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BUBBLE: Anime Film Review [Spoiler Alert]

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1 month ago
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2022 is already blasted with the epic comeback made by the new seasons of popular anime Attack On Titan season 4 of its final, Demon Slayer also ended with the return of its season 2. Apart from it, the childhood favourite anime series Shaman King also ended with its reboot season, One Piece with the ultimate development of its characters and many more.

This year is not just for the return of classic anime we used to watch during our childhood days but a year for the new epic animes. Let's don't forget how this new series has been created with the new art style and concepts.

Speaking of new art style and concepts, a new anime film has been born . A movie that is created from the studio that gives life and flavours to the intitial seasons of Attack On Titan series. no other than, WIT STUDIO.

WIT Studio is known for their quality animations and art style. Some of their projects are almost done perfectly. Just watch Attack On Titan and Kabaneri Iron Of The Fortress projects. Though the manga used are not originally from them, their hardwork in animating the assigned projects to them are all fairly justified.

(Note: This review will contains some spoilers. If you want to watch the film , please do avoid and leave this revie blog for your own sake xD. If you want some spoilers, you can continue to read.)

BUBBLE: Anime Anime Film Review

Source: NetflixPH

Plot Summary:

After bubbles that broke the laws of gravity rained down upon the world. Cut off from the outside world, Tokyo has become a playground for a group of young people who have lost their families.[Summary From IDMB]

Studio: WIT Studio

Author's POV:

Been watched the trailer of this film months ago and it catches my attention with only the few clips they have shown. The concept and theme is really good yet, watching the whole film is much greater before writing conclusions about it. And there we have it!


Animation is 9/10 due to the fact that it done by WIT STUDIO. The smoothness and every frame are clearly seen in every move of the characters. Since the BUBBLE film has more on parkour scene(spoiler alert), the smoothness of movements are greatly done by the Studio.

Check this trailer from Netflix YouTube Channel

Character Designs

Image Source

8/10 rating for the character designs. When it comes to choosing the characters for every role, WIT Studio has created every characters designs compatible with their every roles. The look for the Main Character (MC)Hibiki is blended with his role and behaviour of being introverted kind of person. My favourite supporting character Makoto with her Kawaii movements and sexiness.


(Skip this part if dont want spoiler)

7/10 rating for the storyline. The story is almost the same as the previous sad anime film. If you already watched the anime film Hotorubi No Mori, the story is related but in reverse.Good thing is, If you are a fan of Makoto Shinkai's films like me, you can probably feel the same when you watched the famous cameo Kimi No Nawa and Weathering with you.


10/10 I can say that the theme for their film is phenomenal!. The bubble you've known for being so sweet and soft kind of objects, in Bubble film, Bubbles are monstrous that can cause disasters. The theme used is a mixed of fantasy and disaster with a heart warming plot.

Color used are mind-blowing with their great artwork as backgrounds. All objects used are perfectly done. A good indicator that they put efforts to the film.

Just look at this breath taking background from the film.

Background Music/Effects

Background music used are blended in every scene. You can really feel every scene with their background musics. Sound effects are really good, especially the sounds effects of the boots from "Undertaker". The sounds for every landing scene in every parkour parts are also lit!. So satisfying!

Overall, the film is new and timely since characters used to do live streaming, clothes are timely, colorful and detailed arts. I'm just really not hooked with the story. We can say that, it is predicable but that's 7.5/10 for me.

If you have not yet watch the film, you should stream them now on Netflix. Bubble Anime Film.

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Bubble Film Trailer: Watch Here

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Written by   235
1 month ago
Topics: Anime, Review
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Wahhh naka save na tu sakin OMG, suggested by my Noonabelsssssss. As for that Kabaneri Iron chenes, iniignore ko lang tu before my gosh. Now meron na ulit akong papanoorin hohohoho. Salamassssuuuu sa pa review frennyyyt

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Maganda yang Kabaneri. May mga movies din iyan beshywaps. Bubbles muna unahin mo😘

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1 month ago

Mas bet ko unahin Kabaneri, dun tayo sa patayan HAHAHAHA

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Patayan malala talaga doon 🤣

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