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We have such a collection of PFP coming out at the moment its hard to keep up but I caught up with the creators of the Wolves PFP durning the week and found out where it came from and if you don't know the creators of the project are Derek and Carly behind the GoParel project.

Hey hey

Carly Hey there!!!!

How's things

Carly Things are going wonderful!

Derek Been super busy. Things have been moving in a great steady pace this year. Has been good and I see things getting even better!

Of course and are you still doing the t-shirts as well?

Derek Sure do! We do all sorts from Tie-Dye to print on demand. In house and we use vendors on a global scale to keep shipping low and green.

Have you been selling much NFTs on t-shirts?

Derek We have sold a few recently and in the past which was super cool. It's an amazing experience to be able to give collectors merch like T-Shirts and more with an NFT to match. We have a few shops. Some offer NFTs and some just have NFTs on them. It's also been a fun experience using IP Rights lately from all these PFP collections that offer them.

So we are actually here today to talk about your PFP tell us about it?

Derek Carly you start this one. You're the star behind them.

Carly The WAX Wolves yes! They Are all unique with 252 traitsĀ  and yes 11,111 mints. We love numbers and we have been married 11 years and we also dropped it on on anniversary as well, so there's where the numbers come in to play. The drop runs through till December 31st. So everyone and anyone and grab their wolves and enjoy an amazing time we will be having and offering monthly wax wolves spaces , monthly merch and a craft token that you will be able to use to get a WAX werewolf at the end of our cycle! Which I'm currently working on now! I'm sure I may have missed a few things but this is the part where Derek comes in to fix what I have missed. lol

Why did you decide to create a PFP?

Carly Well to be honest it was something I had already been working on because I wanted to test out the generator on NFThive. I went through many different animals before I landed on wolves, and wolves just made sense. I also like that WAX Wolves is a alliteration.

Derek What she said and I really like the idea of bringing WAX Communities together that don't know one another so we're hoping the PFP project can help do that.

Why wolves?

Derek Everyone is a wolf at heart! WAX Wolves just sounded right. We all join together in packs and inspire each other to do great things. The WAX Wolves just feels right. Lets inspire each other!

Carly Wolves just made sense to me, I hadn't seen any wolf PFPs and I had already had one partially drawn so that's what I went with .

Ah so how long have you been creating the wolves?

Carly Probably around some time in May of this year.

Derek That sounds about right.

You said there is 11,111 does that work how traits is there?

Carly With the amount of traits we have it could generate a crazy amount, more than what we have available to mint.

Derek The mint numbers and time was actually a thing we did because of our marriage anniversary. Like a easter egg or something. We're weird with numbers, love numbers!

What traits is there?

Carly There is a lot to types haha but some of my favorites are the skull headwear pieces, the Tie Dye shirts and the curious green caterpillar on the wolves nose. also the headwear was one of my favorite parts to draw.

Derek My favs are the WAX & Bitcoin chains!

How many rarities is there

Derek Whoo, a lot of things here, and it all causes the rankings and more to do its thing. 86 backdrops, 33 furs, 40 shirts, 23 accessories, 23 headwear, 23 eyes, 24 mouths are the options on the PFP drop.

Oh wow that's some amounts . When did it offical launch?

Derek Website went live July 1st 2023


Carly Drop went live on July 14th on NFThive.

How many have sold so far?

Derek Almost 700 currently.

How much are they

Carly 20 $WAXP

Have you got any favorites of one of PFP of the minted?

Derek I love them all so much. But I guess I love my own (non minted) WAX Wolf I wear as my PFP the most and I'm excited to see when the drop is finally over who will wind up with the number 1 ranking!

Carly I love them all as well! WAX Wolves 00625 and 00204 really stick out to me currently.

WAX Wolves 00204 https://nfthive.io/asset/1099889869812

WAX Wolves 00625 https://nfthive.io/asset/1099890852797

Is there any collabs in there or hidden features?

Carly No everything came from my mind, I wanted it to be a challenge, so I just let my mind wander.

Derek And you all reading can let your minds wander, too.

