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"BCH Will Become The Greenest Cryptocurrency!"

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2 months ago

Trees are the most important creation of God that ever made. It gives life to us through oxygen, protect us from the strong hurricane and direct heat of the sun. Just imagine the earth without trees? or the trees goes depleted. Well that's possible due to the endless illegal logging and deforestation that causes climate change. And the natural calamities like just what happened in "the lungs of the planet" Amazon Rainforest in 2019.

Despite of these problems faced by our environment, there are a lot of possible solutions that may hopefully helped our mother nature. These smart people are always finding way that can possibly create positive outcome to our planet. And yes! together with Bitcoin Cash, our favorite cryptocurrency wallet will be creating their own awesome project for our planet.

"Instead Of Fees, Plant Some Trees" will be having their future project/feature with Bitcoin Cash. This will surely brings huge impact to the Bitcoin Cash community , specially in our planet and the Bitcoin Cash itself. Just found these website of them published last month that has the amazing features of Bitcoin Cash in there. Check it here

So basically, Bitcoin Cash now is not just for faster transactions and low fees but also created another purpose for our mother nature. Now in my own perspective, this feature will surely bring positive outcome in our planet and of course in Bitcoin Cash recognition too.


This will become hit many purposes. That can create huge impacts to BitcoinCash and to Mother Earth.

BitcoinCash Will Attract More Investors

BitcoinCash is indeed one of the cryptocurrencies that gained popularities this year that climbing up the market as of the moment. In this move, BitcoinCash will surely hook more investors specially environmental organizations to try BitcoinCash also gives opportunity for BitcoinCash investors to show their cares to our planet with Bitcoin Cash.

BitcoinCash Will Give Power To People To Help

If this things happened, even us(as small earners of Bitcoin Cash) has the power to help everytime we make transactions. We don't need to be rich just to help mother nature, we don't need to join organizations to show our supports. We have now the power to help because of Bitcoin Cash.

This Will Create Domino Effects

Its totally possible that the other cryptocurrency communities will do the same. Of course the other supporters and cryptocurrency wallets will imitate this amazing idea in able for them too to create other purposes of their cryptocurrencies.

It Brings Hope To The Nature

Bitcoin Cash can create 300,000+ transactions in its network base on's article for daily basis greater than the numbers of transactions last year. Imagine that thousands of transactions gives donation for our nature? well that really plant many trees.

It Gives Support To Nonprofit Organizations

If you are familiar with, the search engine aside from google that plants trees in every search. Their gained profits are sharing it to the noneprofit organizations that focuses to help our nature.

This is one of the great idea that gives privilege to us to help in our simple doings and that much better if we doing it with our favorite cryptocurrency

These noneprofit organizations are working together for a healthy planet. The fact that some of them are using their own money, other percentage of their business profit to help our mother nature and I'm sure that is the other plan of with Bitcoin Cash.

It Gives Supports To Government Environments Organizations

Our government are doing everthing to protect our nature by creating environmental organization to fight against these illegal activities that ruins the nature.

In able to create these organizations and do their acts , it really needs money and financial supports. But using this idea, at least Bitcoin Cash as cryptocurrency can help them to prove that cryptocurrencies has the power to do imposiblle things for the nature.

BitcoinCash Brings Hope For The Next Generation

Of course the purpose of this feature is not only for the nature but also for the future generation and the next Bitcoin Cash users.


BitcoinCash will now creating another purpose. It has everything we need but added more for us. BitcoinCash is proving its versatility and capacity to do other things. These idea from the genius person will really hit different! Let's continue suporting BCH💚💚

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Written by   119
2 months ago
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