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Educating about BCH in Catia.

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Crypto adoption in Caracas.

The job of adding merchants to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is not as easy as it looks in the photos or videos, it consists of explaining to that person that there is a type of digital cash based on one hundred percent secure, public, and immutable technology. This digital cash can be used without limitations at any time of any day, through a digital wallet that you can download for free on your phone, you just have to keep your seed word very well, which is encrypted so that in case you delete the App or lose your mobile device, with these words you can recover your Cryptocurrencies.

Banks and new options that offer points of sale to formal and informal merchants usually charge extremely high commissions for transferring their money to their accounts, due to this the first question with which they react is: How much commission do you charge?

This is when I tell you that Bitcoin Cash charges practically no commission per transaction or for changing to fiat and this is really what they like the most and attracts them to accept BCH as a payment method in their establishment and also use it to save and make their purchases daily with their friends, who have shops for different products and services.

Showing this new option to them, I am truly passionate about the fact that thanks to Cryptography and Blockchain Technology, more and more people can free themselves from the banking and fiduciary system that has controlled all of people's money for decades and decades and uses it at their invitation.

There is a very high percentage of people in the world who cannot access financial services and he heard from several crypto influencers that the idea is that they can enjoy these services through Cryptocurrencies, but I think that here in Venezuela those who most need this information and this education are the ones that have been beaten and absorbed by the traditional financial system for years.

To give real numbers to the community. From CriptoCatia we managed to add more than 20 businesses to the BCH Ecosystem, of which we have continued to provide advice and support to them, due to the few clients that pay them with BCH, they have lost importance, but are still active with their wallet, we have the experience of a link that was made with several merchants who used BCH between them from the primary producer who sold his product to the distributor who resold it to the merchant who sold it to the final consumer, this merchant paid bonuses in BCH to his employees.

Due to this experience of a side chain of merchants that was created thanks to the connections we made between merchants who could have a commercial alliance due to the need for the products and services they offer and because of the benefits of BCH, we knew that this is the real adoption. that we should promote and since that moment we have been focused on making more connections, it is important to highlight that all the work we have done is voluntary, thanks to a reward that we received from Satoshi Angels for visiting the shops we were able to print a sticker to paste and give away to merchants.

There are many advantages that Bitcoin Cash offers its users and this is what we want to convey from CriptoCatia with a plan and a specific agenda with educational content about Bitcoin Cash, Smart BCH, Read Cash and the ecosystem of businesses that already accept BCH and others that will be added very soon.

We also have on our agenda to hold a meeting to discuss these issues with merchants and people who want to learn, the meeting would be free for the public and would be the first BCH meeting in the populous parish of Catia.

With the support of the community, we will be able to carry out this agenda between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. By consolidating and promoting more information about Bitcoin Cash, we will start the new year on the right foot, and from now on we have a broader plan for the first 6 months where we will be able to take BCH Adoption to another level and we will show the Bitcoin Cash community excellent results.

By supporting our IPFS Flipstarter campaign with whatever you consider fair, you will help and motivate us to take our Adoption work to a higher level.

To see all the work in Catia adding businesses and educating people, you can see them on our social networks, in all of them you can find us as @CriptoCatia @HamphernyR

We are committed to BCH and you?

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