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Cryptocurrencies Can Be The Best Treasure To Keep For A Long Time?

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1 month ago

I've been watching the stories about the people who are hiding and keeping some important things, memorable and special gifts been planted for a long time and waiting for the right person to discover it. Until someone found a hint (i.e map, directions) where to find that special things and been discovered knowing that treasure is kept for a long time intended for him/her. And the best part is that treasure has a high value. Some of them are jewelries, golds, special letters and many more.

There are a lot of things that we can keep for our special person and especially for our someone. This could be the best and exciting gift that we can leave for them if we die(Huhu). Anyways at least we can give them some memories.

So, of course these are too old and common. So why not use the modern ways to leave some memories for them using cryptocurrencies.? this can be very useful for our special someone to use it for the future use. If we see the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, it has all the characteristics of so called treasure.


We Can Store Them For A Long Time

Now if we can go back to the past where in the Bitcoin price is low and we have the previled to keep it for the future use, of course we are now one of the millionaire right? this can be the best modern treasure to keep for the future use. Just look at how Bitcoin's success nowadays and the fact that it still increasing year by year but don't worry. Since the success of Bitcoin, many amazing coins are followed and this is an opportunity for us to keep and collect them for the future.

Storing them is now easy unlike before when the Bitcoin has limited storage. There are a lot of wallets created for our cryptocurrecies today to stor with different features including the security features. Just make sure to use the trusted and long running companies.

Cryptocurrencies Has Special Keys For The Access

If you can see those treasure hunting movies or stories, those treasure chess can't be open without those different special keys. Some are passcodes and some are designed keys created for that treasure chess only. Of course, cryptocurrencies has it all. They are designed for specific coins in able for us to access our funds.

Just imagine if we leave our collected coins for our loved once, we can leave to them our special keys and many access including our passcodes in able to use it. Who knows when the time that they open it, the price of the coin has gold-like price and make them millionare. Amazing isn't it? and sad at the same time.

Cryptocurrency Has Capping Of Supplies

This characteristic make cryptocurrencies unusual yet rare kind if treasure. By the time that they can access all the coins we are leaved to them, they make them realize that the cryptoccurrencies we leave to them has just limited supplies. They can also realized that , that thing is special and worthy.


We can't just leave treasure for our loved once just because we are going to die. Lol . The other reason can be if leave our family to go in other country for a long Job contract or if we prepare special gift for our future son and daughters too.

The idea is pretty simple by just buying or collecting new coins to store it for a long time. Saving them for the future can be the possible reasons aside from making it as treasure. In that case, we have kept things that has potential to have high price in the future.


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Written by   119
1 month ago
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