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Meet the team behind CryptoZoo

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1 month ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX

I have been chasing this interview for a while and because of time differences its been hard to set a time while we finally got to chat and herebis what they had to say . Plus if you visited Wax a palooza you would of seen there stand .



How's things ?

Doing good man, glad our schedules finally matched up!

I know it can be hard to match up with artists some times . Do much today with the project ?

Today we are finalizing the blends for our first pack release. We still have a fair amount of work because rendering each blend takes forever .:

Ah when you hoping to drop it ?

2-3 weeks we are estimating

Ah so giving yourselves plenty of time to get ready . So did the project all come about ?

So the idea was brewing for awhile, Alec and I started talking about back in March. He was doing well releasing his own work on SIGNart. So we actually originally dropped Jack there. But around the same time I was getting into WAX because of TOPPS announcing the MLB release. After that I found Ultra Horrors and loved the art, and then I think Japanstamp22 was the first one I saw utilize blends. And modifying our animals was always something we wanted to do, Nefty just makes the whole blending process so easy.

Of course so Alec is he still working on his own work

He Does!

And are they on WAX ?

Not at the moment. He's been dropping on foundation and SIGN.

And why did you choice WAX for your project ?

The ability to release multiple of the same piece of art and blending were the primary reasons, we always saw CryptoZoo as collectible series and WAX is perfect for that.

And when did you drop your first NFT on wax ?

we dropped Jack the Jackalope back in late May .

Can we have a pic ?

So can I ask why you decide on Cryptozoo and animals ?

We both love Cryptozoology and Fantasy/Sci-Fi lore so creating weird animals and hybrid creatures and giving them a fictional place to live seemed fun, we both have a background in comedy. CryptoZoo seemed liked the obvious choice. But In this past week we learned Logan Paul is using it for some sort of Photoshop NFT shitcoin thing, sooo yea now we are dealing with randos calling us a scam? lol

I wont say what I think of Logan Paul . People are jealous of others talents instead of backing them . How many different themes have you dropped ?

Oh I have no strong feelings about Logan Paul one way or the other, I actually think the photoshops are pretty fun, I just couldn't figure out why we were being called a scam on a 2 week old tweet haha. We usually release a postcard a couple days before the actual creature, but for the pack release it will be a base creatures and different blend cards that work on all of them.

But you shouldn't have to deal with stupid things like that .

We appreciate it! Stay turned for our very public feud with him!

What has been your favorite NFT to create ?

Any variation of Jack is always fun since he's become our mascot, but the blends for our packs are getting pretty out there. I'll give you a preview

Ha ha ha rpgs love it .

Thanks! We put up signs to not feed the animals but never said anything about heavy weaponry 🤷‍♂️

Ah its always good to see animals with weapons look how strong earth worm Jim was with his gun . Will weapons feature in some of the blends ?

Hahah Earth Worm Jim for sure subconsciously inspired some of this work. RPG will be available for all the creatures we release but I think only one of the other blends involves actual weapons.

Ah how many blends will there be ?

5 base cards and 6 blends, as well as a few 1/1 creatures

Oh really how many different 1/1s ?

We are thinking 4 maybe 5 .

Oh nice so they will be very rare ?

Yep ! And some of blend cards will be more rare as well .

Brilliant . Will there be any collabs in the pack ?

Not in this pack, there are a bunch of artists we would love to do one with though.

Who would be your dream collab ?

Oof that’s a tough one. Cryptoflash has always been one of my favorites and super supportive of our project. Cryptomoonies and ultra horrors would also be up there just because I love their stuff

What's the biggest collection in your wax wallet ?

Probably ultra horrors followed by virtual dreams .

Is this a full time job ?

Not yet ! I’m a bartender and Alec is a video editor. We are working on it constantly though and after this pack drop we will be focusing on “UtilLitY!”

Oh what's that ?

We are working on turning CryptoZoo into a game that would appeal to guppies and whales alike. It’s still very early though so I wouldn’t want to say too much .

Oh cool I am guessing its very early in the planning . Tell us something random about yourself ?

Alec’s favorite color is Green. One time I was mistaken for a bus driver in Croatia .

You got mistaken for a bus driver lol . Alec favorite color is green that's very boring give a good story about him for that ?

Lol, Alec agrees that’s a boring fact. He is actually very into sewing and has tailored a bunch of his own shirts.

Please say its not Hawaiian shirts guy like quagmire ?

Lol. A bit more tasteful, but yes similar .

You sure lol . What you guys do to relax ?

We are currently day drinking at a bar. ( they are based in America )

Nice its 11 pm here lol . Where can the community keep up with your project ?

Oh jeez ! The best way to keep up is to join our discord or follow us on Twitter.

Also our packs will be available on nefty soon !

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

For sure! If you want to do a follow/join discord and retweet thing I have a 1 special edition Jack and 3 packs when we release them to give away. So like 1 person gets Jack and pack the other 2 get a pack. Otherwise the only thing I would add is keep a look out for our pack drops!

Anything you would like to add or say before we finish oh it been a pleasure thanks for your time ?

Thanks again for taking the time to interview us and sorry we went so late !

Its grand it was a pleasure .

Thanks again .

So to win join there discord and retweet this article to win .

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Written by   387
1 month ago
Topics: Artist, NFT, WAX
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