Meet two of the team from ACKConsortium

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I recently got two speak to two of the team that are bringing a new kind of marketplace to the WAX blockchain not only that they have a PFP and a NFT art collection based on really life paintings that they have created

THE MARTIAN Hey here is @Xpro Chris he works with us on the digital design area he's the one working on our PFP design

Xpro Chris Hey Crackers


How we doing?

THE MARTIAN Doing great

Xpro Chris Great as always

You guys involved in crypto long?

THE MARTIAN I've been in crypto for the past 4 years,, but more heavily in the past 2

Xpro Chris I've not been long in crypto, but just joined this year 2023 but I have been following crypto since 2021

How did you come across WAX blockchain?

THE MARTIAN In my case I was part of the shiba hype back in octuber 2021, and when my 500 dollars investment turned into 5k dollars I exited and a friend who invested with me told me about NFTs and wax I fell in love and I've been on wax since then

Xpro Chris Knowing about the NFT space from different YouTube channels and posts on Facebook , looking at all the information i could, gave me a easy understanding of wax blockchain as it's very simple to understand and it's not complicated to operate , wax even has no gas fees and didn't require a huge budget to jump in, that made me enter the NFT space and wax gave me the fun and enjoyment and now I am in love with it .

Why did decide to create your project?

THE MARTIAN As I delved into WAXP projects, I discovered Colonize Mars and became fully engrossed in them. The main reason behind my deep involvement was their ability to enable players to establish communities within their ecosystem. Recognizing the need for a tool that facilitates trading of Colonize Mars resources and NFTs without fees or the necessity to trust unfamiliar individuals with backed tokens, a group of us decided to take the initiative. Within our community, we are fortunate to have extraordinary individuals, including blockchain developers, designers, and enthusiastic participants who value being part of a project tailored to their interests. Over time, the project has undergone significant development, and we are now at the phase where we are about to launch an entire ecosystem that will benefit numerous WAX projects and artist seeking participation and yes no gas fees

So tell us about your project?

THE MARTIAN Well, first let me show you our illustration of the ecosystem

Of course

THE MARTIAN is the DEX P2P T2E we are building

Now we support 2 projects , colonize mars, NBM battle miners traders are able to place public trades for tokens or NFTs for example I have X NFT of colonize mars but I wish to trade it for Y NFT,, I place my order,, if buyer has the desired NFT buyer can accept the trade and pay 1 wax as fee,, as a reward the system mints .1 ACK for both buyer and seller and 0.1ACK for NFTfarm . From that 1 wax fee 50% goes into LOTTO pool where participants can purchase 1 entry with .5ACK for a chance to win up to 50% of accumulated there

So its like a swap trade marketplace as such?

THE MARTIAN That's one part now that will slowly increase as trade activity increases and we add more supported projects now 2nd stream of income and IRL artists platform:

Marstradergo will release collections of IRL NFTs starting with my own

Caribbean Landscapes

  • 167 packs of 3 per painting with a hidden 1:1 that can be claimable for IRL

  • The 500 NFTs left can be staked to earn ACK

  • 40% of the revenue collected at \drop sale goes into lotto pool

  • While 60% goes into development

  • Participant artist will earn the secondary fees of their entire collection being released forever plus 10% of the sale

  • ACK spent on LOTTO 50% gets burned

  • 50% goes back to FARM

Let me get this right you will have a marketplace where you can trade NFTs for other NFTs but also buy your NFTs as well will it just be your NFTs or can any artist list on it

THE MARTIAN We will host other artist and work drops with them , promote them, give them a way of income but the criteria for the requirements to participate are not in place yet

Ah so your going to be a stop shop . What will the marketplace be called?

THE MARTIAN the bazaar of Mars ™️

Nice name . So guessing the first project that will launch on is Caribbean landscapes?

THE MARTIAN The art part yes but we have 2 mayor projects you can trade already Colonize Mars, NFT battle miner the art part will be ran outside Marstrader but at the same time you will be able to trade Marstradergo tokens and NFTs inside Marstrader

Tell us the idea behind Caribbean Landscapes what will NFTs entail and why Caribbean landscapes?

THE MARTIAN Well, I am born and raised in the Dominican Republic and grew up in the literal middle of the Caribbean. You can tell royal poincianas are very influential on my art.

So these are all painted by you?


THE MARTIAN Yes Sir let me show you the entire Caribbean Landscapes collection they all have names that inspired me from what I feel when I look at them like suave briza which means soft breeze

Which is the blue sea one

Can I ask how long you been painting?

THE MARTIAN Its a lifelong habit well painting with paint , since I was like 13 but I repeated 6th grade because all my notebooks where filled with transformers drawings and other cartoons lol not so proud lol

Is Caribbean landscapes is your launch into NFTs is there more lined up?

