Those Crazy Buffaloes

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Right I have know this artist for well over 2 years now we had are first chat all about his Wax chronic bears in March 2021 and since then he has been creating but he recently launched his new project as you can guess Crazy .

Hey bro how's things

Hey, you must have messaged right after I went to sleep. Things are starting to go pretty good. Getting ready to watch the Circus I missed earlier.

You will proubly see me have a rant . Its been a while since we original covered yours first project on Wax chronic bears how's things have changed?

Whew, things have changed a lot. You know I dropped everything for awhile after AH dropped the whitelisting due to its drug related content. Since then I focused on my programming skills and AI research. Came back about 4 months ago to help with Jess's collection skullwithin1. Using my knowledge in image generation while working for After about a month and a half AH dewhitelisted that collection as well. Due to my use of AI. This hit me pretty hard because Jess worked really hard to get this whitelisted oh so long ago. Although we both loved AI. It was certainly my fault to implement into that collection. That leads me into Crazy Buffalo, I needed to do something for her and all the collectors that stuck it out. So I dug into my animation and sketching. This was to make things rock solid against AH taking any action against us yet again. Something that would not only allow us to have a whitelisted collection but also a place that could also get eyes on skullwithin1 collection that was ripped away. In both fourtwentycb and skullwithin1 times have changed. Drug related content and AI content are all over the place. Some even being fully verified. Yet throughout several communications with AH, they are still unwilling to show those 2 collections the same respect they show others. With Crazy Buffalo I said I was going to make it bulletproof to those scenarios, no drugs and no AI. Jess and I and more importantly our collectors can not nor will we face that bureaucracy again. I love the WAX community and they are the reason that I stay in this fight given all the circumstances.

So your back creating and hand drawing where did the idea for Crazy Buffalo come from?

Well the love of Buffalo's came from an early age growing up on a ranch. I somehow always felt connected to the majestic nature they had. The Crazy comes from my own tendency to get a bit crazy. Also since I'm taking some influences from well known cartoonist but making them my own crazy version. I wanted to invoke that majesty of the Buffalo but also let people know right in the name that it's not gonna be just any Buffalo's but will include some wacky versions they've never seen.

This will be a big series of them?

100% The main component will be a pfp collection. This has over 10 billion combinations and will either be released through my own site attached with the WAX api which I would hope to have completed by the end of the summer. Although with the release of NFTHives pfp creator I am leaning towards using it to make this happen sooner and use the genius of that which would also cut overhead costs at Tricky Creations. This is ongoing and a solid decision hasn't been made there. I also have several pack ideas working currently with many different designs. Including a Crazy Buffalo flower garden with many crafting possibilities and something I'm really excited about, Buff Bots. Those will be a series of Buffalo's designed as if they were cyborgs and I'm working on those designs currently. I've invested a lot into the project already which also includes a staking farm on WAXDAO for the legendary rarity holders. My plan is to use any tool that this wonderful community has made and build for many years.

Will this be exclusively on Wax as I know you were creating on Ton?

Yes, although I do have plans for more things through my AI generations planned for TON. Which is much more accepting of those things. Crazy Buffalo and all its components will be exclusively for WAX. TON is a great platform but with my residence in the US it is very highly regulated and made more difficult by the use of the crypto being banned here. With also the looming threat of VPNs being banned here. It is best for me to wait and see how that plays out.

Of course how many Crazy Buffalo have been created so far?

Our first Pack came out about a week and a half ago. There were 12 different NFTs involved in that ranging from basic to super rare inside the pack. 444 were dropped and there are still some available on NFTHive. These were also able to be crafted into 4 separated legendary rarities. Basic are either 261 mints, Commons 100 mints, Rare's are 50 mints, Super Rare's were set at 25 and the Legendries at 10. Since the pack drop all Legendries have been crafted. In the pass week I have also dropped another basic, rare, and legendary as single drops. I should mention that that 2 elite rarity one of one NFTs have been made and minted. These were made for people whom have shown so much support to the project and tailored to reflect their personality.

