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Meet the man behind Shroom Musings DAO

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2 weeks ago
Topics: NFTs, Interview, WAX, NFT

A short description of how the project describes themselves

Just like mushrooms connect all the plants in the world through complex underground networks, Shroom Musings was created to allow the ease of collaborative efforts between multiple projects on the WAX blockchain. The simple purpose of this project is to sell AI powered artwork to raise the funds required to establish a legally protected DAO in the USA where members, founders and all participants endure NO liability for interacting with the DAO's digital assets.

Hey man

Hey sorry just seeing this been a crazy day cuz we started the blend and we are getting the discord channel set up.

How's you?

I am recovering from flipping my four wheeler last night . How are you doing?

Oh crap you ok ? I am good did you do anything else exciting lol

Yeah man everyday ranch life is never dull!

It doesn't sound it so how did discover crypto?

I bought Bitcoin in 2013 then got into ETH around 2015 and started writing smart contracts with solidity in 2017 but ETH was too expensive for what we are trying to do. Then we found WAX last year and it was the answer to low cost and eco friendly

Where did the idea of creating a NFT project come for?

I am an arborist and I want to build a decentralized tree map of every tree possible. This would allow us to study, protect and assist canopy expansion across the Earth. This could be a good solution to help combat climate change. We can incentivize tree owners to have their trees submitted to the network and could save them money or even get free work from professional arborists. The better we take care of trees the longer they tend to live

How will the project be funded but I am guessing NFT sales will fund it?

Well that was the old reason I started and still a dream, it will be funded by Earth Blossom DAO which will come from NFT sales and the products and services we provide on our Ranch and other properties we are developing.

So this project is vIRL as well?

Yes, vIRLs for lots of different products plus we will be renting land through NFTs. People can rent land and then sublease to others and make an income. Our first project is Shroom Musings which is raising funds to create a legal DAO. Then we are going to help Real Farm Pets get up and running where people will be able to collect NFTs and name our goats. The ones who win actually win ownership of the goats and can pamper the in many different ways. Like having a remote/virtual pet without all the work. If you have a female goat and it has babies, we will make NFTs for them and send them to the owner of the goat. They can choose to have us sell them in real life and send them the money or they can hire us to care for their goats.

That sounds amazing so will there lots of different projects will they all made under the same name?

Yes Earth Blossom is the umbrella and many projects to come including music NFTs and possibly our own NFT music player. Inside Real Farm Pets we will have Name that Goat and Chirpy Chirps which is a chicken ownership experience. We are registered to sell our eggs so the owners will profit from egg sales. Those are the next two projects we will launch over the next 60 days or so.

When did you official launch?

We haven't even launched yet we are in the promo phase for Shroom Musings and don't plan to have our first pack drop until December.

Oh really so its a good time to get in so?

Yes very good time to get in and we will certainly make sure the early adopters get a good advantage and a bigger say in the DAO

Have you a whitepaper written?

Here is a link to our Whitepaper as it stands now, it will be getting updated shortly

Kind of it's five months old so a bunch has changed and has to be revised

Of course . What will be in the packs coming in December?

The packs will be for Shroom Musings. There are a total of 501 NFTs with different rarities and they all can be staked for SPORES. The reward pool will have 420 SPORES to be mined and we still haven't decided if the pool will last for 3 months, 18 Weeks or 6 months. We will be creating a new pool for every pack drop we make and will be doubling the amount of SPORES in the reward pool as we go.

There will be three packs available sometime in the first week of December.

Any sneak peaks?

The entire collection has been minted and thrown into three pools that the packs will pull from. You can see all of it here:

For now we will be doing promotions to giveaway more pack shards through the rest of the month. There are 191 packs that can be blended and the opening event starts tomorrow. Our goal is to get all of the packs opened by the end of the month. There are 5 different projects collaborating on this promo pack so we want to make sure all of the NFTs they sent us are recovered from the packs.

What projects are collabing?

  • David's Morph's

  • Zodiac Lounge

  • Neon Spaces

  • Virtual Dreams

  • WAXP NFT Gaming

  • Also Giant Giraffe gave us a few last spring so we threw those in there as well

How you creating your own NFTs?

