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Meet the project Onbelystream

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Topics: Interview, NFT, Artist, WAX

Here is how they describe themselves on there drop page

Our proposal is that Artists and Followers benefit by applying a recirculation economy system. Where their followers will often receive rewards at events held by the artist, which in turn is a great opportunity for their followers, as well as a great way to capitalize and gain industry notoriety for artists. We will bring art to offer gaming experiences. We want them to be remembered and loved by all. Uniting Art, Video Games and Finance is Our Main Objective. We are not a New Project. We are a project that has been under construction for some time.

You can see this in Our Roadmap.

And all the details of our project can be seen in this unified link.

We hope to see you with us to enjoy good music and art. Join the Telegram community.

What led you to crypto?

I discovered after much reading about it on the internet that the crypto world would definitely be the new form of social economy that many have long desired. So I decided to adopt her.

How did you discover NFTs?

I would not be able to tell you exactly when or how enthusiastically I discovered more and more about it, until one day I realized that I simply already had mastery of certain knowledge.

Why did you choose WAX ​​for your project?

WAX is without a doubt the ideal ecosystem for my project. Since @Onbely is a Verse and in it there will be games of different categories. WAX offers in its design the correct ecosystem for this.

What is the idea behind your project?

The idea behind my project is a better way of distributing and monetizing art. In essence, an alternative to current industries.

When was it released?

The project started far from the crypto world on 2020-05-27, with an alternative proposal for the monetization of music. But we are lovers of progress and a series of decisions made it what it is today.

How many NFT have you made so far?

All the NFTs in the collection hold the interest of the community. At Onbely we take the sales process with discipline. Sold when the time is right.

What was the first thing you dropped?

Onbely launched a single optional sale of the Main NFT of the collection (Onbely Honorary Member Pass.)

How did the community react?

At the moment they still do not know how important this NFT is, although some already have it Obtained through AirDrop.

When the next drop?

We AirDrop frequently. From 2 to 1 monthly. Right now we are in the middle of an event to collect frequently asked questions about the project. We like to perform from participation. These are to be placed in the FAQs of the main website.

What is the process for preparing your NFTs?

ONBELY NFTs are created from their use in NFTs, the CREATION process is subject to the progress of the artist within the ecosystem and the demand of the ecosystem itself.

What programs do you use for creation?

Professional Programs from the ADOBE Collection.

How long does it take to create each NFT?

It will depend on its complexity, although we are not focused on the complexity of art in NFTs. Our main focus is on its use, therefore, an NFT with a good appearance and Visual acceptance meets the publication requirements.

What's your favorite NFT you've done? Why?

I haven't chosen one yet, but I think it will be the ONBELY stickers collectible

Have you done any collaboration?

That's right, Onbely has two collaborators or Principal Partners.



Who would be the collaboration of your dreams?

I think I can answer those who, I aim to create ONBELY a point of reference for crypto enthusiasts through our social network that allows the automation of other Cryptographic artists and projects. My interest is consolidated in TRADING ACADEMIES AND TRADING PLATFORMS.

Are you an NFT collector?

Depends. I like to collect only those NFTs that offer utility in some ecosystem.

Who is your favorite NFT artist?

I do not have, sorry.

What has been the best thing about doing your project?

The satisfaction of constantly meeting new people. Beautiful people.

What has been the hardest part?

Creating an NFT project of the magnitude that ONBELY aims at is not in itself an easy task. But the hardest part always lies in the adoption of Crypto by the new community that enters.

What is the long-term goal of the project?

Offer solids in an ecosystem of enjoyment and equivalent benefit.

What does your family think of your project?

My family is proud of everything we have achieved and are achieving. We have changed some lives and offered hope to those who were looking for a reason to make art from the heart. For which I am proud.

Have you introduced someone to WAX?

Yes to the entire incoming community. Each artist brings with them their followers from the traditional market. The line of learning offered for them to adopt WAX is constant.

What do you like to do to disconnect?

I'm gamer. I literally play, something that requires my full attention. Or I listen, good music. Or both.

Tell us something random about yourself?

I love to see people smile...

Where is the best place to keep up to date with the project?

On our information channel on Telegram. Although I am very cautious with the information. He constantly sent emails to users already registered with the events. So that they don't miss anything that is happening.

Where can we follow the project?

Our community on Telegram is the best place to be a part.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

In the Onbely Collection

Any chance of drop or competition for readers?

Yes, of course. IN ONBELY You can participate as a Manager, Artist or Follower.

Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish?

Yes of course... Adding a thank you for such excellent questions and for the space and time invested in researching our project. Really thank you.

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Written by   650
3 weeks ago
Topics: Interview, NFT, Artist, WAX
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