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Meet the man behind Galeria NFT

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9 months ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, WAX, Dj

I had seen this artist around before when Jose from Rawr told me I should hit him I happily did not only is an artist he is also a DJ but don't talk my word for it check out what he had to say for yourself .


Hi mate how you doing?

Good you ?

Same here man busy day taking care of my daughter

Ah stop have two kids and I was on evening shift in work its 1.30 am lol here.

Super hard work mate haha .

But so much fun !!!

Yes man for sure

Not really this week as I am on a 7 day shift this week so its crap for spending time with the kids .

Oh damn that's though, My baby it's 1.5 years old so I basically haven't gotten away from her during this covid time .

I guess when I get back on tour it's going to be shitty .

What you do that you tour ?

I'm a house music dj and producer.

Oh I like house music but I enjoy the harder music a lil more .

What are you into?

Trance .

Lol OK that's strong

Who have you produced ?

Myself .

I am actually listening to you now ( If your on Spotify check his music out )


This is chill out music for me .

yes I bet

I grew up with listening Paul van dyke , Armin van Burren , Ferry Cortsen Tiesto before he sold his soul lol .

I did too but I switched into house music after some time Tiesto , Oakenfold , Dave Clarke .

Your on the list for wax a poolza?

hell yes bro . My artwork its over there already .

Guys check us out at Waxapalooza. Sick VR project for NFTs

The other day I found a guy that has been playing my music for like 4 years haha

Wow how you find him ?

I think I posted my last release or something . He saw that he had several tracks of mine .

Class . Always nice when you get to do that did you do any work on you NFTs today?

I'm still promoting the Casanova collection, we just sold out the golden pack so yes but not until night time when my daughter goes to sleep .

Awh I know the feeling lol . How did you discover NFTs ?

My producer mate Freiboitar brought me to the crypto currency investment world. He told me there was this thing called NFTs and he was minting one of his tracks he said some people have made a lot of money on them so I figured I would give it a try so I minted my first track on Rarible .

How did it go on Rarible ?

Like shit haha the track it still sitting there unsold haha .

How did you find WAX blockchain ?

After I minted my track on Rarible and failed miserably I realized that the NFT world was more oriented to visual arts and I knew a bunch of great visual artists and I knew about the crypto space so I decided to try once again created the Galeria and jumped into open sea spent 2 months there without selling anything. I was posting a lot on Facebook groups and there was this girl Christine (part of the Hivemind crew) she was constantly sharing my stuff and she suggested me that I should move my collection to wax. I did not trust it that much to be honest so I took one of my cheapest NFTs and minted it on wax and I sold stuff the very first day. After that I decided to move all my collection to Wax .

And how do you find working on WAX ?

It's a little complex in the beginning, specially before made it easier. Luckily I do have an IT background so I could handle it. I also had to adapt to the way atomic works, In my head there was the idea that people would only seek and pay for 1/1s and that's not exactly the way wax works.

How many NFTs have you released ?

I have no idea maybe a hundred different NFTs that became thousands specially with the last Casanova collection that sold out 2 of the main packs .

How did you come up with the project ?

I've been a dj, producer and event promoter for almost 20 years. So I realized I knew so many amazing digital artists that have worked with me on the past making flyers and promotion for my events , also my wife knows a lot of people in the design world so I had the artists ready . I was already into the crypto space. Ecuador it's fucking hell for Crypto I tried with several credits and debit cards to buy crypto without any luck all the banks have their cards blocked for exchanges so it was a good thing I had some revenue from my music outside the country

Plus in most of the country Crypto currency its considered a scam so not many people know about it and if they do they aren't willing to invest on it .

So I solved the 2 parts of the equation and started working on it .

I think everyone is starting to clamp down on crypto . What was your first NFT you dropped ?

It was Shego I think. it's a work by my cousin who was one of the first artists that got into the project.

Can we have a pic ?


Oh wow that amazing and how did the community react ?

Really well taking into consideration that I had absolutely no following neither in wax or eth but as I said I sold some on the very first day

Are you creating NFTs now or is it done by friends ?

I do have my project called Crypto Ravers which it's the worlds first NFT house label. But I took what I learned from my Rarible fiasco and applied it here so now my music has this amazing pixel raver characters and they are collectibles

Oh cool what's your favorite NFT in that collection ?

I have several if they are on my collection it's usually cuz I love them

There has to be one that stands out .

I do have an special attachment for my Crypto Ravers one, and also the art from my cousin it's always really cool I like Chalia. Cute As fuck Vader it's really cool too

How is each NFT created ?

