War has never been a solution, and never gonna be.

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The world has witnessed many wars throughout its history. Only 268 of the last 3400 years have passed without any war. This is only 8% of recorded world history. So you see, humankind has always fought for something since its existence, and it continues to fight today.

A picture from Pianist (It's one of my favorite movies, I recommend it.)

In the 20th century that we left behind, humanity went through two great world wars. In both of these, more civilians lost their lives than soldiers fighting at the front. Before the 20th century, most of the wars were fought in field battles where rival armies came together, and with the development of technology, it was replaced by border conflicts and civilian target bombings.

During the First World War, 22 million people lost their lives, of which 12 million were civilians. In some countries, such as Belgium, Italy and Romania, more civilians died than soldiers fighting at the front.

In World War II, the picture was much worse. With the development of cannonballs that can reach long distances and the development of aviation technology, civilian deaths began to take a completely different level. About 75 million people lost their lives in World War II, only one-third of them were soldiers.

Photo by Christian Wiediger

Has the long peace come to an end?

With the end of the second world war in 1945, the world entered a new era. In the past 76 years, no country on the European continent has fought each other (except for the Soviet Union's 10-day occupation of Hungary). Great powers such as the USA and Russia only interfered with the internal orders of smaller world economies. They did not enter into an encounter similar to the 1st and 2nd world wars.

Deaths after 1939 (start of ww1), photo by Neil Halloran

But this morning, the long peace ended with Russia declaring war on Ukraine, and I have no idea what awaits us.

My final thoughts.

If you ask me, wars are the events that have no winners and usually occur for absurd reasons, where humanity uses technology in the worst way.

It is a fact that wars without actual conflicts such as the cold war or the China-US economic war move humanity forward technologically. If it weren't for the cold war, maybe we wouldn't have stepped on the moon today or I wouldn't be sharing this article with you by connecting to the internet with the help of a satellite in space.

However, any war in which there is actual conflict cannot be beneficial to humanity. One side losing more than the other does not make the side with the least loss the winner. Why should we point guns at each other when we can live and go in peace?

Military spending by years from Ourworldindata

Why spend billions of dollars on developing weapons that will kill thousands of people when we can spend billions on improving society's well-being and solving income inequality?

I hope I was able to explain what I wanted to say. Thank you for reading my post so far.

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