THE MARTIAN There will be more I'm a black and white enthusiast lets see what the future brings I want to work with another artist for next collection tho

Have you reached out to any artists?

THE MARTIAN Not yet ,, I'm working on building them the platform first, i need to prove that this thing can be a successful ecosystem that is fueled by artists and driven by traders . We also have a weekly live show where we play marble races and have fun together on twitch

What day you stream on?


Do you have guests on?

THE MARTIAN Yes that's one of our good friends @icantspell and brother of one of my developers but the plan is to bring up artists thos who want to be part of this

Do you promote your NFTs on there

THE MARTIAN Yes and the projects that we support and plan to support like NOVOpangea and Bluedragon and others

When does your project go live?

THE MARTIAN It is live now ,, and we have a drop of the sketch of our first IRL that will be released the 17th of July only 12 left will be able to buy 24h before public also a free promo nft

only 4 :500 left

This is our first IRL Tierra de mi Corazon 1:7 originals

How much will the NFTs be?

THE MARTIAN 100 Wax per pack of 3 , 1 1:1 IRL claimable , we cover up to $100 for shipping after that the 2:7 originals

Oh wow how many IRL available?

7 1 per drop 7 drops 1 every 2 weeks fuel the ecosystem the ball start rolling. We have plans for a PFP unique collection for when the art collection drop finishes . This is just a spoiler , not final edit

What out of the 7 is your favorite?

THE MARTIAN The very first one Tierra de mi corazon Chris is the digital designer working on those

Ah so you let me say you have a Martian PFP coming

Yes sir ACKaliens this is just a spoiler

When will you hope for them to go live?

THE MARTIAN After the art collection is all over around 2 months we need to be sure everything is 100%

Of course so what can tell me so far?

THE MARTIAN well @Xpro Chris tell them this is his designs work there will be 7777 supply this will be the most utility ever on a PFP because we will integrate them into our ecosystem price not set yet but we thinking a range of 40 to 60 wax per mint

Tell us all about ACKaliens?

Xpro Chris ACK aliens is a PFP project currently I am working on , looking into the world of PFP ACK aliens are totally different from all ,If you're a fan of science fiction or fantasy genres, an alien PFP can serve as a nod to your favorite books, movies, or TV shows. It can act as a symbol of your love for imaginative worlds and your connection to the broader science fiction community.

I am guessing it will have different levels of rarities?

THE MARTIAN 200 traits if I'm guessing right with different levels of rarities

Xpro Chris Yes your right there will be 200 traits with different levels of Rarities', They going to be different outfits e.g. :- tuxedo , alien with a degree, a music lover , t-shirt and many more .

Can you say any special's that will feature?

THE MARTIAN Remember ACK stands for Alien Consortium of Knowledge so the alien with a cap and gown will be rare and some other secrets that we cant reveal here

Xpro Chris Right currently I believe everyone is always curious to know how a alien looks many movies and pictures tell how they look even our PFP tell that but the specialist on our PFP shows what if aliens were living on earth wearing the same clothes we do in our daily lifestyle, listening to music, have a puff of cigarette, as many of us thinks that aliens would conquer the world if it was here on earth but always thinking of a negative part is not good so yes our PFP give you a view if aliens were here on earth definitely they would like to live a lifestyle like us

I am guessing your profile pic is your favorite?

THE MARTIAN It was made custom by our great designer so is my favorite yes

Chris what's yours ?

Xpro Chris Currently my profile is my fav

Can you tell us the rarities levels?

Xpro Chris It's going to be mint people need to mint it as it's not custom made like our profile. Currently we are still working with the design so need to stay turned

Where will they be for sale?

THE MARTIAN They will be dropped at nfthive and the rarities for the traits are not decided yet the PFP part of our project is on very early stages we are focused now on the art drop

What programs are you guys using to make your NFTs?

Xpro Chris I prefer not to reveal the methods we use

Who would you guys love to collab with in the future?

THE MARTIAN Our next project implementation will be NOVO pangea we are open for collaborations you can find us on twitter

we just earned our 4th AH badge today

Also for thos who want to check out our white paper

Do you guys have a favorite art project on WAX?

THE MARTIAN Mine is Rareruggapes

I love the creator a good friend on here

THE MARTIAN Bro his a genius I ordered 2 custom made NFTs from him. Well I have to go now thank you so much for this amazing opportunity looking forward to your future interviews

Anytime .

Check there social links below

I might get in trouble for this but here is a sneak pic of some of the colors coming

And here is my custom I made for me its savage well worth keeping an eye out for there PFP

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