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Meet the team behind Waxel NFT

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Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist

So let me start by saying this is not a just a WAX collection the plans for this is so much bigger with them hoping to launch a game called Waxel World . I got to speak to the three man team about there pixel ninja project which has a great community in there discord where buyers show off there ninjas .

How you guys doing today ?

Ryu Great, working hard every day to get the Waxel World out this year

Frittchen Great and you?

Cant complain . How did you guys become aware of NFTs ?

Ryu Because of me .

CoinCobra Ryu brought me into NFTs. He once dropped a spacebudz link and we got addicted . I didn't even know what this was about but I bought some .

Ryu I'm in the crypto space as an investor since 2017 and at around mid 2020 I slowly got into NFTs .

CoinCobra Iirc

Lirc ?

CoinCobra That was supposed to mean iirc . Meaning if I remember correctly .

Frittchen I'm CoinCobra's girlfriend so he told me about it ,

Oh I see so I am guessing Ryu is a friend of CoinCobras ?

CoinCobra Yeah but we know each other all from another discord .

So how did this project all start ?

Frittchen Ryu started it and was looking for team members, so CoinCobra joined and a couple of weeks later I joined as well we come from different professional areas and that worked out very well .

What is idea behind the project ?

Frittchen We started with our Waxel Ninja Avatars (250 pieces in total) in July to build up our community and to see how our idea of Ninja in a pixel art style would be liked be the NFT community. The Waxel Ninja Avatar holders have special benefits and within a few hours they were all sold out. After that we focused on our Waxel Ninja Collectible but with the future vision of creating WaxelWorld (which we are working on right now) . The Waxel Ninjas collectible is one of the first generative collectibles with different animations for rarities ever on the blockchain. It consists of 10,000 unique NFTs that are generated through a programmatic approach out of over 234 million different combinations. Each Waxel Ninja will be generated out of a set of 75 traits which are split into 10 different categories, more info is on right now we are working hard on waxel world to create a game and we just came up with the game concept .

All new info can be found here, since we updated it today

Oh wow so it was a good day to contact you guys so . Will the game PvE or PvP?

Frittchen In the beginning It will be a play to earn game where you can earn new NFTs .

When was the first NFT dropped ? Can you drop us a pic of it ?

Frittchen The first drop was on June 26th of 2021 when we dropped our Waxel Ninjas Avatar collection

How the community react ?

Frittchen It was mind-blowing since we were still a small community at the time and within a few hours the whole collection was sold out!

What has been your favourite to design and why ?

Frittchen Even though we have 10,000 unique NFTs that are generated through a programmatic approach out of over 234 million different combinations I have to say that my favourite little Waxel Ninjas are those with the Kitsune Mask! I really love the cute design of the mask.

Has there been any collabs ?

Frittchen Yes we had several collaborations since we started and they were so much fun!

  • 1. Waxel Ninjas x Paulie the Penguin

  • 2. Waxel Ninjas x The Clowns

  • 3. Waxel Ninjas x Token Girls

In addition to the collaborations we created the Waxel Friends .

  • 1. CryptoStache Waxel Ninja

  • 2. Kenn Bosak Waxel Ninja

  • 3. Joel Comm Waxel Ninja

  • 4. Travis Wright Waxel Ninja

  • 5. Senor Lupe Waxel Ninja

  • 6. Paulie the Penguin Waxel Ninja

  • 7. Neon Space Waxel Ninja

Who would be your dream collab ?

Frittchen Since the NFT Community holds so many talented artists it's really hard to say! We have some projects on the Wax Blockchain with which we would love to have a collab and we reached out to them to ask if they are interested – with a little patience you will see some of our dream collabs coming true in the future .

What has been the most exciting part of creating your project ?

Frittchen The most exciting part of this project is to see how our idea built up into a community which grows on a daily basis. We have such an amazing community and seeing that we inspire people with our ideas and get them all hyped up for our Pixel Art is just a great feeling!

What has been the hardest part ?

Frittchen Honestly and I'm pretty sure that I can say this for the whole team – this project is the most fun „work“ everyone of us did! Sure there are nights with less sleep or even some frustration when things don't work out like wished for – but overall just the interaction with our community and the feedback which we receive on a daily basis is mind blowing and we have so much fun!

Are you a collector of NFTs yourselves what's the biggest collection you ?

Frittchen Since I only got introduced to the NFT Place a couple of months ago I did not start collecting yet! Ryu and CoinCobra are both collectors – Ryu's biggest collection are all 4 keys of the The Metakey project, Coin Cobras biggest collection is a SpaceBud.

Is this a full time job?

Frittchen CoinCobra has still a part-time job Ryu is working full time on Waxel I still run some smaller projects but Waxel is more or less a full time Job for me as well .

What you like to do to unwind ?

Frittchen Ryu's hobby to relax is baking! You should see what delicious treats he creates! Coin Cobra is a gamer and I love to cook to unwind.

Tell us something random about you?

Ryu I had a pretty long, dyed red mohawk during my final two years of school – my mum was not very amused!

Coin Cobra I'm addicted to Pastéis de Nata (which is a Portuguese dessert).

Frittchen I studied in San Diego California and I would love to move back.

Where do you keep the community updated about your project ?

All our news and announcements can be found on as well as on Discord: and


Where can we buy your NFTs?

You can buy our Waxel Ninja Nfts here:

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

What do you think about a giveaway of 1 Waxel Ninja Collectible Pack where your followers have to follow us .

To enter click the link

When is the next drop?

The next „drop“ will be the release of our play to earn game called „Waxel World“ which will hopefully be released this year.

Is there anything you would like to add before we finish?

First of all we want to thank you for the opportunity of this interview! We would like to invite you and your followers to check out our Waxel Ninjas since our biggest „drop“ will be the game which we want to launch hopefully this year! Waxel World will be a play to earn game with professions, raw and refined materials as well as easy and more complex items and so much more! Our pixel art game on the wax blockchain will be so much fun to play and earn! Join our community if you want to stay up to date.

Big thank you to the guys for chatting to me I have followed there project and are very helpful in there discord this looks like it could be a great game with a great team behind it . Dont forget to enter the competition

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Written by   465
1 week ago (Last updated: 6 days ago)
Topics: NFT, WAX, Artist
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cqyxo.wam thanks in advance🥰

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This was a very informative convo and yet so funny. Hahaha. That intro though.

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I like the idea of a game :)

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Craig buddy... still waiting... calendar details

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It on the list

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