Airdrop 120 million uhive tokens 

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In case you haven’t heard - Uhive Token [HVE] will be listed on a tier-1 exchange on March 31st. Until then we’re launching our FINAL airdrop with 120 million tokens up-for-grabs!

Exchange Date: March 31st, 2020

Here’s how to join this one-time

Invite a friend

The more friends you Invite .. the more Tokens you earn!

Daily Engagement

Engage, interact, and earn Tokens!


Get rewarded in Uhive Tokens for making high quality videos about Uhive!


Write an article or just share ours and Earn Tokens!

Target users: 200,000

Tokens Offered: 120 Million Tokens


Invite a friend and you’ll be rewarded! Earn 300 tokens for each invitation ( you will get 300 tokens and your friend will also get 300 tokens), fully automated and instantly credited to your internal wallet. But that’s not all – everyone who uses your code will also earn 300 tokens!


You can invite as many friends as you want using your invitation code.

False invites and fake account creation will not be rewarded or tolerated.


1. Get your code before you start inviting friends:

Download Uhive app on your device.

Sign up!

If you used your email to sign up, be sure to check your email and verify your account. Skip this step if you signed up using a phone number.

Refer to the left menu, tap on Invite friends & earn tokens.

Copy your code/link.

Now you can start inviting your friends!

2. Share your code with your friends and ask them to do the following:

Download Uhive app on their device.

Tap “Get Started” to create a Uhive account.

When they reach the next step asking for their name, tap the “I have an invitation code” option.

Enter the code and tap the Redeem button.

Complete the registration steps to create an account

If they used an email to sign up, be sure to tell them to check their email and verify the account. Skip this step if they signed up using a phone number.

How you will be rewarded:

Both users (you and your invitee) will receive 300 tokens immediately. Track your tokens by following the steps in this article:

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