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Meet the man behind Sk8coin

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2 months ago
Topics: Interview, WAX, NFT, Artist

I have seen this project around for a while and I have seen them creating some killer collabs wheels but that is only the tip of the iceberg its project is so much more but I will let them tell you more.

Hey G its me from sk8coin

Hey G how's things?

Things are good, we're dropping a new wheel next week its a flyfrogs collab pretty exciting

sneak peek

Oh class how did you start crypto?

Back during the 2017 bull run crypto caught my eye and I started experimenting with trading , I started getting fascinated with the technology because the whole idea of a decentralized finance system really inspired me that's when I created sk8coin on Ethereum in 2018 - I thought it would be really cool if skateboarding had its own crypto token - then in 2019 I discovered a platform called it turned out that that's where a lot of NFT artists were socializing and that was my introduction to NFTs. that's when I completely fell in love with the technology, the whole idea of artists taking control of their own destiny is amazing. I knew nothing about NFTs but the more I did research the more I learned. - I met a dude named Rizzle there and he introduced me to the whole scene and I thought wow, how sick would it be if I created some skateboarding NFTs where skaters could express their artform with this new technology . Long answer haha

Why skateboarding NFTs?

I've been skateboarding for over 30 years and consider it my main art form, the whole idea is based behind a Decentralized sponsorship concept where dudes can express their art as NFTs and people that love skateboarding and NFTs can collect them to support the skater on a micro level. There just isn't enough room in the traditional skateboarding industry to support every skater so I thought it would be super sick for skaters to be able to support them selves through a decentralized system.

You also have a magazine?

Yes we like to call it a Metazine, where you can post skateboarding content that is linked to the WAX blockchain, so skaters can post their tricks with the link to the NFT drops embedded as well as give away links and also to help promote collections on WAX through decentralize advertising where creators can upload their ads directly to the Metazine for free with links to their collection drops as well. Its just a way to help the ecosystem and help artists promote themselves in a cool flipbook. you can also embed links to your game and stuff and kinda have all that info living in one place. so if anyone is interested in putting an ad in our metazine just let me know, were working on an automated system as well.

That sounds amazing and is it free to read or subscription?

Yes its free to read but if you want to claim the NFTs inside you need to hold the NFT cover just open the pack and you will receive a non transferable whitelisting token and a founders NFT its way to help support the project and you can also stake the founders NFTs on to earn some (SKATE) tokens

How often do you drop a METAZINE?

Right now we drop bi- monthly

Will that change in the future?

We would love to do monthly drops if we can get more artists involved but right now were just concentrating on bi- monthly

When did you launch NFT side of the project?

We've been on WAX since 2020 slowly building - our 1st NFT was its the red bearing it represents 1 (SKATE) FT you actually redeem the NFT for fungible tokens by sending them to skatenftswap from any wax wallet the red ones are 1 SKATE the greens 10, the blues 25 and the RGB are 100 SKATE. its a pretty cool way to use them for special blends and to buy things with your NFTs - we also did some early food NFTs where we donated all the proceeds to feeding the homeless in California.

This is actually one of the 1st VIRLS on wax

We donated real life tuna packs that was an amazing experiance

How did the community react?

There was overwhelming support from the WAX and Ethereum community i cant think of a tighter community than WAX it really is a FAM.

How many NFTs have you created?

According to NFT HIVE 18,956 minted lol, Man its been an amazing journey so far!

That is some number how many different templates?

8 schemas and 343 Templates

Do you have a favorite?

Probably this one it was a collab between the eth Artist RIP Alotta Money and I representing Ethereum X WAX coming together to help people through NFTs. it was really the beginning of something great. You can find out all about it here

That's class man I love it . I know you have been doing a lot collabs recently is there someone you would call your dream collab?

Well Alotta was my dream collab for sure , but there are so many right now on wax, artists like senior lupe, bosak, stashe would be sick I'm down to collab with any artist that has passion for the cause - I would have to say an official collab with William Quigley the co founder of WAX would be seriously amazing!

That's a small list do you have a favorite NFT artist?

That's such a hard question to answer I really dig Broken Dollz stuff right now especially the Yoshi head lol.

Broken Dollz is a legend and it was great to see him come back after he took a break away . What's been the hardest part of your project?

I think the hardest part is just not getting discouraged its natural for artists and creators to doubt themselves so I just wanna say to everyone keep building and dont give up in the bear markets it will all be worth it!

Of course but I think now is the best time to create as if you have a following in the bad times it can only get better in the good times . What's been the best part?

I totally agree, I think the best part was when we were able to feed all those people with NFTs I also love when someone randomly hits me up and says they like my stuff it always feels pretty cool to hear that but nothing compares to helping others in my experience.

What you like to do to unwind?

Nothing is better than skateboarding to unwind its really a great way to express yourself

Tell us something random about you?

I can talk to animals, I once had a dog named Fergy

Guessing your animal lover!

Ye Animals are pretty sick! its cool to see them evolving, I feel like there getting smarter. maybe I just watch too many animal vids lol

Lol . What your family think of the project?

They are pretty supportive they don't understand it 100% yet but they are proud of the progress

I never asked is this a one man show?

Yes, I do everything, although .gems NFT studio does help a little with things they sponsored the project, especially Jana she does the wheels she is super talented and MikeD crypto wrote the NFT swap contract shout out MikeD he gonna help build the smart contracts coming soon!

Oh cool . Where the best place to keep up with the project?

The official twitter

and the website

Where can we buy your NFTs?

The easiest way is on Neftyblocks but were working on our own marketplace where you can use SKATE token to buy them and also a virtual skate shop where you can by any skateboard brand with SKATE

Any chance of a competition for the readers?

Sure man we can do a give away ill send you some stuff but there's actually a blend competition coming up where each rider will drop a video part pack divided into NFT clips and the goal is to blend all the clips together to win a big pool of 10,000 wax the blends will be divided by 3 diff rarities of the video common, uncommon, and cartoon it will be the first NFT skate video that i know of there will be announcements soon its set to drop late September early November the video will have more than 100 NFTs to blend.

Before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add?

Ya I just want to thank you to .gems and EOS Nation for sponsoring the project and thank you to the WAX community for all the love!

Thank you for bringing your project to us.

🧡 much love bro thanks for having me!


Check the link below for are competition

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Written by   650
2 months ago
Topics: Interview, WAX, NFT, Artist
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Actually I have a question I have different NFT in my trust wallet so I tried to sell so many time these and active but at the end i face problem in selling what i need to do brother!

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