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Easier than you think!

Faucets are websites that give away cryptocurrency fractions for free, which you can accumulate day by day until you want to withdraw them to your personal wallet. When we want to earn cryptocurrencies for free, this is the best way.

Below I leave you the best faucets where you can earn cryptocurrencies totally free.


These faucets have been operating for years, and continue to pay on time, they have an excellent reputation. 100% recommended. You can claim every 5 minutes. It also includes a Rewards System that increases profits considerably.

❇️ STEP 1 ❇️

You MUST MANDATORY register to the following wallet:

➡️ Register Coinpot Wallet ⬅️

You register using your email, and placing a password.

Then you must validate the registration from your email.

❇️ STEP 2 ❇️

Enter each FAUCET page (there are seven) to log in, enter one by one using the email you registered when creating the wallet in the previous step.
Log in as follows: Put your email, click on SIGN IN and then on I'm not a robot, do the captcha, and finally click on SUBMIT.

➡️ Faucet 1: GET BITCOIN FREE ⬅️

➡️ Faucet 2: GET BITCOIN FREE ⬅️

➡️ Faucet 3: GET DASH FREE ⬅️

➡️ Faucet 4: GET LITECOIN FREE ⬅️

➡️ Faucet 5: GET DOGECOIN FREE ⬅️


➡️ Faucet 7: GET BITCOIN FREE ⬅️

NOTE: In Faucets 2 and 7 you must register using your email, and entering a password. Then you must validate the registration from your email.

❇️ STEP 3 ❇️

Start making claims, simply click on CLAIM NOW , do the captcha and you will start to EARN FREE CRYPTOCURRENCIES.

NOTE: Minimum you can claim every 5 minutes, but it is suggested that you do it every 1 hour or every 2 hours. If you have little time, claim even 3 times a day each, and thus you will earn the LOYALTY BONUS .


Starting in March 2019, new rewards were added, which you can review in the Challenges option of your wallet. 

Among the rewards are the following:


- 100 claims = 1 star = 100 tokens

- 200 claims = 2 stars = 200 tokens

- 300 claims = 3 stars = 300 tokens

- 500 claims = 4 stars = 400 tokens

- 750 claims = 5 stars = 500 tokens


- 1000 claims = 1 star = 100 tokens

- 2000 claims = 2 stars = 200 tokens

- 3,000 claims = 3 stars = 300 tokens

- 5000 claims = 4 stars = 400 tokens

- 7500 claims = 5 stars = 500 tokens

Today, 1 token = 1.25 Bitcoin satoshis (this rate fluctuates constantly)

REMEMBER: Each faucet grants a LOYALTY BONUS of 1% for each consecutive day in which you make at least one claim, until reaching 100%.



Do you want more faucets to EARN FREE CRYPTOCURRENCIES?

Here I leave you ANOTHER FAUCETS that enjoy the best prestige and that pay on time, 100% verified.


This group of faucets pays without delay, today is one of the most used. Also I will leave you as a gift the best strategy to maximize daily profits.

Sign up for each one and start earning Litecoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum and Dogecoin. If it asks for a wallet address when you register, you can leave that box blank and put it in later. They are claimed every 1 hour.

➡️ Free-Litecoin ⬅️

➡️ Free-Bcash ⬅️

➡️ Free-Ethereum ⬅️

➡️ Free-Dogecoin ⬅️

Free strategy: ➡️ See this video tutorial ⬅️


This faucet is the most veteran, the classic of all life and that still works as on its first day, paying on time. 100% reliable, it is claimed every 1 hour.

➡️ Freebitcoin ⬅️


If you want more ways to earn money or cryptocurrencies, follow my channels on the different social networks:

Telegram: https://t.me/CriptoDineroTV

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CriptoDineroTV

YouTuBe: http://youtube.com/c/CriptoDineroTV

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/criptodinerotv


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