I usually get the artwork from the artists and I add some ideas to make em more interesting for the collectors, that's what I did with Ivan Casanova collection he handed me over the original artworks I made packs different rarities, blends and put together a more complete collection .

Ah have you added any tracks to your NFTs ?

Yes the Crypto Ravers project

That is class .

How long does it normally take the artist to create this ?

To be honest I don't know exactly not everything it's done at the same time so it's difficult to estimate. The track took a long time months probably to have the whole thing

And did you create the music ?

Yes the music for that one it's made by my and my German mate Freiboitar

Have you done any collabs ?

Yes this one it's a collaboration with Kenn Bosak, we also did a big one with Crypto Stache we sold out 3 NFTs and with Esepanncho one of our artists from Ecuador .

Is there an artist you would love to work with ?

Not particularly I'm really excited with some of our upcoming projects there's still a lot to be seen we are working into new collaborations so I guess we would be seeing some really cool stuff in the future .

Do you collect nfts ?

I do from a couple of collections I like and I support .

Who is your favourite artist ?

I like pixlpopheros, dark pinup cartoombs, hodl God those come to my mind at the moment. But there's tons of great projects out there

Would you every try any other markets for your NFTs again ?

I haven't thought about it, for now we are doing great on the wax ecosystem, and it has features like packs, blending that I don't think are available anywhere else for now. But most importantly the wax community it's great lots of support everywhere, I made some great friends too .

Whats the one lesson you have learned that you would pass on to someone thinking of making NFTs ?

Not to give up, learn from your mistakes and improve your game .

So your full time job is a producer has that brought to many countries ?

My full time job was djing and promoting events obviously because of covid I had to reinvent myself, I've played just 3 times in a year and a half. Before that I had a tour ready in Mexico and another one in Perú. Before that I've played in Miami, SF, San Diego, Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam and a bunch of different places in the world .

You got around who would be the biggest dj you have meet ?

I've played with David Guetta, Dubfire, Benny Benassi, Claptone, Eric Morillo, Mauro Picotto, Roger Sánchez, probably more but I can't remember at the moment hahah .

Oh mauro picotto he is a legend to .

Yes he was the first big dj I played with .

Tell us something random about yourself ?

I don't eat cheese haha .

What you do for fun when you arent creating music or NFTs ?

I have a 1.5 year old daughter so she gets almost all of my free time. I did play soccer once a week before the pandemic and I'm also doing a little bit of biking.

So free time is family time !

Yes usually, when I get to make music or perform live that's work but it's also my passion so, I guess I can say my job it's a hobby too .

Where do you chat with community ?

Uff everywhere I got my own GALERIA chat, then there's a million chatrooms where I am I guess depending on the topic and if I am free I jump into different ones.

Do you have your own channels ?

Yes I have the garelia NFT chatroom but I set it as a private chat room so it won't be so easy to find to spammers.

Of course .

However the link it's available at our site so it available for people that it's interested to find us .

Lovely . Where can we find your nfts for sale ?

At our site we have all our drops listed, the Casanova collection too, some $1 NFTs, there's a lot of cool stuff to be found there 😊

Great . Any chance of a small drop or competition for the readers ?

Sure thing I have some Casanova Promo packs .

That be perfect . Before we finish up is there anything you would like to say or add to the readers ?

I want to thank all of the people that got the Casanova packs we are almost sold out, and I want to encourage people to keep on supporting small projects help small artists succeed .

Thats brilliant great to hear you have nearly sold out thank you for your time.

Thanks to you for inviting us .


To win one of his packs drop your WAX wallet below or enter the competition on twitter .

Don't forget check out his work and give him a follow .

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Written by   602
9 months ago
Topics: NFT, Artist, WAX, Dj
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Thnaks again for introducing a new artist to us !


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Lol forgot my wallet... Wouldn't want to miss the chance for more Casanova! Thanks for the giveaway!


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Not a problem anytime

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Nice! Iove all the great interviews and spotlights on the less mainstream creators/brands and this is just another great one. The previous were newer to be but I love everything under the galleria umbrella. The cool mashup of cute and a little creepy sometimes it's perfect. Though I'm torn... Would love this to get more exposure and owners but still a bunch of awesome low mint stuff I still want to gobble up first 🤣. Thanks, both of you, for the interview!

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Seems we have lot of musicians and DJ's going into NFTs nizfc.wam

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A Dj NFT artist, cool! ;) ng5s2.wam

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