Do you have a of the crazy buffalos favorite?

Right now this has to be my personal favorite. It's part of the Legendary crafts that was able to be crafted out of this last pack. I named it Wham! It just encompasses my fun side pretty well. I really enjoy making people laugh and this one has seemed to do that really well.

Hmm I wont say it looks like a certain character how long are they taking to create each one?

It's definitely meant to resemble Stimpy 100% I'll say it lol. I naturally added some of my own touches to it of course but that style was obviously a very heavy influence. John Kricfalusi was a great animator and his style was king in it's day. For it to get fully completed takes about 3, 4 days. When putting together a pack it took me about 2 weeks to get everything down and set things up.

On my political side these 2 basics were really fun to make as well.

Lol will there be any collabs coming up in the future?

Nothing solid is in place but there has been communications. If I have it the way I would like Vee from Icebreakers OG, Byron creator of ZombieCats, Jozo and Mr Twofo from SkunkyChunks would be far up on my list of people to collab with. I have spoke with each but I really need to prove my own worth in the space before collaboration is something I'd feel comfortable with.

I've already done some SkunkyChunks fan art Buffalos and I really enjoy what they are doing over there. Really fun project and great guys.

How much are the packs?

They are only 6 WAX.

How is the community reacting to them?

It's been great from the people in my small community. Most are just happy that I followed through on my promise of getting them a whitelisted collection. The Legendries crafted from the packs have gotten a really good response as well. The new collection has brought in around 30 new members in our TG group and around 100 new followers to the Twitter account. It was a simple sticker pack with just some things to get us off the ground and rolling. I can say it's been accepted more than I thought with the limited marketing that was done beforehand. My hope is that with each release it only gets better and better.

And how often you hoping to release new NFTs?

Packs are planned out for at least 1 a month for the next 6 months. Random single releases are probably going to be 1 or 2 every week depending on my drawing output. Which has increased a lot. People can get a pretty good idea of what's upcoming if there in my TG. I have been posting my sketches in there everyday and those will eventually be dropped as NFTs when completed. Gives the community a chance to get a peek and be apart of the creation process as well.

Will you be working on any other stuff at the same time?

She, Jess my wife, has pretty much taken the reigns of the skullwithin1 collection to allow me to put my full focus into this. It's possible that I may do some animations for that collection here and there but for now and the foreseeable future this will be the focus. I have a segment in the skullwithin1 collection that was hand drawn and illustrated called Tricky Cats and there are plans to get that into its own collection to be whitelisted but not until I feel like I have enough material for Crazy Buffalo to under go taking that on.

Jess is still creating away as well that's brilliant . Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

The Tricky Creations TG Channel is where we hang most of the time. It's where I put all the insider info and people can also mine LEEF there.

I also post a lot on Twitter as well and we do a ton of giveaways from there too.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

I tend to go back and forth between NeftyBlocks and NFTHive. But Hive is where you will see all the packs released from Crazy Buffalo. People can check both out to be sure they don't miss out.



The skullwithin1 collection has new drops every single day and Jess exclusively uses NeftyBlocks people can find those here

We also post a weekly schedule for those in our TG every Sunday.

Sounds like you have a lot of work up your sleeve?

Brother I sure hope so. Without having to worry about AH coming in and ripping it all away from under me. I feel like I can finally go through with some of the things I've been dreaming about doing on the chain for awhile.

So we will see a lot of new stuff coming from you?

You absolutely will. I intend to have the next pack out in a couple weeks and so many ideas it's hard to slow down to get them on paper.

Before we finish is there anything you would like to add?

No we covered a lot. I would like to thank you for your ongoing dedication to the creators on WAX and beyond. You have stuck with it through many different phases and situations. I appreciate the time you've taken here with me and you are truly a valued treasure to everyone involved in the ecosystem. If I had one last thing to say. Thanks for getting crazy with me and look out for the stampedešŸ˜

Its always my pleasure and its great to see you back and with so much passion.

Thanks again Crackers. Here's to many more. Good luck with everything!

Here's hoping bro.

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