I can tell Carly your very proud of it was the challenge worth it?

Carly Yes, absolutely, just to see all of the generative combos is worth it, knowing that I drew all of those also people seem to really like them I am happy if the community is happy !

Derek We tried to do our best by listening to what people wanted in a PFP collection and did that. Always looking for improvements and will listen as time goes on to everyone and a great place to start is the WAX Wolves Wolf Den on our website which is https://waxwolves.com

Where can we buy them?

Derek NFTHive is where the official drop is located and that link is: https://nfthive.io/drop/nfthivedrops/4538

Is there a twitter page for it?

Derek Sure is & we follow back! We want to help use our Twitter or X, to connect with the WAX Community!


Are you guys working on anything else at the moment?

Derek Yes we're currently looking at improvements and implementation of things but before we would say anything to this nature we first would need to know its a sure thing so at this time we don't have anything to share but I know Carly is doing somethings herself currently and I'm sure she'd be happy to share that.

Carly I am currently drawing up the WAX Werewolves that will be available for crafting at the end of our cycle.

How will that work?

Derek At the end of the 4-month cycle, we will have a pool full of 11 (eleven) 1-of-1 WAX Werewolves and 11 (eleven) WAX Werewolves Selfie Surprise that contain multiple mints each for each template.

The pool will have hundreds of NFTs inside and everyone's chance is as good as the next to what you'll pull.

1 craft NFT can be used to claim 1 NFT from the pool.

The first 11 NFTs will be hand-drawn with unique traits that no others have.

These NFTs will not be used by a generator but instead, hand drawn and placed in the pool. The next 11 will not be 1 of 1's but instead have mint numbers. This will allow us to fill up the pool nicely and make it fun for all.

The monthly craft airdrop NFTs will be located and come from the wax.wolves schema.

Official Dates:

  • September 1st, 2023

  • October 1st, 2023

  • November 1st, 2023

  • December 1st, 2023

All winners will be airdropped with the craft NFT.

The WAX Wolves will pass out airdrops monthly to 50 lucky winners.

50 (fifty) lucky members will receive a WAX Wolves craft NFT.

These craft NFTs will be used for crafting after the full 4-month cycle.

Phases In Order: WAX 1-of-1 Werewolves WAX Werewolves Wrap Up NFTs

Bonus Phases

WAX Wolves Surprise Pop-Up Event(s) for Special Craft.

Is there any new collabs coming up?

Derek Want to see other WAX PFP collections with IP Rights utilize our WAX Wolves with many other collections and make amazing things. I really love the idea of all the things that can be done with IP Rights and we have special sections on our website where people can share ideas, things they've done, and more. We're always doing fun things with the community when we can and I do know we have some new artists coming to some of our other projects in time. But right now WAX Wolves is top priority!

Carly Not currently, but am open to anyone that has a WAX Wolf and would like to use it in there project as a character in a comic, lore, or as some have seen it ran through A.I. and look pretty darn cool. I just want to see what others come up with as well since they have full rights.

Do you fancy giving a wolve away?

Derek We do not have any WAX Wolves. One of the things people had mentioned prior was don't buy your own drop so we made that a rule that we would NOT buy the drop so nobody can say nonsense. So unfortunately we do not have any WAX Wolves to give out and its a bummer lol. I want them! The project is literally in the hands (paws) of the WAX Community!

Before we finish up is there anything else you want to add?

Derek WAX Rules and Check out the WAX Wolves by Goparel, we're just a married couple trying to have some fun and make some noise while connecting and helping others with WAX and much more. WAX Community lets chat! Join up on our Twitter spaces and take part in the WAX Wolves Wolf Den on our website. We have many topics and discussions and all the full details of our project. I hope I covered the important stuff, for sure more, visit the WAX Wolves Den for full details. Oh and farms too will be implemented!

Carly Yes what he said!!!!!

Cheers guys for your time

Derek Thanks for having us! Always nice to catch up with you Crackers! You've always been a great friend of us and WAX so cheers right back at you!!

Carly Yes thank you so much!!

Check my link below for the twitter competition I have created


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