of relief that may affect and change the way you live. Some of the other users here are totally changed their lives because of Bitcoincash base on their article I’ve read. Gonna share to you how I discover Bitcoincash just browsing internet. This unexpected thing happened was totally changed my limited knowledge about the internet.

First, I’ve already known about the Bitcoin. We al know that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency. The facts that it is the King of all cryptocurrency due to its successful progress every year.The best things is I have made some research about it when I am first year college.The title of my proposal then was “Bitcoin:The rise of cryptocurrency. This proposal got approved by my instructor after succesful defense. But since Bitcoin is not yet recognized by many people, my research turns into school normal requirements only. Atleast I tried.

After that I’ve put my whole interest in Bitcoin after reading its full features and potential. Bitcoin price that time was really surprising. I can’t just imagine holding 1 decimal number worth of Bitocoin.Its price was pushed me to do more research about it and discover more. After that I have discovered that Bitcoin has other form aside from it. But this other part of Bitcoin is not too far on what Bitcoin can do. This one is from the fork of Bitcoin based on the article I have read. Ofcourse this is Bitcoincash.

Due to curiosities, Ive made another research about it, same as what I’ve do when I gathering data about Bitcoin before. My discoveries about Bitcoincash was going to be insane knowing that its logo was really looks like the Bitcoin but in clean and green color with the B currency sign of the Bitcoin. I was surprise that, it composed of 9 visible numbers too. The 8 numbers in the left was call satoshi same as the Bitcoin ofcourse Bitcoincash was from Bitcoin. It was little surprising that its price was not same as the Bitcoin’s price. But bitcoincash has great features that Bitcoin don’t have based article that I’ve read.

After reading bunch of articles about it, I started my journey on how do I earn it.I have tried to install couple of mobile apps believing that I can earn my first Bitcoincash with them. Installing and uninstalling was just things I can do due to the fact that some of them weren’t paying. Some of them are fake and pays you nothing or scam. After doing the same thing, I have found only legit app that pays me my first Bitcoincash. It paid me 0.00010000 worth of Bitcoincash just for spinning and I’m so happy about that even the price is not too high. Well,earning your first Bitcoincash is just a like winning lottery haha.

Im not contented on what I have just earned, then make another research and watch a bunch of videos in Youtube on how to earn in some legit websites.One of the video I have found was featured about His content was really satisfying and it seems like legit and paying. The there has the point system. So I’ve give it a try if I can earn more Bitcoincash from it. After joining my journey was started and I’m so glad that I have earned Bitcoincash more than what I’ve earned in app that I’ve installed before. was really helpful to me to learn more about Bitcoincash and that’s a great thing that came to my life.

After a months staying here in in my previous account, I have earned not just 0.00010000 worth of Bitcoincash but most higher than that. I’m so glad that myself push me to discover things that other people loved a lot and that is Bitcoincash. Discovering what Bitcoincash really is, it served as powerful weapon that you can use in your future journeys. Just continue searching and feed your mind with your discoveries.

How about you?how do you discovered Bitcoincash? Let me know in the comment section.

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Written by   139
3 months ago
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