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Pixtalgia game bringing the fun

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2 weeks ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Artist, Game

Right I have know about this being created for a while and I know it has had it set backs but it has finally dropped and I got the creator in to chat about it. I can't lie I have played it while its not polished its reminds of the old school games and If you want a fun game to play this could be the one for you

hey bro

hey serrrr

How's things?

All nice crackers so damn hot!

How hot is it there?

We've had worst

Ouch I would melt lol

Ehh yes summers are hot here this year looks like everyone is dying with heat you know what's not hot?? the crypto market.. lol but to be honest I am enjoying this winter

Yea lol we are seeing green roots but I don't know!

Ah yes don't ask me I am terrible at trading ๐Ÿ˜† I'll be happy either way. But winter is good for builders

So lets get down to why we are here today.

Of course not to talk meteo! So have you got some questions or should I introduce your readers our project?

Oh by all means Il let you start?

Oh well I think I got this, it's my second time at crackers so I feel at home.

Your always welcome.

so good to have folks like you helping us small creators. its something that drives me as well alright so dear Crackers we're here to talk about my game/project Pixtalgia

Oh yes Pixtalgia the project that was whitelisted then unwhitelisted and now whiteslisted it had an interesting start as a project. The small creators are the ones that are here durning the good and the bad.

Agreed where to start so it's a 2D pixel-art game that I recently started with an italian game-maker developer, a "metroidvania", in the style of old console game classics, like Super Mario, Metroid, Castlevania, Zelda and much more, with NFT features on the Wax blockchain

We have started only a few months ago with the project, so as of now, it can be considered in-between a "tech-demo" and an "open-alpha" , or early access, I don't know what would be the most suited definition, but yes: it's a work in progress that we're constantly developing. We're 2 people (but we have more cool people from inside and outside the wax community helping us with code stuff) so it takes a lot of time, but we're constantly working on the game and updating it. We have a few new cool features coming real soon.

So, there is not THAT MUCH to do right now but you can explore the first areas and have an idea of what's come. Anyway a cool feature that is someway already in-play and will come soon is the NFT prize pool. We're not really focused on the earning part, we're trying to make a real game first, but players will be able to earn NFTs from other collections playing Pixtalgia and completing quests, exploring etc . 10% from all Pixtalgia sales goes to a wallet that buys NFT drops and swipes floors to create the pool. That's a cool way to reward players and support the waxfam!

What made you come up with idea for the game?

Well I have always been a gamer since the times of the NES and the Amiga and that culture is part of what I am we can say. I really think Wax needs more games that are not clickers or can survive when their economy/hipe fails. This is probably super-niche, but at least, I think it's different enough.. Most than all, I always wanted to make a videogame! Not being great at drawing, lo-res pixel art is good for me. I started with it when I started the project, so I am a real noob but I can still manage to create something :) I am thinking of hiring a real pixel artist at some point if the game does really well though.

What is the aim of the player playing the game?

Exploration will be the main focus in the short term, but we plan to create a fighting mechanism as well and create some entertaining boss fights. At first, the game will be single player, but you will be able to influence other player's future gameplays. By exploring and completing quests, you will be able to earn NFTs. We'll also implement more features as time goes by, like multiplayer and play-as-monster at some point, and so there will also be some social aspects in the game.

The Wax community is also a main focus, a lot of creators are featured in the game and you will be able to learn about their collections. There is not a well defined story, because I wanted this game to be light-hearted, and to incorporate lore from other artists creations. In pixtalgia you can have medieval knights, aliens, and animals in the same neighborhood! Although there is not a strict lore, there is still a main villain lurking over pixtalgia..

Oh who will be the villain?

Hehe it's someone who's particularly mad at me for an error while minting Season Zero Avatars

let's just say he's going to give some troubles to the players..

Recently we launched Season Zero avatars. It's the first series of in-game NFTs, composed of 80 Characters and 20 Equipment/Weapons NFTs

This is kind of a test series, but the NFTs will always be playable in this game and also in future games of Pixtalgia universe (we plan to start working on more games at some points - even different genres, but every NFT will still be playable in some way across different games - cool huh?). Hopefully, they will become some kind of highly-sought collector items heh? ๐Ÿ˜

But again, I'd like to remind to everyone that as of now, the game is very early stage and if you play it now, of course will feel a little incomplete. Creating a cool blockchain game takes time, but you will notice updates, improvement and more content from time to time. We're working on the project full time ^^

Are they 1 of 1 NFTs?

No, they come in different rarities. The Ultra Rares are usually 1/1 or very limited. In Season Zero there are a few 1/1. Maybe a few will go on sale, but most of them have been gifted to the depicted subjects ๐Ÿ˜†

Or like Crackers, he's a 1/1 Ultra Rare but there's also a Very Rare version in a different colour that comes in a mint of 10. I assumed many players would want a piece of Cracker ๐Ÿ˜†

Lol as you said season zero is a test series how has it be working out?

