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News update on PIXTALGIA

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2 weeks ago
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Right if you haven't come across this WAX game where you been this a brilliant side pixel scrolling game NFT that has numerous NFT characters you can play as and different rarities you even play with me as your character he has so much more planned if you like to read are first chat nearly 6 months click below .

And even since then the game has come on loads the team and are working on a fun pack of new characters but more on than a later date . Lets here whats on the cards at the moment.

Hey bro

Hey heyy

How we doing today?

All good crackie just got up and having my coffee cup and how are you?

I am up a while sadly what's the plans for today?

Just dropped the Pyro Custom NPC later today Cosmic Alien will be streaming Pixtalgia and playing Bobble League with some cool prizes and keep working on the game project, today I will be building a boss stage inspired by Megaman levels and this is the boss baddie probably going to be something for the most hardcore players

Congrats on the launch so how does the Pyro Custom NPC work?

Like all Custom NPCs you buy the Token and contact me to design a character inspired by your idea of course I am a noob pixel artist, and Pixtalgia style is super simple, so it's nothing crazy on the art side, but I guess it still is fun. So I try to design something that the buyers will like, showing them the initial sketches and listen to feedback until we reach something they are happy with when it's done, first we drop an NFT vignette, they get mint 1-5 for free, and a 30% share of the sales drop .

Then the NPC is brought into Pixtalgia game, for players to meet/talk we will choose the dialogues together, and they can also have an in-game quest (collecting items to bring to the NPC in most cases) and if the buyer wish, if they have a collection maybe, they can gift us some NFTs to pixtalgiawax wallet (or we try to buy some, too). Those NFTs will be a reward for completing the NPC quests (but its not mandatory, the NPC can also give random NFTs from our wallet) so I think its a fun way to showcase an artist collection or just to have something of yours incorporated in the game for us its good as it helps financing development, but we also get great ideas and cool characters for our world

Oh wow that is some amount of work to be done . How much does that cost at the moment?

Currently 222 Wax, we increase the price a little everytime one gets sold.

Is there a max mint?

Nope, they are unlimited. Not really meant to be a collectible item, you burn them when we're done with the NPC creation.

So you cant resell it?

You could if you want, not really what it's meant for, but if you buy it and then decide you don't want to create the character anymore, or for whatever reason you need the Wax, yes you can always resell not really the point of it but yeah buyers are free to do it should they want I might even make them non-transferable I guess but I don't know, if people should decide to go for them only for flipping, I guess that would help anyway hehe. Then we are working for a bigger special release , a pack probably, around march, because we will have some big news by then, new characters, weapons, better fighting system, space game and pets.

Will there be a coin to create your own character?

Yes I think so, that's going to be planned, a custom adventurer can be a thing, so far we just made them for free to our friends I think a custom Adventurer is cool, but they don't allow as much diversity as the NPCs, we will see though, something can always be done! We have something different like the Broken Doll, the Chicken Adventurer and something new coming soon too

Like the Toad Adventurer 🐸 inspired by Toad Shaman

Will the NPC characters be able to set quests?

Yep 100%! with NFT rewards when you complete them often themed to the Questgiver. Like with Aquascape's quest you earn NFTs from his collection and so on but again its not mandatory for them to provide NFTs, only should they want

What else do you have lined up?

  • Well we are going mainly for a stable / bug-free / more polished experience so we are trying to work still on the engine / skeleton of the game .

  • Make it safe on the blockchain side and then,

  • More content bigger game map, more NPCs - monsters - weapons mini games inside the game and make the world feel more alive, with more NPCs, funny stuff going on (like the famous anticipated Pizza Police & the Pineapple War quest) more stages, like the one you had in Megaman so many more stuff to do, since right now, you can only explore around a bit and complete a couple quest so definitely more quests & stages and the most important thing,

  • Multiplayer . It will be a persistent online world, so you can choose how you wanna experience Pixtalgia you can simply avoid every enemy and danger by moving from city to city and just explore the Creator's Buildings / Expositions, NPC Houses, meet other experience like a metaverse, like Dygycon we can say you could have fun with that and explore around, if you're not really interested in the action part or you can play the easier overworld levels.

  • If you feel you're pro enough and want the hard NES-style levels, with cool exclusive rewards, that's going to be a thing too

This is a preview of the space shooter minigame that's coming soon you will be able to play it inside Pixtalgia and buy different Spaceships to customize the gameplay

My god so much happening that some list you will have your hands full but I have to ask about the spaceships will they customable?

Yes totally different stats and probably upgradable with weapons and such, we're still designing the details but that's the idea

Oh nice and where in the game will this be accessed from?

At first it will be in the form of a quest from the Spacewolf (which is the Custom NPC created by Louie from PixilMini) but probably later on will be accessible more easily, maybe even straight from the lobby we will see where development takes us.

When would you like this to go live?

The spaceship mission is almost ready, we are now testing/debugging so its going live soon, but more like in a demo stage, it will still need a lot of more work level building, adding more enemies and integrating the spaceships will take some more time

Will you need any NFTs to play that mission?

Nope not when its dropped, just the adventurer for now might need a spaceship NFT to play the spaceshooter later on.

That's sounds amazing . How many daily players do you have at the moment?

We had a nice spike of 47 new players in the last 30 days and a total of 538 registered wallets. Daily players is not very high usually around 2-3 people play Pixtalgia daily but that's very well expected since in this current state the replayability is very low - we have been focusing more on the engine and less on the content, that will come a lot more very soon, as we are building a system that makes quest creation a lot easier so right now - not much to do beside exploring the 1st world and completing the first questline, but as soon as we'll be ready content will flow and I am sure players will be addicted!!

Is there only 1 questline available at the moment

It's 3 different quests to be done in row and you actually earn NFTs already, but it's really in a test stage, we send in manual at this point. Basically, instead of building quests, we build a system that allows us to create the quests from database, so it will take us a minute to set up new quests

Oh wow are you looking for ideas for quests?

Usually the players customs are great inspiration like the last one, Pyroshaman from Funman he is a fire shaman and will need charcoal and more items to create a potion or Kylin's upcoming Charlie the Squirrel, he will ask for nuts so easy to draw ideas from the Creators its usually themed around their collections/creations.

And here's your favorite quest will we ever see the game on moible lol

Hahaha yes everyone wants that and eventually it will be coming its not very easy and we're looking for the easiest way to do it, but we are on it we are considering the downloadable app way, but there's also iOS and Android, so we probably stick with browser so yes you definitely will see the game on mobile, not sure about wen.

That's allowed is there anything else you want to cover

Hmmm I don't know I think we covered quite a bit, I am sure that Pixtalgia will be huge, best thing is to stay updated on Twitter and our Discord/Telegram (or following Crackers!!) as we have really a lot of news and stuff coming and we never stop building the game and adding new stuff





The game

Thank you bro for your time.

Thank you for your support crackers you're amazing and you don't even realize how much you helped us


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Written by   651
2 weeks ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, Game, WAX
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