Different Types Of NFT Investors/Collectors On SmartBCH

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Since its inception, SmartBCH has made significant progress. New projects that provide good services to the community are still in the works. This includes the NFT Projects, which are always the hottest and most recognizable in every chain.

Projects cannot succeed without the support of the community. It can't work with the people who give them life and support. Without them, the project will be rendered ineffective and may result in significant losses for the project's investors.

Since NFTs or None Fungible Tokens projects are currently the center of attraction in crypo-space, aside from the numerous characteristics and uses it has, let's give some attention to the foundation of 'em and that's their investors or collectors.

If you're a member or a supporter of a particular chain, you can witness and discover every new projects that are going to launch on that chain. Apart from it, you can also discover a funny and interesting things in the community. Especially the investors who are always on the lookout for upcoming projects and given that the wise investors always do.

SmartBCH is still on its young stage. Expect some investors and scammers who are going to take advantage to the new chain. There's always a opportunity in every new projects as what they say.

Since NFTs is the hottest topic these past months and SmartBCH, let's give some highlights to the foundation of smartbch and smartbchNFTs, the Investors/Collectors.

Here are..

Different Types Of NFT Investors Of SmartBCH!

The SmartWhale

The largest and wealthiest investors in a specific project. The characteristics of smartwhales or whales are identical to those of real whales. They are massive and always have a large volume of NFTs or tokens. However, they are sometimes the cause of small fish losses (retail investors).

Every telegram project contains smartwhales. Their wallets or purses are stuffed with various collections from good or potential projects. Their wallets still contains NFTs from defunct projects.

The Artistic

This investor is sometimes not giving attention to the projects use case or maybe like they don't care. They usually looking on the quality of the Arts like how the NFT arts was created. How the NFT artist applied colors or make the concept.

The Artistic is also a artist themselves.

The Usecase Only

This is could be the smart and practical investors. They are focused on the usecase of a NFT projects. They are immediately joining the project telegram group and make some interviews. They are always start with "What is the usecase?". They also love to make researches about the project.

The Collector For Life

Typically, these investors do not have the good fortune to obtain the rare types of NFTs that are minted. Because of their bad luck, they ended up minting more, but no rare or high-quality NFTs were obtained. They listed their newly minted NFT once, but no one has tried to buy it. They simply left their NFT listed indefinitely, with no plans to delist it.

As a result, they are now hesitant to mint or invest in new projects.

The Generous

This investor is among the best. They are constantly minting NFTs and giving them away. They are also an influencer in a chain, such as smartbch. They are using generosity to get the word out about specific projects.

They always include the words "Giveaways," "Airdrops," "Like and Retweet," and "Tag Friends." However, these investors are extremely generous.

The Airdroppers

Opps. I should include myself here.xD.

These collectors are always participating in the giveways of a NFT projects. Some of them are lucky well, some are not. These group of people are the best when it comes to spreading news about your projects.

The Fudder(s)

Fudders, the annoying investor in one project. They are always mocking the dev's projects and spreading bad words about it. They. But still minting/buying NFTs secretly.

The Silent(s)

These investors keep to themselves. They do not want to inquire about the usecase or the purposes. They do not consider the quality of the NFTs. They don't even see or participate in the Telegram Group at times. Worst of all, they are rarely in the telegram group. They simply mint for unknown reasons.

and lastly..


These investors usually has the insecurities and curiousities. They are sometimes influenced by their friends like "They minted, I should mint too". They are afraid of not to include in the event. They are also go with the flow!.

Bottom Line

That's all there is to it! Being a member of a community, especially a young project like smartbch, or being new to the crypto-vere can usually lead to the encounter or discovery of various types of people. Not to mention ourselves!

This will assist us in gaining knowledge and determining how to position and adjust ourselves in the new environment we have just entered. And every now and then, we learn something new about ourselves.

These discoveries and observations can help us to create things like the types of NFTs Investors listed above, which we can then share with others or keep as a great experience of being in the smartbch-verse.

So, what about you? Which type of NFT investor are you? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and we'll talk about it:).

If I forgot something, you can drop it on the comment section and I'll add it for sure.

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