The first batch is all done with simple AI text to image prompts using stable. Now we are using photography from around the ranch and prompt AI to alter it in certain ways and always to make sure they include mushrooms. Then we use Canva to add borders and words to the art.

Out of the NFTs you have created what is your favorite one?

The Genesis Staking Badge is my favorite. It took the most amount of work and looks really slick. Plus it permits a wallet to be able to vote in the DAO so it's one of the most important NFTs we've made so far.

Do you collect NFTs yourself?

Yes, I have thousands of WAX NFTs which I am thinking of donating to Shroom Musings so they can create a pack that pulls from all the NFTs I have. Some of them I will not part with but the ones I will donate are worth up over 60 WAX/each according to Atomichub. If we package and sell for 6 WAX or something, then there is a chance some people will get lucky and make money off of buying a pack while others can just consider it donating to the cause. Remember all funds from sales, except 5% go into a treasury that the DAO votes on.

I also have Wolf Game NFTS on Ethereum, it's the first ever blockchain game with all assets built directly onto the chain. Even the images for the NFTs are coded into the blockchain rather than using IPFS like we normally see with any NFT collections. That game has real value and will be huge one day, better than BAYC.

Do you have a favorite NFT artist?

Right now I would say I am having fun collecting David's Morphs. I recently found out about them. Their images are pixelated and can be kinda corny but I love that drive that people who create these projects have. They see the value of NFTs and will use any medium to get their idea out there and start building a community! I can relate because I am not an artist myself but I am now creating these NFT designs using my own photography with AI assistance. It's great to see new projects that have heart and dedication, evolve into something that an entire community can fall in love with.

David is a great guy . What has been the hardest part of doing the project?

Explaining what it is we are trying to do. Our project is a bit complicated when you look at the whole picture so when we do these individual projects it kind of helps. Especially when communicating to people who have experience with crypto or NFTs. But to my friends and family in real life, it's almost impossible! LOL So I just have to show them what I am talking about over time and after making plenty of NFTs :)

What has been the best part of the project?

Finding people who appreciate what I am doing. The community we have attracted so far are really incredible people. So many have jumped in to help spread the word and some have even come to protect us from multi-accounts, spammers and other types of bad actors. It's been an incredible ride but now I am feeling at home.

Have brought anyone into wax?

Yes, my partner, two brothers, sister and at least 5 other friends

What do they think of the project?

Three of my friends and partner are currently participating. The others do support it but it's a difficult concept to grasp and follow along. Most of them hold back out of what I believe to be fear of the unknown. Crypto doesn't exactly have the best reputation these days! LOL

What you like to do to relax?

My favorite thing is to go to this private hot springs and soak in the healing waters with my friends and meet new people there. Actually I am allowed to invite 4 people each time I attend. We are working on a contest for the collection that would allow four people who participate in Shroom Musings to get an invite to the springs on a weekend of their choice :) It is against the rules of the springs to share any information about it publicly but I must say it is an experience one would never forget.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

Our page is really active, chill and the people are very helpful there

Our Telegram channel has all the announcements and Discord will be online either tonight or tomorrow. And if anyone joins our Telegram chat, they can get a free pack after filling out the form that they will find there. Plus you'll be able to get the pack drop date as soon as it's announced which will be sometime at the very end of the month or first week of December. We want to give away more pack shards so more packs can be blended and opened.

Where can we get your NFTs?

We haven't scheduled a drop just yet, we are still putting the pack and farm together but you can view our collection here:

We are not whitelisted yet so people might have to uncheck that.

That's ok people don't mind . Any chance of a competition for the readers?

We would love to incorporate a giveaway but it's hard to keep the bots and multi-accounts out. The best thing people can do is come to our TG group for now to get a free pack and then stick around for the games, quizzes and giveaways we have ongoing in the channel.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Also just want to say that I appreciate all the time you are putting into this. It's nice to have someone interview us to get all of these questions out there.

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Written by   650
2 weeks ago
Topics: NFTs, Interview, WAX, NFT
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