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Should we judge the outward appearance and not the inward character?

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7 months ago

Should we judge the outward appearance and not the inward character?

One day someone named Luna, with long hair, quite tall and with an attractive smile, every man who sees her really falls in love with her. Luna was ordered by her mother to buy vegetables at the market for their dinner but because of her beauty many men are captivated by her but Luna doesn't care even though many call her. Luna isn't artistic, she's just really looking for a lot from the man she wants to be her boyfriend, so even though many others are flirting with her, they visit their house but she really doesn't like them because she doesn't get along with them.

Mother: Luna many men flirt with you and come here to the house but why don't you even choose even one who is rich and handsome, but why doesn't one even make your heart beat (her mother asked?

Luna: Mother, I admit that the others who are flirting with me are handsome and rich but even if no one isn't there for the person I'm dating, I'm looking for a man who I want to make him feel weird but I don't know what that is. (Luna answers)

Luna's mother: My God! You're 35 years old, you still haven't gotten a boyfriend, but if that's what you want, but make sure you choose the rich and handsome one so that your son can inherit, okay?

Luna didn't do anything but nod her mother to keep quiet, after they talked with her mother Luna went to the sea to think about when she will find the man she wants to be her boyfriend and husband for her whole family, when he thought of what his mother had said that he should be rich and handsome he swallowed because he thought what if he could find the person he was waiting for and it wasn’t what his mother wanted what was all he had to do.

After a few hours Luna got bored and wanted to talk to someone but because her friend had a walk in the other town she had no one to go to the beach with and because Luna wanted to relax she still went to the beach to freshen up, while she was sitting there she saw a man walking towards her and because they were the people there Luna was afraid that what the man might do to the woman the man was Prince, because prince was walking while taking off his clothes Luna was very confused because he thought he would be raped when the man approached her, Luna shouted "rapest help" that's what she kept shouting and because of Prince's fear of being mistaken, he hugged the woman and covered her mouth. Because Luna was still struggling, Prince lost his balance and they both fell down and unexpectedly Prince suddenly kissed the woman while sitting on the woman, because of their shock they both quickly stood up and Luna ran away from Prince without realizing it. Luna who left her cellphone as soon as she left because she was shocked and afraid of the young man.

When Luna was far away, Prince noticed that the woman's cellphone was left behind and was thinking about how to return her belongings. He didn't even know where she was or what her name was to get her cellphone back. Because he didn't want to leave it, he just brought it back to his house because if he left it too, someone else might pick it up and it won't be returned. When Luna arrived at the house, she was still confused because of what was happening on the beach and when she was about to pull the cellphone out of her pocket, she was even more nervous because instead of being afraid of the young man she saw, her cellphone was left behind. Luna said that the man she saw was the one who picked up what she had left. So she was thinking of a way how she could get it, the next morning she woke up early to go back to the island even though trembling with fear he endured, she watched that he might see again the man he saw yesterday and a few hours later he was still gone young man so he approached the scene of their meeting thinking that the man would not come, while the woman looked away while talking to herself "where is that ugly one, I hope he returns my cellphone", without knowing that the man was waiting he had been behind her, and replied to what he heard that "ouch it hurts, it's not really ugly! ohh this is your cellphone".

Because of Luna's beauty, she couldn't help but stare at her as she spoke, they sat on the beach and talked about what had happened.

Prince: Why when you first saw me Luna did you call me rapest ehh I didn't touch you ehh I just came over.

Luna: (Looks a little embarrassed) because I thought you had a plan for me you undressed.

Prince: (Laughs) what? You're serious, ehh, I undressed to take a bath in the sea, not to rape you.

Luna just bowed in the extreme embarrassment she did while prince couldn't help but stare at the girl ...

Luna: I'm sorry ahh because I don't know ehh..chaka it seems like I've noticed the viscosity of the way you look at me for a while, are you upset with me.

Prince: Nothing! Your just too beautiful and your beauty is different I can't stop myself to stare at you.

While they are talking, Luna is unaware that the young man recognizes her to find out what Prince's true identity is. He has said things about his life but he has not said everything.

A few weeks later, the young man decided to court Luna because he had wanted her for a long time since they first met, Yes! Prince wants Luna to be his girlfriend and he made a way for the girl to answer even though he was nervous and had the courage to do what he wanted. While Luna unbeknownst to her, Prince would meet that day to court her.

Prince is handsome, he not only knows how to fix himself, but even so, Luna also likes him because of his caring, kind and happy companion, so it wasn't hard for Prince to get his yes to be his girlfriend. Prince then formally visited their house and also talk to his mother he thought everything would be fine but he was wrong until ...

Luna's mother: Luna, this man is flirting with you a lot, this is really the one you chose. Many others out there don’t take out the trash like him.I don't want that man, separate first and find someone else, the rich and the handsome, maybe when you get married, you'll just crawl with hardship and you'll die of starvation.

Luna: don't be like that Mom, I love him if you love me I hope you let me where I can be very happy, I hope this time you let me choose my own decision. (While crying)

Luna's mother: because of you, my daughter is angry with me for a week, she almost doesn't eat properly, she's locked up in her room, so if I'm with you, stay away from my daughter, okay so that she doesn't suffer anymore, my daughter became like this because of you.

So Prince just went home crying while Prince was walking away he could see how much it hurt, and when he saw his daughter who was suffering he was also hurt, he couldn't stand Luna so he entered the room and talked to her daughter to say that she agrees that Prince is her boyfriend because she wants her only beautiful princess to be happy.

And he also said that tomorrow I will talk to the person you love and I will apologize to him for what I did to belittle him, and Luna replied, really Mom will you do that for me? (Smiling with great joy) and hugged the two because he made her happy again and brought back the formerly cheerful Luna.

The next day her mother immediately went to Prince's house and she asked the people there where Prince's house was and when the man she asked taught her she immediately went to the place where his house, when she got there she was shocked at the oversized Mansion he saw and there were three cars parked in their garage. She didn't believe that this was Prince's house so she asked again if that was Prince's house and everyone he asked answered yes it was his house. Her mother was swallowed up in great embarrassment. She belittled the man daughter loved because of Prince's clothes, she was hesitant if she would continue to talk to Prince but out of embarrassment, she would have gone home, when Prince saw Luna's mother he quickly ran and called luna's mother and because Prince saw that she had no choice but to do what her daughter said, even though what her mother said was painful, Prince let her in and took care of her properly while they were just entering, Luna's mother was amazed. with the beautiful size of his house, he couldn't imagine that what he underestimated was too much wealth. Prince mixed the drinks and food with the made, and it didn't take long for Luna's mother to say what her purpose was and why she was there and because of Prince's joy she cried and was very grateful because she changed her mind. And her mother also apologized and Prince forgave her immediately.

The two of them went to Luna's house while they were driving there. Luna didn't know that her boyfriend was rich, so when they got home, she was shocked a car pulled up outside their house and Luna's mother got out and Prince got out. Because he missed prince, he immediately came and hugged the person he loved so much and couldn't believe what happened that the only one he loved was rich and he wasn't really poor. Prince explained that I don't have to brag about what I have because I want people around me to accept what I am and not what I have.

After those events they lived happily and a few years later Luna and Prince got married and were blessed with a very beautiful daughter since then their family has been happy and they are living peacefully with the whole family.

So let's not judge people because of their appearance because we don't know them very well, let's not judge right away, especially when we hurt our fellow human beings.


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Truly, we shouldn't judge someone by her/his physical appearance. What matterd the mostnis their attitude.

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7 months ago