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Bitcoin has become a buzzword that people are talking about nowadays. From its creation in 2009, it has undergone various changes, improvements and forks. One of those forks is the Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH, a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, aims to address the scalability issues and transaction fees of Bitcoin.

CM_Comics: The Bitcoin Cash Comics

One of the creative ways to spread awareness about BCH is through art, and that is where the "CM_Comics: The Bitcoin Cash Comics" in twitter come in. I'm using the art as an instrument to spread words about how good Bitcoin Cash by producing serious of episodes about Bitcoin Cash.

Here are some of the comic panels from CM_Comics on twitter and their meanings.

CM_Comics Episode 1:"Taste it to believe it".

This panel emphasizes how maxis againts on Bitcoin Cash. Some people tends to bash or hate thing without even tried it just like how BTC people throw hate to Bitcoin Cash. Come on people, "Just take a bite" first.

CM_Comics Episode 2: "BCH Defi"

My special episode for BCHBull. Currently, the Decentralized Finance on Bitcoin Cash is continously making good progress. In fact, since October 2022, there were 43,000 BCH locked using smartcontract in the Dapp. Thats approxiamately worth $5Million. Mind blowing!

BCH_Comics Episode 3: "Its Always the Chart"

A twitter Kallisti always on to the arguments with some of the BTC Maxi. He always getting rebuttal from them by showing him BCH charts despite of explaining Bitcoin Cash rational and detailed. See the orginal screenshot below:

BCH_Comics Episode #4: "Block Size Matter".

This episode is inspired from The visualizer of BTC, ETH and BCH. This panel emphasizing the difference of making transactions using BitcoinCash and BTC. This episode focuses on the Blocks works between BitcoinCash and BTC. Visit Txstreet to see the original characters and head to Btc and BCH.

Lastly, the Yes and No meme inpired panel. The best template for comparing things with Bitcoin Cash. Since today's February 14, I created a meme for it.

Dont have the idea on what to gift to your loved ones? Choose Bitcoin Cash instead. Gonna be the best gift for them.

Art has always been a powerful tool in conveying a message, and that is what CM_Comics aim to do. Through these comics, people can see the advantages of BCH, despite the criticisms of Bitcoin supporters. It illustrates how BCH can address the issues of scalability, transaction fees, and centralized finance. These comics remind us that BCH is not just a cryptocurrency but a financial system that provides fast, cheap, and secure transactions.

More episodes to come. For more BCH comics related, please do visit and follow CM_Comics on Twitter.💚

Have a BCH Memes in your mind? let's turn it into comics. Drop it in the comment section and we will do it.

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