Kind of a test, its still intended to work good, and as of now, it is! They're still 100% Pixtalgia playable characters. Only, next series of characters cards will probably be a little more detailed and with more attributes that we might need, since we're still working on game mechanics. So I thought a Season Zero would be a good idea!

Also, id like to add that as of now an adventurer NFT is required to play the game, even if at some point we'll also add walletless mode and it will be free to play.

The low rarity adventurers are very cheap, at a price of 0,33$, but if anyone can't afford it, they can hop in our discord ( for a free adventurer. We have a few freebies for players that will be active, and maybe share their feedback/ideas/suggestion or report bugs and issues :)

Has there been many bugs found?

I don't think any have been found in the new update yet, but of course yes, that's always going to be a thing, we had a few bugs in previous builds that we quickly fixed.

Are there rewards for reporting bugs?

oh haven't thought about that, but its a neat idea!

So how much game play is available at the moment?

Compared to what it's gonna be, very little yet. the first cities (which still need to be filled with content) and the beginning of the first dungeons. not much yet. just enough to see what it's going to come we're an indie, passion project from a small team! You will need some patience with us lol But we've already had a lot of support and appreciation and it feels so good.

Are you selling space artist to but up promo work?

Yes we might plan to sell that in the future. Might sell houses/buildings in-game space or simply ads to creators; or different kind of collabs, like themed quests..for now, we've been offering that for free, we'll see in the future, taking commission/requests for the game might become a paid feature if many people want that.

Will you be designing 1 of 1s for people?

Ah yeah I did that already in season 0 if anyone wants their character in pixtalgia, just hit me up! ๐Ÿ˜

How do you come up with ideas for the characters?

ohh good question well creating characters is something I really like a lot and I didn't went too wild on season zero yet inspiration came from retrogames and the wax community in season zero, mainly, plus some that I just made up, it comes easy

So what's likely to change with the characters going forward?

I just started with pixel art so as I get better I hope to create more detailed characters and give them more personality/uniqueness, while keeping a simple 8/16 bit pixel art style

So in alpha testing what do players have to do?

Not much until next update when we will add some basic questions today they can take a look around, explore a little, fight some monsters but basically we created the engine and blockchain login real level design comes soon.

What weapons can the fight the monsters with?

We have sword & bow for now but many more are coming you will have the most classic weapons and some crazier stuff

Oh what kind crazier stuff do tell?

Oh well we have a spatula I was thinking about a cat-throwing cannon but I don't know that might get the whole internet mad at me lol

Lol you have to make that . What weapons are live at the mo?

right now live sword and bow, the classics you know got a few more coming in season zero.

The glaive will have some interesting mechanics that will help in physics puzzles as well.

How long will season zero last?

Didn't thought about that lol ๐Ÿคฃ but I want to release season one when the game is ready, stable and filled with content

Do you have time scale?

We're flexible..we just build and progress whenever we have time I've tried writing down a classic roadmap but you know we're building mainly for ourselves we don't have investors or companies waiting, it's mainly a passion project we have some features in mind, we have an ideal roadmap of features but we're no professionals, we know what we're going to add but not really estimates on the time I'd say in 3-4 months the game will feel like a real game that you'd wanna play on your snes and have fun with it.

Will you be creating your own coin for the game?

Don't rule it out completely but I don't think so, not at first the earn part is not my focus you can earn playing pixtalgia, but its not a play to earn, we won't guarantee ROIs or big payments, idk, might change but I doubt it not sure if a token would fit Pixtalgia, currently not planning it but who knows, we have a pretty flexible mentality about the project's future, but our main goal will remain creating a game first, with NFT features but creating a real game is priority

So all characters and weapons will be available to buy on wax?

Yes sir

of course you have for everything on here

When you hoping to drop new NFTs for the game?

Hey hey we just dropped our first series of 100 NFTs so I guess its going to be enough for a while...jokes aside there's of course new stuff coming but I don't know about the timing yet ๐Ÿค”Did you like your crackers?

Of course I love him.

I have 2 giveaway to the readers if you want .

Thank you bro . Before we finish up is there anything more we should cover or you would like to add?

Yes, I hope all your readers will want to try Pixtalgia and give us their feedback and maybe be engaged in our community enjoying the ride with us, from the project bones to a full fleshed game. Please remember that the game is in a very early state! But hope you will follow along. We also have a TG channel ( where we'll be happy to share a few free adventurers with players that want to try our game.

Of course so to access the game is a simple as click on and if you want to win an epic hero crackers chat the link belowย

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Written by ย ย 631
2 weeks ago
Topics: NFTs, WAX, Artist, Game
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The game seems pretty interesting. Might try that as well. It's nice meeting you. Stay safe and see you around.

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There is 5 for sale but i have two to giveaway

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PVM wins stuff! PVM free elf!

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Thank you

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